Drake’s Take: New Releases 11.16.10

As the 2010 new releases tap dries up, Drake reviews a couple of reissued gems. -ed.

Drake’s Take: New Releases 11.16.10

The list for new releases shrinks as the compilations, box sets and reissues pile grows and grows. Bruce Springsteen’s The Promise would make a great gift, as would the lovingly packaged reissue of Jim Sullivan’s U.F.O.. When Black Friday falls you know it’s got to be… don’t let it fall on me.

Playlist: New Releases 11.16.10

Bruce Springsteen – The Promise
Stream / Purchase [mp3]

Bruce Springsteen - The PromiseI’ve written at least four different posts related to this release already, so no need to retread familiar ground. The theoretically administered moniker of “greatest album never released” can no longer be used as it goes out and into the world.

Download: “City of Night” [mp3]
Free AOL Album Stream

Jim Sullivan – U.F.O.
Stream / Purchase [mp3]

Jim Sullivan - UFOI haven’t had enough time with this to give this lost gem it’s full due, so instead I’ll direct you to the story behind the reissue, written in first person by my old friend Matt Sullivan, co-founder/owner of Light in the Attic Records. It reminds us of the lengths we’ll go to for music that we love.

More on the radar (and in the mp3 player) this week:
Japandroids – Heavenword Gran Prix 7″/mp3
The Russian Futurists- The Weight’s on the Wheels / Free AOL Album Stream
Le Switch – The Rest of Me is Space
The Queers – Back to the Basement
Regina Spektor – Live in London
Faun Fables – Family Album
La Sera – Never Come Around b/w Behind Your Eyes (7″)
Rihanna – Loud
Rusty Willoughby – Cobirds Unite
Glee Cast- Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album / Free AOL Album Stream

The Warlocks – Rise and Fall, EP & Rarities
Tangled: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

See above for Bruce Springsteen’s The Promise (which is more of compilation than a reissue) & Jim Sullivan’s U.F.O.

View the Jim Sullivan Story trailer after the jump.