MTV to Remake E4’s Skins, New York Open Casting Call Location Info

Skins USA Open Casting Call
Skins USA Open Casting Call

The massively popular UK teen drama Skins is being remade for American television and casting for the new series is about to begin in New York and Toronto.

US cable network MTV is to create an American version of hit E4 teen drama Skins and has promised to “preserve the authenticity” of the UK version, which included graphic scenes of drug taking, drinking, swearing and casual sex.

Viacom-owned MTV landed the rights to develop the drama – which regularly pulled in more than 1 million viewers during its three series on Channel 4’s digital channel E4 – “after intense competition” over two years, according to the US broadcaster.

In a bid to maintain the original production’s successful model of bringing in new young writers, MTV will also draft in teenagers to write and star in the series, which will be set in Baltimore, Maryland. []

The Skins USA Open Casting Call will take place on November 15, 2009 at University Settlement (273 Bowery at Houston, New York, NY) from 10AM – 4PM. They are looking for teens aged 15-18, actors and non-actors are welcome.

Here’s a little more about the casting call from the flyer:

No acting experience necessary, we are seeking brave, charismatic, genuine, edgy teens. All ethnicities are encouraged to attend.

Skins is a comedic drama that follows a group of teenagers from Baltimore, Maryland as they grow up. Skins deals with the personal struggles, issues of race, religion, drugs, sexuality and eating disorders.


  1. Ella says:

    Are you kidding me?
    Am I the only who thinks this is a horrible idea? I just know that this is going to bomb, really really badly.
    Skins is a great show and just thinking about it being created in an ‘American’ fashion, makes me cringe.

    1. Liana says:

      I agree with you 100%
      It’s great in the UK,but here in America.
      It’s just repulsive to think about.

  2. ali says:

    15-18 only? too bad. i’m 19 but i look much younger.

  3. Jessica says:

    Dang. Does anyone know if they’re going to have another audition date?

  4. Sara says:

    No, it’s not going to bomb at all. Teens in the US crave shows like this and since few actually know the original they won’t have the perspectives of original watchers (who seem to be the only negative ones about the idea). Even if you don’t like the idea of Skins US I think you should realize that this show will probably be really big. I hope they give the teens cast a crash course on handling fame.

  5. sam says:

    Oh nooo id really love to go but I can’t make it today. Does any1 know if they r holding a casting on a different date??

  6. Tony says:

    oh i auditioned for this yesterday

    1. GM says:

      What did you have to do when you audition? Are you given a script and told to read it or what?

  7. henry says:

    is there any other casting dates other then the one that just passed by?

  8. Legit? says:

    It doesn’t make sense that they would only have one casting call for the series. I’d think they would have at least four or five in order to find the roles, especially if they’re not your plain jane typicsl characters. Oh well?

  9. jalli says:

    wait they are giving auditions in new york but the show is in baltimore …..IM IN BALTIMORE AND I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR TEEN AUDITIONS THIS ISNT FAIR AT ALL i should kill them when they come….ha ha jk >:(

  10. Stesha says:

    ogmd i would’ve loved this :[ i freaking love skins but i was 19 already by the date of the casting :[ unfair man. especially since not everyone in the 3 seasons casts were in that age range :[

  11. Marie says:

    OMG ! I want to do this casting! I’m french and I dream that some day they want a french girl in the show. It’s never happened for Skins in the UK so I hope for the USA remake…….

    Could anyone give me the name of some serious and free casting website in the US? I only know the ones for Europe.

    1. Nazz says:

      they wont have a french girl, this show is jus like queer as folk. they are gonna copy each carecter already in the previouse shows, so for season 1+2 you’ll get the same carecters as season 1+2 in the uk, jus with diffrent actors… btw, a french girl would be sooo effin hot huh? 😛

  12. anna says:

    it’s going to be shit. no offense, americans..

    1. mufineczka says:

      I so agree with u anna ! this show is gunna suck !
      its gunna be so fucking hollywod wont even comper to skins from uk

  13. Ollie says:

    yeah, i don’t think it will be very good, seeing as MTV will try and glam it up and make everyone really attractive cos they cant stand having ugly people on tv, it doesnt make sense to them, and all of the rawness will be zapped out of it, even though theyre hiding behind the mask of “open auditions”

  14. Nazz says:

    i think this is not a good idea.
    the show is great but actors ages 15-18?
    even the uk has more sense, they take actors ages 18+
    younger then that is not good, the content of the show is hugely about sex and drugs. maybe you guys should leave some shows alone instead of doing remakes. stick to 90210.

  15. Frankie says:

    I love the original, and honestly, the reason I even found it was because the shows here in the US suck >.< I have a really really bad feeling about this whole thing…. It will probably over-emphasize the sex/drugs and take away from the characters' personalities by making them stereo typical– which sucks because the reason we like them is 'cuz they're different.

  16. arabella says:

    this remake will be stupid im from the US and i think its a horrid idea they should just put re-runs of skins; its an amazing show it should not be changed a bit.

  17. Amanda says:

    It’s retarded. I mean people watch it because it’s in uk not us. god, so they are coming out with a effy and freddie or tony replica, is that it? Can’t the US people think of something else instead of using the same tittle urgh


  18. shriram says:

    what the hell? this is the worst idea ever. america just HAS to RUIN everything

  19. Jackson says:

    I really dont get why people are so negative against this idea. Everyboday said the US Office would suck before it came out, and that was done pretty well. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of things will change with the American Skins, when will it come out? Sometime later this year, you think?

  20. Leeroy says:

    this will be shit and wont work. how is a fat teenage american supposed to run away from police?

  21. CK says:

    Are you serious? can american writers not think of an original idea of their own? The UK series are so good. And it’s hard to believe they won’t censor it in the US, as they always do. The drugs drink and sex are what make skins more authentic.
    but seriously this idea will fail.

    Yes, the states ALWAYS copy British shows. yes, some ofthem are better, but nowhere near as original!!

  22. bridger says:

    Well, Bryan Elsley, the creator and writer of Skins in the UK, will also be creating and writing the show in the US, so I think there is hope for the show. Also, I don’t think they will have the same characters and storyline for the show like they did with the Queer as Folk transfer. Too many people in the US have seen the british version and I think the writers want to be as original as possible

  23. matthew says:

    worst idea ever… skins won’t work ouside the UK

  24. nobody says:

    they should just play the uk version if skins in the us. its that simple.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    I am American and I am pissed about this.

    Skins is special because it’s raw and shows true lives of teens: with all the drugs, sex and everything in between.
    You mean to tell me that MTV is going to try and remake such an amazing, realistic show?
    MTV which bleeps out the word “bitch” and is known for shows like The Hills?
    Just…fail. I’ll watch out of curiosity but I’m sure I’ll have to watch the UK version to get the bad taste outta my mouth 😛

  26. katy says:

    omg don’t there’s already so many hate sites of the us version.
    MTV don’t air this crap everyone will hate it, it’s a waste of time and energy.

  27. Sydney says:

    i really don’t see why they just can’t air the original uk show here in america. i’m american and all, but this is going to suck. i’m too attached to the original cast to enjoy the american ones. and it’s mtv, so of course it’s going to fucking blow. and i guarantee all of the music on skins usa is going to be mainstream and horrid. i am so pissed about all of this.

    1. bumpershine says:

      They have aired the original UK series here on BBC America. It was pretty popular.

  28. Des says:

    I thought this was gonna be crap at first, being a die hard fan of the original; but I am willing to give it a chance. The actors are gonna suck, but that’s because they don’t require any experience at auditions. People grow as actors with due time. Also, it’s not exacly MTV’s fault for everything close to realistic having to be cut out. On any channel, the FCC goes through the content before it gets aired. I’m at least willing to give it a chance, watching the first season, before I judge it based on about 6 total minutes of first episode promos.

  29. Criss albs says:

    All of u guys and girls saying that this show won’t work is fucken retarded the show was amazing probably the best show ever and 10x better then any other show and it’s so much better then the uk version get real u stupid Brits not everything u do is perfect I’m sorry America is just better then u at everything an yeah we stole it but we just made it 10x better soo shut the fuck up.

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