Hey, I’m Going To SXSW! A Guide To Some Useful SXSW Resources

JFK to AUS: Please Check Your Guitars at The Gate (03/16/11)
JFK to Austin

So, you may have noticed some of the subtle hints, but it is in fact true, I am headed to SXSW for the first time (blush) this year! I haven’t quite planned out what I’m going to do for each day, but I have RSVP’d to pretty much everything that’s been sent my way. The plan tonight was head up to the MTVu Woodie Awards, but my hour and a half flight delay has thrown a little kink into my plans. I guess, we’ll see what happens when I finally land in Austin, there is of course, no shortage of options. In getting my SXSW plans together, I relied on a few apps, twitter accounts and websites, here’s a little list of things that I found useful, which you might also find useful.

SXSW Mobile Apps
SXSW Go App (for iPhone and Android) – The official SXSW app, a really good resource, don’t leave home without it. (5/5)
SXSW Insider’s Guide (for iPhone and Android) – This unofficial app has so little information on SXSW I thought I was using it wrong. Not worth downloading in my opinion, I’ll be uninstalling shortly. (1/5)
Superglued (for iPhone and Android) – Superglued has a dedicated section for SXSW this year and while the information is quite comprehensive, its not laid out quite as nicely as the official SXSW app. On the plus side, it seems like it is a little easier to be social (Tweeting, Foursquare Check-ins, posting photos etc.) on the Superglued app vs the official SXSW App. (4/5)
FADER Fort App (for iPhone and Android) – The FADER Fort App gives you all the essential information you need to know about this year’s FADER Fort (by Fiat) @SXSW. It has the same look and feel as the SXSW Insider’s Guide (no surprise that it also has the same developers), but at least this app has some useful information. Among other things, The FADER Fort App provides a day-by-day schedule, streaming music from the featured artists, location info, news and photos. (3/5)
FreeSXSW – A bunch of links to a WordPress blog with no content, I feel used for having downloaded it. (0/5)

The hash tag #sxsw is probably a little overwhelming during the festival, but it’s probably worth looking at every now and then.
@SXSW – The official Twitter account of SXSW, worth checking often.
@SXSWParty – These guys were cranking out the RSVP links before SXSW began, but things have slowed down considerably since the festival began.
Other SXSW Twitter accounts to look out for include: @SpinnerSXSW, @SpinSXSW, @SXSWBaby, @UnofficialSXSW @Austin360Music, and @SXSWPartyList

Essential SXSW Websites and Lists
I’m about to board to my plane, so not a lot of time to pontificate here. Not that you needed help to find this one, but the official site of South by Southwest, SXSW.com, is very useful as are Austinist.com, Austin Chornicle, Austin2011.Sched.org, Do512.com (for RSVPs) and while not actually a website, the NewMusicTipsheet.com SXSW Party PDF is an indispensable resource. Music blogs covering SXSW include Stereogum, Pitchfork, ConsequenceOfSound, Impose, NYTimes ArtsBeat, L.A. Times Pop and Hiss, NPR’s All Songs Considered Blog and many others Google can tell you about. If you’d like to follow yours truly while I’m in Austin, follow me out on Twitter (@bumpershine) or friend me on Foursquare for my up to the minute musings and comings and goings.