Live From Webster Hall | Coming Soon to a Best Buy Near You

Mixing Board at Annuals Webster Hall Show (10/28/08)
Mixing board at Webster Hall
Photo: Jon Klemm

This just in from the NYTimes:

[Webster Hall] has reached an agreement with Best Buy to sell recordings of live shows at the chain’s stores in the New York area. Performances will also be available through iTunes and Webster Hall’s own Web site, Bands that choose to take part will receive half the revenue from the recordings and be exempted from the cost of recording and producing discs, with the right to pull out if they don’t like the way they sound. []

Sounds like a cool idea to me, I wonder what the price point will be? Strangely, there is no mention of the Bowery Presents in this article, which puts on all of the WH shows that anyone would want to have a recording of. Well, you know what they say, “an audio recording is worth a thousand pictures”. Wait, I don’t think anyone says that.