The 2009 Polaris Music Prize Short List

Hey Rosetta! at Pianos (03/04/09) (more)
Hey Rosetta!
Photo: Jon Klemm

Here are the 10 short list nominees for the 2009 Polaris Prize, in alphabetical order.

Elliott BROOD – Mountain Meadows (Toronto, ON)
Fucked Up – The Chemistry Of Common Life (Toronto, ON)
Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channels (Toronto, ON)
Hey Rosetta! – Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood) (St. John’s, NF)
K’NAAN – Troubadour (Toronto, ON)
Malajube – Labyrinthes (Montréal, QC)
Metric – Fantasies (Toronto, ON)
Joel Plaskett – Three (Halifax, NS)
Chad VanGaalen – Soft Airplane (Calgary, AB)
Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms (Montréal, QC)

Interesting list I guess, heavy on the Toronto bands, I wonder if that will split the vote and work in favor of the acts from the other Canadian cities. Nice to see the truly independent Hey Rosetta! and the great, Great Lake Swimmers make the list (this makes up for a little for the Ongiara snub from a few years back). Patrick Watson made the short list again, which is a bit of a surprise, given his win two years ago, it is a good record though. Metric is probably the biggest name on the list, but the Polaris judges are a fickle bunch and unlike the Junos, name recognition doesn’t usually translate into Polaris wins.

The winner of the 2009 Polaris Prize will be announced on September 21, 2009. Read the Polaris press release after the jump.

“If there’s a common thread to these records, it’s that each artist built on previous successes by pushing themselves into even riskier artistic dimensions. Listeners will find the jury picked quite an ambitious crop this year. This is exactly the kind of artistry that Polaris aims to support,” said Jordan.

For the first time in Polaris history there are repeat nominees on the Short List. K’NAAN, Malajube and Metric also made the cut in 2006, and Plaskett, VanGaalen and Patrick Watson made it in 2007. In another first, there are no debut albums on the Short List.

A jury of 182 music journalists, broadcasters and bloggers from across Canada submitted their top five picks for best Canadian album released between June 1, 2008 and May 31, 2009.

These picks were narrowed down to a Long List of 40 which was made public June 15, 2009.

Jordan was also excited to reveal a new location and television “¨partner for the 2009 Polaris Music Prize gala. The invite-only event “¨is moving to The Concert Hall at the legendary Masonic Temple in “¨ Toronto on September 21, 2009. In addition to the live “¨broadcast on SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel 86, the show will be “¨webcast live on and produced for broadcast by “¨MuchMusic. Broadcast dates will be announced soon.”¨”¨ “The Polaris Music Prize is a celebration of amazing Canadian music “¨and that is exactly what MuchMusic has always been about,” said Brad “¨Schwartz, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, The Much MTV Group, CTV Inc.. “We’re excited to bring this event to the famous Concert “¨Hall that has hosted performances by the biggest names in music, past “¨and present. The history of this iconic venue makes it “¨the perfect location to honour these incredible musicians and their “¨records.”

11 members of the jury will be specially selected to convene and determine the 2009 winner on location that night.

Previous Polaris winners are Toronto’s Final Fantasy with He Poos Clouds in 2006, Montréal’s Patrick Watson with Close To Paradise in 2007 and Caribou’s Andorra in 2008. []