June 2011 Bookstore Events

Eva Gabrielsson Josh Ritter - Bright's Passage

It’s summer and things have slowed down in terms of both quantity and quality at our local bookstores (though I’m only showing the pearls here of course). Here’s a list of June 2011 literary and musical events that I found interesting for one reason or another.

Barnes & Noble Stores NYC
06/01 Barbara Sinatra: Lady Blue Eyes (USQ)
06/06 Oscar Hijuelos: Thoughts Without Cigarettes (82nd & Bway)
06/07 Ann Patchett: State of Wonder (USQ)
06/07 Sugar Ray Leonard: Big Fight (5th Ave)
06/07 Bruce Eric Kaplan: Everything Is Going to Be Okay (Greenwich)
06/08 Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation Continues (USQ)
06/08 Stephen “steve-o” Glover: Professional Idiot (5th Ave)
06/09 Alex Prud’ Homme: The Ripple Effect (Tri)
06/14 Lama Surya Das: Buddha Standard Time (Tri)
06/14 Sebastian Junger: War (82nd & Bway)
06/16 Don Lemon: Transparent (82nd & Bway)
06/20 Michael Sims: The Story of Charlotte’s Web (86th & Lex)
06/21 Eva Gabrielsson: “There Are Things I Want You to Know” about Stieg Larsson (USQ)
06/21 Jeffrey Lyons: Stories My Father Told Me (82nd & Bway)
06/22 La Toya Jackson: Starting Over (Tri)
06/22 Kostya Kennedy: 56 Joe Dimaggio and the Last Magic Number (82nd & Bway)
06/27 Carmela Ciuraru, Sara Nelson: Nom de Plume (86th & Lex)
06/28 Josh Ritter: Bright’s Passage (USQ – Upstairs at the Square)
06/29 Jerry Robinson: The Comics: An Illustrated History (82nd & Bway)

06/15 Tatum O’Neal: Found (CC)
06/23 Adam Carolla: In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks (PP, 1PM)

06/02 Siri Hustvedt: The Summer Without Men | Asti Hustvedt: Medical Muses
06/09 Sebastian Junger: War
06/11 Christopher Mcdougall: Born To Run
06/13 Carmela Ciuraru: Nom De Plume
06/16 James Boice: The Good And The Ghastly
06/20 Kelle Groom: I Wore The Ocean In The Shape Of A Girl
06/20 Nick Flynn: The Ticking Is The Bomb
06/24 Chris Hedges: The World As It Is

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
06/01 Cool Man In a Golden Age: Poet Max Blagg and Artist Alfred Leslie
06/06 Johan Harstad and Garth Risk Hallberg w/ music by acoustic duo Sweater
06/09 Jane Roper: Eden Lake
06/13 Rev Billy and The Church of Earthalujah, w/ The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
06/14 Laura Marling: Live From Home