The Most Anticipated Canadian Releases of 2009

Canadian Albums of 2009

According to CBC Radio 3, here are the most anticipated Canadian releases of 2009 (the emphasis is mine):

Jan 20 – AC Newman Get Guilty (Last Gang)
Jan 20 – Brent Randall & his Pinecones We Were Strangers… In Paddington Green! (Just Friends)
Jan 27 – Geoff Berner Klezmer Mongrels (Jericho Beach)
Jan 27 – Final Fantasy Plays To Please (Blocks)
Jan 27 – Hannah Georgas The Beat Stuff (Upper Management)

Jan 27 – In-Flight Safety We Are An Empire, My Dear (Night Danger)
Jan 27 – Andrew Vincent Rotten Pear (Kelp)
Feb 03 – Jon-Rae Fletcher Oh, Maria (weewerk)
Feb 03 – Jenn Grant Echoes (Six Shooter)
Feb 03 – Hylozoists – L’lle De Sept Villes (Outside)
Feb 03 – Woodpigeon Treasure Library Canada (Boompa)
Feb 10 – Hot Panda Hot Volcano… Bloody Volcano! (Mint)
Feb 10 – K’Naan Troubador (Octone)
Feb 10 – Malajube Labyrinthes (Dare To Care)
Feb 10 – Smothered In Hugs The Healing Power Of Injury (Collagen Rock)
Feb 14 – Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene) The Happiness Project – (Arts and Crafts)
Feb 17 – Montag Hibernation (Paper Bag)
Feb 17 – Portico First Neighbours (Copper Spine)
Feb 24 – Howie Beck How To Fall Down In Public (13 Clouds)
Feb 24 – Gentleman Reg Jet Black (Arts and Crafts)
Feb 24 – Shout Out Out Out Out Reintegration Time (Six Shooter)

Mar 10 – Attack In Black Years (By One Thousand Fingertips) (Dine Alone)
Mar 10 – Bell Orchestre As Seen Through Windows (Arts and Crafts)
Mar 10 – Handsome Furs Face Control (Sub-Pop
Mar 10 – Josh Reichmann Oracle Band Crazy Power (Paperbag)
Mar 10 – Propagandhi Supporting Caste (G7 Welcoming Committee)
Mar 15 – Bob Wiseman In Her Dream: Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle (Blocks)
Mar 17 – MSTRKRFT Fist of God (Last Gang)
Mar 24 – Julie Doiron I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day (Endearing)
Mar 24 – The Joel Plaskett Emergency 3 (Maple Music)

Mar 24 – Swan Lake Enemy Mine (Sonic Unyon)
Mar 31 – The Danks Are You Afraid Of The Danks? (Collagen Rock)
Mar 31 – Great Lake Swimmers Lost Channels (Nettwerk)
Mar 31 – Ohbijou Beacons (self released)
Mar 31 – Thunderheist (tba) (Big Dada)

Apr 01 – Chris Page Date With A Smoke Machine (Kelp)
Apr 07 – D-Sisive Let The Children Die (Urbnet)
Apr 07 – Melissa McClelland Victoria Day (Six Shooter)
Apr 21 – Barzin Notes To Absent Lovers (Monotreme)
Apr 28 – Immaculate Machine High On Jackson’s Bong (Mint)
May 05 – Apostle of Hustle Eats Darkness (Arts and Crafts)

May 26 – Grand Analog Metropolis Is Burning (Urbnet)
Jun 01 – The Awkward Stage The Music of Mordor… And Beyond! (Mint)
Unscheduled and untitled but coming soon: Metric.

Coming up this summer and fall… Tegan and Sara, Amy Millan, Two Hours Traffic, Tiga, Fake Shark??? Real Zombie!!!, United Steel Workers of Montreal, Jason Collett, Russian Futurists, the Burning Hell, Destroyer, Carolyn Mark, and undoubtably [sic] many more! [CBC Radio 3]

I’m quite excited to see the long awaited new record from the Hylozoists on this list, as well as new ones from Final Fantasy, Apostle of Hustle, AC Newman, Malajube, and The Awkward Stage (though this could be an inside joke). I might also add to this list, the new record from Dan Mangan, and the re-release of Doug Randle‘s 1971 long out of print gem, Songs For The New Industrial State coming on January 29 from Light In The Attic Records. Oh yeah, and I just heard off a track of the new Hannah Georgas record that sounds fantastic.

PS Pitchfork also recently released a list of some 2009 albums to look forward to that are not necessarily Canadian.

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  1. Paul says:

    very excited about Propagandhi! This didn’t make the list (and I wouldn’t have expected it any other way) but March 3, Buried Inside is releasing “Spoils of Failure,” their first record in 4 years. Looks like a pretty good first six months for Canadian music.

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