August 2011 Bookstore Events

Rafa Clubhouse Confidential

“It’s August and the pickins are slim.” (Even slimmer now that Borders is gone.) Here’s a list of August 2011 literary, comedic and musical events that I found interesting for one reason or another.

Barnes & Noble
08/08/11 Catching Heat – Jim Leyritz (Tri)
08/09/11 Composed – Rosanne Cash (USQ)
08/09/11 Live at B&N Featuring Tom Wopat (86th and Lex)
08/10/11 Prime Time – Jane Fonda (USQ)
08/18/11 Clubhouse Confidential – Luis “Squeegee” Castillo (86th and Lex)
08/18/11 Hire Me, Hollywood! – Keith Fenimore (Greenwich Village)
08/18/11 Jeff Bridges S/T CD – Jeff Bridges (5th Ave)
08/23/11 Woody Guthrie, American Radical – Will Kaufman (82nd & Bway)
08/27/11 Rafa: My Story – Rafael Nadal (5th Ave)
08/30/11 Captain for Life – Harry Carson (86th and Lex)

Powerhouse Arena
08/11/11 Composed – Rosanne Cash

Housing Works
08/09/11 The Moth StorySLAM. Theme: Business
08/10/11 The Last Shot: Chuck Klosterman, Dana Stevens, Brian Koppelman, and Mark Harris Talk Summer Movies
08/17/11 Hannah Hart – My Drunk Kitchen Party
08/18/11 The Moth StorySLAM. Theme: Betrayal
08/24/11 Free Comedy Night

McNally Jackson
08/10/11 An Affair to Remember: Melissa Bank with Amor Towles
08/15/11 Real Characters w/ Giulia Rozzi, Alex Gallafent, Jon Friedman, Mike Sacks
08/23/11 Ask Me About… Catch 22
08/25/11 Patricia Marx in conversation with David Rakoff