John Cazale Film Retrospective at BAM

I Knew It Was You

Rediscovering John Cazale, the John Cazale film retrospective continues now through August 2 at BAM.

The seventies-era golden age of American film has been so exhaustively romanticized that it’s hard to believe anything, or anyone, has been overlooked””until you consider the actor John Cazale. You likely recognize his face, but if his name proves elusive, that only strengthens the case for I Knew It Was You, a 40-minute HBO-produced documentary from director Richard Shepard that’s the centerpiece of BAM’s upcoming retrospective “Rediscovering John Cazale.” The classic tidbit of Cazale trivia is that he appeared in only five films, all of which (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter) were nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. The films are all landmarks, of course, and so Cazale””best known as the frail Fredo Corleone””may be vaguely familiar. I Knew It Was You makes a convincing, even moving, argument that he’s been severely underappreciated as well. []

The Deer Hunter
Fri, Jul 31 at 3, 7pm
BAM Rose Cinemas
The Godfather
Sat, Aug 1 at 3, 7pm
BAM Rose Cinemas
The Godfather Part 2
Sun, Aug 2 at 3, 7pm
BAM Rose Cinemas