B&N September 2010 Events (Nick Zinner, Kristen Schaal, Jon Stewart)

Kristen Schaal - The Sexy Book of Sex Nick Zinner - Please Take Me Off The Guest List

It’s fall now, so it’s time for the “big releases” to start dropping again at our local big box book stores. Here’s a list of September 2010 B&N events that I thought were interesting for one reason or another:

B&N September 2010 Events (NYC)
09/07/10 Lee Houck: Yield (82nd & Bway)
09/07/10 Tao Lin: Richard Yates (Tribeca)
09/07/10 Jorge Posada, Laura Posada: The Beauty of Love (5th Ave)
09/08/10 Jonathan Franzen: Freedom (USQ)
09/09/10 Sherwood Schwartz: Brady, Brady, Brady (Lincoln Tri)
09/10/10 Paul Harding: Tinkers
09/13/10 David Levithan: Love Is the Higher Law (Tribeca)
09/13/10 Sean Wilentz: Bob Dylan In America (82nd & Bway)
09/14/10 Alexandra Lebenthal: The Recessionistas (86th & Lex)
09/14/10 Per Petterson, Runaway Dorothy: I Curse the River of Time (Upstairs at USQ)
09/14/10 Bob Blumenthal, John Abbott, Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus
09/14/10 Neil Sedaka: Waking Up Is Hard To Do (Lincoln Tri)
09/14/10 Baby, We Were Meant for Each Other: In Praise of Adoption (82nd & Bway)
09/16/10 Patti LuPone: A Memoir (Lincoln Tri)
09/20/10 Nick Zinner: Please Take Me Off the Guest List (Upstairs at USQ)
09/20/10 Nicholas Sparks: Safe Haven (5th Ave)
09/21/10 David Rakoff, Randy Cohen: Half Empty (USQ)
09/21/10 Robert B. Reich: Aftershock (86th & Lex)
09/21/10 Tim Gunn: Gunn’s Golden Rules (Tribeca)
09/22/10 Kristen Schaal, Rich Blomquist: The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex (Tribeca)
09/23/10 William Gibson: Zero History (USQ)
09/27/10 Jon Stewart: Earth (The Book) (USQ)
09/27/10 Jimmy Carter: White House Diary (5th Ave)
09/28/10 Ken Follett: Fall of Giants (Lincoln Tri)
09/30/10 Seussical (Lincoln Tri)
09/30/10 Branford Marsalis with Dave Schroeder (86th & Lex)

Borders September 2010 Events (NYC)
09/22/10 Guillermo del Toro: The Strain (CC)
09/23/10 Vince Neil: Tattoos and Tequila (CC)
09/28/10 Nicole Richie: Priceless (CC)
09/29 Al Jaffee & Mary Lou Weisman: Al Jaffee’s Mad Life (CC)

And one last thing… RIP Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle.

A release from brokerage Cushman & Wakefield confirms that Century 21 will indeed open its second Manhattan store in the space evacuated by the Lincoln Square Barnes & Noble. Century 21 had just yesterday denied rumors that the switch was afoot.

Century 21 will begin to develop the location in February 2011, after the bookseller moves out in January. The sure-to-be massive storefront is expected to open its doors the following fall. It will be the first branch built in Manhattan since the flagship opened at 22 Cortlandt Street in 2000. [NY Observer]