Shilpa Ray, Depreciation Guild, Hooray For Earth, Kino at The Bell House Tonight

Shilpa Ray

Good for You’s Good For Me presents:
A Benefit for Hearing-Impaired

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers 11pm
Depreciation Guild 10pm
Hooray For Earth 9pm
KiNo 8pm
When: Wednesday, April 22
Where: The Bell House
Doors: 7:30

“Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go To This Show” after the jump.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go To This Show (April 22, 2009)
Jonny Leather

1. The proceeds go to help improve the lives of local programs for the deaf, and donating to help a worthy cause will help make up for all of the bad things you’ve done. You will probably be deaf eventually, so you’re essentially donating to benefit your future.

2. You probably were laid off recently, so you won’t have a job to have to wake up early for. And if you have a job, you’ll have no problem paying $10.

3. The Bell House is the best rock venue in New York, and there’s a picture of a buffalo over the stage.

4. This is a very very rare opportunity to see KiNo live, and you will not be disappointed

5. Performing with KiNo will be Jeff Blenkinsopp””a sound engineering genius who has played a vital role on some of the finest work by Pink Floyd, T Rex, The Clash, The Who, Secret Machines, and Tom Waits, among others.

6. This will be the last Depreciation Guild show for a while, with Kurt heading out on the road with Pains of Being Pure at Heart. You probably really like Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Depreciation Guild is just as good, if not better.

7. Hooray For Earth played a small loft show a week ago and treated it as though they were playing for a crowd of thousands. They were mindblowing with the world’s shittiest soundsystem, so just imagine how good they’ll be at a venue like Bell House

8. Shilpa Ray is the best raw female vocalist to emerge from the depths of NYC since the 70s. Respected people like NY Times and Brooklyn Vegan have been singing her praise endlessly. And her backing band””The Happy Hookers””only add compliment to her unforgettable performances.

9. I will buy you a drink if you recite to me a line from any songs off of Afghan Whigs’ “Gentlemen”

10. and finally, this will pay me back for that time I…[helped you move, booked your band, donated to your charity, took press photos for you, gave you earplugs, placed a pdf on the server, stayed up till 5am writing that interview, bought you a drink, got you on the list, let you be my +1, complimented your outfit, caught the mistake that would have cost you your job, burned you a copy of that cd, let you crash at my place…etc etc]