Legal Ticket Scalping To End in NYC

Though it’s unlikely that you’ll be prosecuted [Note: this is in no way intended as legal advice], you might want to be a little more subtle when hawking those tickets to The National‘s sold out show at BAM tonight.

The current New York law, set to expire Saturday, May 15, allows ticket brokers and others to resell their tickets for any price, and also prohibits teams from punishing season ticket holders who resell their tickets. If the law expires, the state would revert back to ticket reselling being illegal for any amount higher than $2 above face value. []

The state legislature ended their session on Thursday without voting on a new bill which would extend ticket scalping for another year. According to lawmakers and lobbyists, the sticking point around the new legislation apparently is how to address paperless ticketing, which largely prevents the free resale of tickets.

The paperless system essentially closes the loop by controlling where tickets are redistributed, such as through Ticketmaster’s proprietary TicketExchange platform, or whether tickets can be redistributed at all. Several sources with knowledge of the negotiations also questioned whether the paperless ticketing system employed by Ticketmaster was an end run around the current New York law that protects consumers by allowing them to transfer, give away or resell their tickets. []