Buy Michael Jackson’s Toys (or His Pants)

Michael Jackson Dolls (Estimate $300 – $500)
Michael Jackson Dolls

The public auction for Michael Jackson‘s personal effects from Neverland Ranch begins tomorrow (April 14):

…The auction, with 1,390 lots taken from Neverland, opens for public viewing on Tuesday; the sale is to run April 22 to 25. A five-volume, 900-page catalog is available for browsing online ( In addition to bids submitted at the scene, online bids will be accepted.

Some items up for grabs include the MJ dolls shown above, numerous military-style outfits, several bronze garden statues of young children and disney characters, paintings, furniture, video games and:

…then of course there are the gloves: 13 of them (Nos. 1,366 through 1,374), each one covered in “iridescent Swarovski loch rosen crystals.” The most recognizable design, in silvery white and dated to the early 1980s, is estimated at up to $15,000, and it sits in an honored position in the center of the auction’s front room, along with a scepter and crown. []

Keep your eyes on ebay a few days after this thing ends, I’m betting more than one person sees a resale profit opportunity here.