Children’s Hospital Now Airing on Adult Swim

Children’s Hospital
Children's Hospital

Long time readers may recall when I wrote about Rob Corddry‘s web series Children’s Hospital back in December 2008. Well fans of those webisodes can rejoice, because all of the original episodes of Children’s Hospital along with a batch of new ones are airing on Adult Swim on Sunday nights at 10:30 PM. According to the NY Times, the original five minute web shows have been combined back to back to make a longer single TV episode, while new episodes are 11.5 minutes long, (15 minutes with commercials). The cameo rich episode that aired on Monday, July 11 had not been previously aired on (which makes me think The Times got some of their facts wrong).

After the Web series was posted, both Adult Swim and Comedy Central approached Warner Brothers with the idea of adapting it for television; Adult Swim won what Mr. Corddry called “a very low-stakes bidding war.” He, Mr. Stern and their fellow executive producer David Wain managed to keep most of the cast together for the television show (Ms. Bell, committed to the HBO series “How to Make It in America,” will appear in only four episodes) while adding new regulars like Malin Akerman, Henry Winkler and Kurtwood Smith.

Mr. Winkler and Mr. Smith help carry the expanded story lines, as a wacky administrator and a villain intent on suppressing a cure for cancer. Mr. Stern cautioned against putting too much stock in the plot, however.

“Eleven and a half minutes made us create the veneer of actual story lines and character growth without requiring that we be committed to that,” he said. “We hit all the beats as if the characters were developing and important things were happening and as if there were a beginning, middle and end to the story, but we don’t really have to get too emotionally invested in any of that.” []

Watch an awesome trailer for Season 2 after the jump.