Regina Spektor at the Beacon Theatre (Setlist)

Regina Spektor at the Beacon Theater (06/17/09)
Regina Spektor
Photo: Jon Klemm

Regina Spektor Setlist (06/17/09)
Folding Chair (Far)
Lucky Penny (Unreleased)
Time Is All Around (Far – Non-Album Track)
Eet (Far)
The Calculation (Far)
Machine (Far)
One More Time With Feeling (Far)
On The Radio (BTH)
Blue Lips (Far)
Riot Gear (Far – Non-Album Track)
Laughing With (Far)
Bobbing For Apples (Unreleased/Demo Cassette)
That Time (BTH)
Apres Moi (BTH)
Human of the Year (Far)
Poor Little Rich Boy (SK)
Holocaust (Unreleased)
Consequence of Sound (Songs)
Man Of A Thousand Faces (Far)
Samson (BTH)
Us (SK)
Fidelity (BTH)

More photos and a review to come.

PS She said she’d be back in the fall.

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