Sound Bites at Lunch Starts Today

Sound Bites at Lunch at The Fulton Stall Market (05/30/10)
Sound Bites at Lunch

Sound Bites blogger Bill Pearis kicks off his home grown lunchtime music series today (May 30) at the Fulton Stall Market at The Seaport. Martha Stewart’s favorite DJ will spin some tunes for an hour starting at noon, then the band North Highlands will play at 1PM. See you there!

We’ll kick things off Sunday, May 30 — the Market’s opening day — with a performance from up-and-comers North Highlands, and then the next five Wednesdays. I’ll spin some tunes at noon and then bands go on at 1PM. It’s free. [Sound Bites]

Full Sound Bites Lunchtime Series schedule after the jump.

MAY 30 (Sunday kickoff): North Highlands (MP3: “Collar Bones”)
Lovely orch-pop from one of the nicest, best new bands in Brooklyn. Their live show is pretty magical.

JUNE 2: Air Waves (MP3: “Knock Out”)
Gentle jangle somewhere between Neil Young and Loaded-era Velvet Underground. Great songs, great stories.

JUNE 9: The Austin McCutchen Quartet (MP3: “Honey Don’t Be Sad”)
A talented songwriter from my neighborhood, playing bluegrass in the single mike style just like olden days.

JUNE 16: Ribbons (MP3: “Total Loss”)
Dark and mysterious indie rock. This is one of their last-ever shows so don’t miss it!

JUNE 23: The Beets (MP3: “What Did I Do?”)
If Eddie Haskel formed a protopunk band, The Beets would be it. Bratty, but always leaving you with a thankyouverymuch.

JUNE 30: Toys and Tiny Instruments Band
The name kind of says it all. Serious pop music, but played playfully. And in miniature. [Sound Bites]