All Points West Friday Concertgoers Get Free Passes for Saturday or Sunday, Saturday Lineup Picks

Saturday brings the noise: the intricate, apocalyptic progressive-rock of Tool and the distortion-drenched post-punk of My Bloody Valentine, with comic relief from the manic gypsy-rock of Gogol Bordello and torchy passion from Neko Case. There are more post-punk and indie-rock variations from Arctic Monkeys, “┬ŽAnd You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Tokyo Police Club, White Rabbits, and Cage the Elephant, along with more light-hearted dance beats from the Ting Tings and Crystal Castles and the introspection of St. Vincent. []

All Points West Festival Schedule for Saturday, August 1
All Points West Festival Saturday, August 1

Hey, in case you got caught in Friday’s APW downpour, the good news is you can go back to the fest on Saturday or Sunday for free.

Special Alert – APW Friday Ticket Holders

Friday, July 31, 2009
Due to today’s stormy weather, we’d like to invite Friday ticket holders to be our guests at the festival on Saturday or Sunday.

Simply bring your Friday ticket or Friday ticket stub for entry into your choice of Saturday or Sunday.
(excludes transportation)

Hope to see you back here this weekend.

All the best,

APW Festival Team []

Check out my festival plan of attack for Saturday, August 1 after the jump. View the full festival schedule over here.

Saturday, August 1 All Points West Festival Lineup Picks
12:45 PM Black Gold (if you’re there that early, then you might as well)

Blue Comet
1:10 PM White Rabbits

1:50 PM Trail of the Dead

Blue Comet
2:15 PM Cage the Elephant

Queen of Valley
2:45 PM Judah Friedlander
3:45 PM Tim and Eric
4:30 PM The Postelles

(Here’s the festival really picks up steam)

Blue Comet
5:15 PM Arctic Monkeys

6:05 PM St. Vincent

Blue Comet
6:30 PM Gogol Bordello

7:20 PM Neko Case

Blue Comet
8:15 PM My Bloody Valentine
9:45 PM Tool

Queen of the Valley
10:35 PM Ting Tings