B&N and Borders November Events (Paul Auster, KRS One, Jonathan Safran Foer, Orhan Pamuk)

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In anticipation of the holidays, big time book readings are starting to slow down a little at our local area chains, but there are still a few good things this month. Here’s a list of November B&N and Borders events that I thought were interesting for one reason or another:

November 2009 Barnes & Noble (NYC)
11/05/09 Kenneth Turan, Oskar Eustis, Gail Papp (Lincoln Triangle)
11/05/09 Editors of The Onion (Tribeca)
11/05/09 Chris Welles Feder (82nd & Bwy)
11/05/09 Paul Auster (USQ)
11/09/09 KRS One (Tribeca)
11/09/09 Jennifer Burns: Ayn Rand and the American Right (82nd & Bwy)
11/11/09 Harold Evans (86th & Lex)
11/10/09 Gail Buckland: Who Shot Rock’n Roll (Lincoln Triangle)
11/12/09 Andre Agassi 12:30 PM (Fifth Ave)
11/14/09 Amy Sohn 2 PM (Park Slope!)
11/16/09 Jonathan Safran Foer (USQ)
11/17/09 Jim Cramer (USQ)
11/17/09 George Packer (86th & Lex)
11/18/90 Orhan Pamuk (USQ)
11/19/09 Wally Lamb (86th & Lex)
11/21/09 Thomas Keller (86th & Lex)
11/23/09 David Chang (USQ)

November 2009 Borders (NYC)
11/06/09 Jamie Oliver (Park Ave)
11/10/09 Chuck Klosterman (CC)
11/16/09 Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (CC)
11/16/09 Andrew Ross Sorkin (Park Ave)
11/17/09 Cory Doctorow: Makers (CC)