Billy Bob Thornton, Actor, Director, Douchebag

Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters on Q TV

If I ever had any respect for Billy Bob Thornton as a person, I more or less just lost all of it after watching this interview with QTV’s Jian Ghomeshi. After a perfectly appropriate introduction, which briefly mentioned his career as an actor, Thornton refused to answer any questions directly and basically made a complete ass of himself for the rest of the interview.

During the interview on Q, he was belligerent, swore and said performing for Canadian audiences was like “mashed potatoes with no gravy” because they are more reserved and less raucous than American audiences.

Before his performance Thursday [at Massey Hall], Thornton told reporters that he loved Canada and his mash potatoes comment was directed at the radio host, not Canadian audiences.

During Wednesday’s radio show, Thornton refused to answer many questions directly.

When asked about his inspirations for music, Thornton discussed a magazine he subscribed to and a model-building contest he once entered.

Then, Ghomeshi asked about Thornton’s passion for music.

“Would you say that to Tom Petty?” Thornton shot back.

When the radio host suggested that mentioning Thornton’s movie career was relevant to provide context for listeners, Thornton responded testily: “There’s plenty of context without all that.” []

In a completely unrelated coincidence, Billy and the Boxmasters have cancelled the remainder of their Canadian tour with Willie Nelson because one of the musicians in the band has the “flu”.


  1. KC says:

    Billy Bob Thornton is even less useful than a used douche, he’s a douche nozzle! If you have been subjected to listening to the crap his band, Boxmasters, has put out, you’d be thankful that he’d cancelled his Canadian dates due to “the flu.” Perhaps I’m too jaded to judge the band, as I am no fan of 1950s-1960s country music, or any country music for that matter, but what I’d heard was just plain awful. Think really old country played by a really bad “garage” band. For BBT to be so callous & rude during the interview was totally unwarranted & maybe he was trying to play up a “too cool for school” attitude or a mysterious & intriguing persona with his not answering easy & lighthearted questions, but all he did was come across as a pompous A-hole. Too bad Jian didn’t come right out & say: “dude, your music sucks & you’re a d*ck, LEAVE!” Is there anyone out there who thinks BBT is a great musician & has the right to treat those who are trying to help promote his band like crap? I hope not. He should just slink back to his mansions & take up gardening.

  2. Campbell Macdonald says:

    Loved this. BBT was totally out of line. If you check the blog response to this episode ( you can see thousands of people who agree and I don’t think there is one standing by poor Billy. It’s sad when ego dwarfs talent.


    1. bumpershine says:

      I would have loved it if Ghomeshi would have brought up Dwight Yoakam’s performance in Sling Blade. Would you interview Dwight Yoakam and only ask him about his acting career? That would be completely ridiculous.

  3. bumpershine says:

    This is a hilarious response to the Billy Bob interview by Shane Nelken and Tariq Hussein of CBC Radio 3:

  4. nomad says:

    Billy Bob, do you really think you’re too cool for school? i think not

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