Michael and Michael Have Issues Announce Tour Dates


Myself and the guy I work with are going on tour! Below are the first announced dates. There may be a few more to follow. On a scale of 1-1000, in terms of awesomeness, I think it’s going to be a 600!

Sep 19 YMCA Boulton Center, Bay Shore, NY (Black Only)
Oct 11 Royal Oak, Detroit, MI (Buy Tickets)
Oct 13 Metro, Chicago, IL (Buy Tickets)
Oct 14 Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI (Buy Tickets)
Oct 15 Pantages, Minneapolis, MN
Oct 17 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO (Buy Tickets)
Oct 23 Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
Oct 27 Wellmont Theater, Montclair, NJ
Oct 28 Sixth & I Synagogue, Washington, DC
Oct 29 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA (Buy Tickets)

While it may have been a little uneven at times, there were some pretty great moments in Season 1 of MMHI: Leo Allen‘s unexpected line, “She wanted me to pee on her!” literally made me burst out laughing, Jon Benjamin and Rob Huebel were pitch perfect as the Michaels’ boorish rivals Jeff & Larry, and the understated, yet hilarious Kumail Nanjiani made every scene he was in worth watching. I hope they bring the show back for a second season, and if they do, I’d love to see more show behind the show and less of the sketches (in fact, they could probably even drop the skits and monologues altogether if you want my honest opinion). By all means though, I think they should keep the original product ads featuring Showalter and Black; I watched every one of those Klondike commercials, and I own a DVR.

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