Schubas Brothers Opening New Venue In Chicago

Photo: Chicago Public Radio

Good news for Chicago’s music lovers, the Schubas Brothers, owners of the eponymous music venue (where Andew Bird played to a sold out hometown crowd Thursday night), are opening a new club in the windy city:

…Chris and Mike Schuba, the brothers who co-own the Southport Avenue club, are preparing to open a new mid-sized music venue, Lincoln Hall, at 2424 N. Lincoln Av. in the fall to complement their first club. It will join a music scene already crowded with similar-sized rock venues, included the Double Door, Martyrs and Logan Square Auditorium. But the owners say they can thrive by basically doing a larger version of Schubas, which has built its reputation on astute bookings, excellent sound and an intimate atmosphere.

The new location, on the former site of the Three Penny movie house (built in 1913), will be about three times the size of Schubas, which has a capacity of 167. The Schubas brothers and their partners bought the 4,400-square-foot Lincoln Avenue property last September for $2.7 million, and have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into it to create a soundproofed, two-level concert space. A front room and bar will serve food. But the primary focus will be music. [Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune]


  1. Mike Hansen says:

    The alley behind the Three Penny is where John Dillinger was shot dead

    1. Tim Padden says:

      Actually, Dillinger was shot behind the Biograph Theatre (Accoss the street from the former 3 Penny Cinema).

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