“Skins” Series 4 First Look

Skins Series 4 “First Look”
Skins S.4

Since I’ve been catching up with the first two seasons of Skins via Netflix’s excellent “Watch Instantly” feature, I thought I would check out the what’s going on with the latest iteration of the popular British teen drama. Turns out that the new season of Skins (aka Series 4) will premiere on January 28, 2010 on e4 in the UK— no word yet on when it will debut in the US on BBC America. Seasons 1 and 2 of Skins are currently available via Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” feature and on DVD in the US, season 3 is currently only available on iTunes (though the UK DVD is available from amazon.co.uk). Here’s a little more info about what else is happening in the future of Skins:

In May 2009, E4 confirmed that Film4 and Company Pictures are in “preliminary talks” about a movie spin-off. It is unknown which of the cast members would be featured, or where the film will fit in the show’s continuity, leading to a possibility that both generations of characters will meet.

The first Skins novel will be released in January 2010. Authored by freelance writer Ali Cronin, the plot takes place between Series 3 and 4.

MTV have announced plans to adapt Skins to American television. The U.S. version will be filmed in Baltimore with an unknown cast. [wikipedia]