More 2009 New Yorker Festival Schedule Reveals (Jason Schwartzman, Sapphire, Nate Silver)

New Yorker Festival

Here’s what we already “know” is on the schedule for this year’s New Yorker Festival:
James Franco
Wallace Shawn
Rachel Maddow
Rufus Wainwright
E. Annie Proulx
Matthew Weiner

…and here are the answers to the latest set of 2009 New Yorker Festival “blind items”.

Just Asking (Round Three)

Which indie-film actor once played a monarch in a movie directed by his cousin?
Jason Schwartzman

The New York Times called which political guru “perhaps the most unlikely media star to emerge” in the 2008 election season?
Nate Silver

Which single-named poet studied under Allen Ginsberg at Brooklyn College?
Sapphire (-via Drake)

UPDATE: Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times just reported that this year’s New Yorker Festival will also feature appearances by:

Woody Allen
Noah Baumbach
Paul Rudnick
Tyler Perry
Tilda Swinton
Ricky Jay
, and
performances by Neko Case and Steve Earle []