New Fanfarlo Live Daily Sessions Videos, Jonsi and Alex (Riceboy Sleeps) DJing at Fanfarlo’s Bowery Gig, Beirut’s Jon Natchez Sitting In with the Band

Here’s how Fanfarlo describes their recent “Live Daily Sessions” on their blog:

Here’s something we did in Austin this spring in someone’s hotel room. With our confused and jet-lagged brains pumped full of free energy drinks I don’t think we even knew who the session was for but here it is, doing us the great service of helping flog tickets for our US tour next month! []

Shot in black and white with two cameras and pro mics, I actually think the videos look and sound great.

Fanfarlo – “Finish Line”

DOWNLOAD: Fanfarlo – “Finish Line”, “Luna”, “Comets” (mp3)

As I mentioned in the post title, Jonsi and Alex, (who are also known as the electronic duo Riceboy Sleeps), will be DJing at the Bowery gig, Wildbirds and Peacedrums will be opening and the venerable Jon Natchez of Beirut and Team B (just to name two), will be sitting in with the band. I’m trying to find out if Jon, Jonsi and Alex will be at The Bell House gig too, but I haven’t received any confirmation yet.

Check out the rest of the “Live Daily Sessions” videos after the jump.