2011 New Yorker Festival Blind Items (Jake Shears, Roland Emmerich, Nancy Pelosi and More)

Jake Shears at One Step Beyond (02/04/11)
Jake Shears

Like they’ve done in year’s past, the PR team from the New Yorker Festival is running some advance teasers about this year’s lineup. I’ve been able to answer all but one of the “blind items” they’ve listed so far.

Which Vietnam vet turned author grew up in one of several cities claiming to be the “turkey capital of the world”?
Tim O’Brien

Which acclaimed architect’s most recent project was inspired by a bamboo Chinese hat?
Shigeru Ban

Which glam-rock band’s lead singer came out to his parents only after Dan Savage, in person, assured him that “they already know”? (They didn’t.)
Jake Shears

Which blockbuster director’s father founded a successful garden-machinery company?
Roland Emmerich

Which political powerhouse counts among his/her talents the ability to shell pistachio nuts with his/her teeth?
Nancy Pelosi

Which British scribbler prefers Burning Man to Glastonbury?


  1. Rachel says:

    Where are you seeing these blind items? I am checking the website and twitter and I am signed up for the festival wire and I’ve got nothing.

  2. Rachel says:

    Never mind I found it. Is the answer to the Burning Man question Nicholas McInerny?

  3. bumpershine says:

    @Rachel, could be, but I’m not really familiar with his work. Does he have something new coming out soon? I may be wrong, but he seems a little obscure, even for the NYer Festival audience.

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