Iron and Wine Playing Mercury Lounge and Fallon Tonight, Greene Space Set List

Iron and Wine at The Greene Space (01/05/11)
Iron and Wine at the Greene Space
(Camera) Photo: D. Caplan

According to another music blog, in addition to their scheduled appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Iron and Wine is playing an invite only show tonight at The Mercury Lounge. If you tried to watch the live webcast of the Greene Space show last night, you might have had a tough time, because according to the folks at WNYC, their servers were almost brought down from all the simultaneous requests. Fortunately for I&W fans worldover, the show has been archived and the audio and video of the intimate performance are available now at (FYI, for all those New Yorkers who got shut out of tickets online, if you showed up last night at the door, you probably would have gotten in.)

Set list from last night’s show (01/05/11) in pictures and words after the jump.

Iron and Wine Set List (01/05/11)
Iron and Wine at the Greene Space

Set List
1. Tree By The River
2. Big Burned Hand
3. Biting Your Tail (B-Side)
4. Half Moon
5. Monkeys Uptown
6. Glad Man Singing
7. Summer in Savannah (B-Side)
8. Godless Brother In Love
9. Rabbit Will Run
10. Me And Lazarus
11. Boy with a Coin

12. Naked As We Came

Kiss Each Other Clean Songs Not Played
Walking Far From Home
Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

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