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CBGB Festival (July 5-8, 2012)
CBGB Festival 2012
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Longtime New Yorkers and music fans will remember CBGBs as the legendary Bowery venue where some of the world’s most famous punk and new wave bands got their start. Other folks may remember it primarily for it’s hugely popular logo and t-shirts, and today’s tourists may know it better as a John Varvatos store. However you remember CBs, there is no denying the club’s place in the music history of this town and that’s what’s being honored at the 2012 CBGB Music and Film Festival. The festival will take place from July 5-8 in New York and Brooklyn and will involve over 30 venues, 300 bands and a recently announced outdoor multistage event in Times Square on Saturday, July 7.

The CBGB Festival will take place on July 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2012 in New York City and Brooklyn.

The festival will be a fantastic mixture of emerging artist showcases, music business conferences, rock and roll film screenings and industry panel discussions and a whiskey fest to be remembered!

Music Showcases
CBGB Festival will be presenting emerging artist showcases in over 30 venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn on July 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th.

Film Screenings
CBGB Festival will present two days of film screenings of some of the best rock film/documentaries ever made and some that have never been seen in New York before.

Music Conference
CBGB Festival will be presenting two days of music business/industry veterans of various panels that will be educated/informing/guiding young artists on how to succeed in today’s ever-changing music business.

Film Conference
CBGB Festival will be presenting two days of film and photography veterans hosting workshops that will educate/inform/guide young artists on how to succeed in today’s ever-changing film and photography business. [CBGB.com]

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CBGB Festival 2012

THE CBGB Festival Line Up For July 5th to 8th!

Music, Film, Distilled Spirits and Conference!

Agnostic Front, Fishbone, Superchunk, Wyclef Jean, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, JD Samson & MEN, MXPX, Reggie Watts, The Dirty Pearls, LA Guns, David Johansen, Guided By Voices, Pains Of Being Pure at Heart, Cloud Nothings, War on Drugs, The Virgins, D Generation, The Cro-Mags and many other play festival!

Krist Novoselic is the Keynote Speaker for CBGB Festival

The Rise and Fall of The Clash, Vinyl, Bob and The Monster, What Did You Expect? The Archers of Loaf Live at Cat’s Cradle and Just Around The Corner to premiere at Film Festival!

(New York, NY) Featuring over 300 bands, the CBGB Festival has an incredible line up of live music stages, film premieres and screenings, and conference panels at 40 venues over the four days from July 5th to 8th, 2012. Focusing on new music and emerging young bands, the CBGB Festival will stay true to the original mission of the CBGB & OMFUG club that once lived on the Bowery. The goal being to help new artists grow, gain visibility and be seen by the music industry. “We are thrilled to provide bands the opportunity to open for a headliner or one of their musical inspirations,” said Tim Hayes, Producer of the CBGB Festival.

Pass and ticket prices are being kept as low as possible in comparison to other events around the country. For detailed information on line up schedules and to purchase festival passes go to: http://www.cbgb.com/ .

Complimenting the incredible roster of music talent, film premeires and conferences; is a line up of rock n roll, comedy and improv shows curated by the Upright Citizens Brigade and SiriusXM’s Jake Fogelnest at the UCBEast Theater in the East Village, http://east.ucbtheatre.com/ . The UCB curated line up includes Airwolf, What I did for Love, and Diamond Lion as well as original festival inspired content from Gentrify, Left Handed Radio, and Tales of the Cosmos.

Bands & Venues:
The CBGB Festival will have over 300 bands appearing at over 40 venues. Focusing on new music and emerging young bands, the CBGB Festival will stay true to the original mission of the CBGB & OMFUG club that once lived on the Bowery. Many new bands will have the amazing opportunity through submissions and scouting to open for a headliner. Key highlights include; Agnostic Front will reprise their infamous performance from 1989s, Live at CBGB at Webster Hall with NY hardcore favorites, Madball, the Cro-Mags, Vision of Disorder and Sick of It All also at Webster Hall, an amazing show at SummerStage in Central Park with Guided by Voices, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Cloud Nothings and War On Drugs, as well as line ups with Wyclef Jean, Fishbone, Superchunk, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Fiddler, The Virgins, David Johansen, D Generation, The Baseball Project (Mike Mills of R.E.M & Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate), Craig Finn (The Hold Steady), JD Samson & MEN, MXPX, Reggie Watts, The Dirty Pearls, LA Guns, Lissie Trullie and more.

The music line up includes:

Wyclef Jean * Fishbone *Superchunk * Clap Your Hands Say Yeah * Guided By Voices * Pains Of Being Pure at Heart * Cloud Nothings * War on Drugs * Craig Finn * Agnostic Front * Madball * Murphy’s Law * Maximum Penalty * D Generation * The Cro-Mags * Sick Of It All * Vision of Disorder * The Baseball Project * Glen Matlock * David Johansen * Sister Sparrow & The DirtyBirds * Fidlar * Willie Nile * LA Guns * Dirty Pearls * Ben Taylor * Popa Chubby * MXPX * Harry Waters * Escort * Michael Cerveris & Loose Cattle * Xylos * Firehorse * Gary Lucas With Gods and Monsters *Richard Lloyd * Waldos * Radio 4 * Shayfer James * Sophie Madeleine * My Pet Dragon * Bardot * JD Samson & MEN * PS I Love You * So So Glos * Jon DeRosa * Eytan and the Embassy * Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan * The Virgins * Myyke Blanco * Grand Rappids * Orion Experience * Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson * The Killing Floor * Ingrid and The Defectors * Bebe Buell * The Noise * The Bowery Tones * Faith NYC * Weekend * Two Lights * The Bamboo Kids * The Indecent * Romans * Brass Knuckle Evangelists * Mary C * New Cassettes * Waking Heroes * Daddy Long Legs * Van Hunt * Hollis Brown * Andy & The Rattlesnakes * Willie Nile * Dayna Kurtz * The Killing Floor * Lightouts * Cheetah Chrome * The Rattlers * The Miami’s * Tuff Darts * Bear 54 *Walter Steding * Certain General * The Clox * Man on Earth * Bear Ceuse * Edelweiss * Gone By Daylight * Strawberry Jam * The Liza Colby Sound * Printers Row * Ursa Minor * The Brothers NYC * American Darlings * Band of Outsiders * Tom Simon * Gilbane Peck * Sam Grow * Scott Krokoff * Linda Chorney * Still Saffire * California * Jaymay * Lou-is * Aurical * The Secret History * Bill Popp and the Tapes * Pete Herger * Ward White * Kelsey Byrne * Oy Vey * Mike Rocket and The Stars * La Res * The Obvious * Violent BullshIt * Chron Turbine * Cave Bros * Black Wind Halo * NCM * Bobby Hollar * Billy Dodge * The Von Frankensteins * The White Chocolate Experience * James Arlowe & The Ruffian Circus * searching for daylight * The Whiskey Violets * Motu * Lachi and Meridian Gold * Joe Rapolla * Surreal McCoys * Late Nite Catfight * Chris Berardo * Brett Gleason * Shane Cooley * Stolen Rhodes * Olya * Changing Modes * Dirty Words * The Pinz * Sidewalk Driver * The Denzels * Sean * The Naturals * Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why * Jon Caspi Band * Kevin McWhasteele * Brett Ferguson * Stone Cold Fox * Nescora * Elliot & The Ghost * Don’t * Erin Barra * Greg Smith & The Broken English * Cro Mags * Sai Nam * Absolution * Jonathan Toubin * Reggie Watts * The Jigglers * I Am The Avalanche * Such Gold * Redd Kross * The Labor Pool * Todd Abramson * Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr * Lissy Trullie * Walking Heroes * Yellowdogs * The Everymen * The Brooklyn What? * The Shipwrecks * Electric Black Horse * Srotakin IV * Donovan Frankenreiter * Rayland Baxter * Isle of Rhodes * Wyldlife * Sick Fucks * New Yorkestra * The Baghdaddios * Hunter Miller * Thee Swank Bastards * Man’s Gin * The Archive * The 10 Cent F$ck Flicks * Runny * East Coast Avenue * Tora * Lisa Bianco and The Fury * Mark Newman * The Blackboard Nails * The Goodbye Radio * Bury Me A Lion * Room For Strangers * The Baby Grand * MiniBoone * Easy Company * Stuyvesant * The Rock Az * The Field Effect * Jack Grace * Mean Little Blanket * Tension * Music Box Dynamo * Plastiq Passion * Outside the Box * Science * Diagnostics * Lido Beach * Phoebe Hunt and Diana Lawrence * Seth Walker * Seth Adam * Sins of The Loose Buttons * Our Marvelous Lives * Soundspeak * Tara Elliot & The Red Velvet * Pharoahe Monch * Chances with Wolves * Sub Swara * Soft White Sixties * The Young Things * Raccoon Fighters * The Head * Uncle Monk * TMU Band * GLINT * Zulu Wave * Paranoid Social Club * Eric Ambel * Steve Almaas * Jahn Xavier * Andy Shernoff * Jean Caffeine * Lauren Angelli w/ Dave Rave * Deborah Frost * Ivan Kral * James Wynbrand * Tom Wynbrandt * Sic F*cks

Line up additions to be announced in the coming weeks.

Some of the participating venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn include the following:
Cafe Wha?
City Winery
SummerStage in Central Park
Gramercy Theatre
The Box
Eataly’s La Birreria
The Living Room
Googie’s at The Living Room
Highline Ballroom
Hill Country
Hank’s Saloon
Knitting Factory Brooklyn
Tammany Hall
The Bitter End
The Delancey
The Bowery Electric
The Map Room at The Bowery Electric
The Local 269
The Trash Bar
Webster Hall
The Studio at Webster Hall
(le) Poisson Rouge
Joe’s Pub
Ottos’ Shrunken Head
Sullivan Hall
Canal Room
B.B. Kings
The Flat
Rodeo Bar
Bell House
Best Buy Theater
Beekman Beer Garden
St. Vitus
Brooklyn Bowl
Rodeo Bar

Festival Passes:
All Passes and tickets are on sale now at http://www.cbgb.com/.

Music Pass: Music Showcases Admission Only
What Price Date
Regular $79 6/1-7/4
Walk-Up $89 7/5 & 7/6

Film Pass: Film Screenings, Seminars & Training Workshops
What Price Date

Regular $159 6/1-7/4
Walk-Up $219 7/5 & 7/6

Music Conference Pass: Music Seminars, Workshops and Music Showcases
What Price Date
Regular $329 6/1-7/4
Walk-Up $429 7/5 & 7/6

Combo Pass: Music & Film-Conferences, Showcases, Workshops and Screenings
What Price Date
Regular $399 6/1-7/4
Walk-Up $499 7/5 & 7/6

From July 5th to 8th the incredible line up of rock themed film premieres, screenings and Q/As at the CBGB Festival include; the World Premiere of The Rise and Fall of The Clash documentary about the untold story of the implosion of the legendary band at the height of success, the New York City Premiere of Bob and the Monster about the life and struggles of indie-rock hero and life changing Celebrity Rehab drug addiction counselor Bob Forrest, the East Coast premiere of much talked about scripted feature Vinyl, based on The Alarm’s Mike Peters fooling the youth obsessed UK music industry by having a fresh faced punk band put out their new music, the US Premiere of the What Did You Expect? The Archers of Loaf live at Cat’s Cradle by Director Gorman Bechard and the New York Premiere of Just Around The Corner about the life of Parkinson’s disease activist and entertainment manager Bob Benjamin. Other notable appearances at the festival include Cheetah Chrome, Jeff Magnum Genya Ravan of The Dead Boys, Tommy Ramone and Ramone’s tour manager Monte Melnick, world famous photographer Bob Gruen, actors Perry Benson and Phil Daniels, Sara Sugarman, Sirius XMU’s Jake Fogelnest, Director Amir Bar-Lev, Director Celine Danhier and many others. All premieres will take place at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema with additional screenings at The Film Anthology and The Mango Screening Room.

For detailed information on line up schedules and to purchase festival passes go to: http://www.cbgb.com/ . Information on where to purchase tickets to individual premieres and screenings will be available as of Monday, June 25th.

Films Include:
24 Hour Party People
American Hardcore, Post Film Q/A with Director Paul Rachman and Writer Steven Blush
Ben Lee: Catch My Disease
Blank City, Post Film Q/A with Director Celine Danhier and Producers Aviva Wishnow & Vanessa Roworth
Bob and the Monster, Premiere, Introduction and Post Film Q/A with Bob Forrest and filmmaker Keirda Bahruth
Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements, Special Introduction and Post Film Q/A with Director Gorman Bechard
The Dead Boys – Live at CBGB/OMFUG 1977, Post Film Q/A with Cheetah Chrome of Dead Boys, Jeff Magnum and Genya Ravan
End of The Century, With Special Guests Tommy Ramone and Ramones Road Manager, Monte Melnick
Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone
Exit Through The Gift Shop
Gimme Some Truth: The Making of John Lennon’s Imagine Album
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Just Around The Corner, New York Premiere, Post Film Q/A with Bob Benjamin and Joe D’urso
Kurt Cobain About a Son
Let Fury Have The Hour
The Other F Word
Patti Smith: Dream of Life
Punk’s Not Dead
Re: Generation Music Project, Post Film Q/A with Director Amir Bar-Lev
The Rise and Fall of The Clash, World Premiere, Special Guests Director Danny Garcia
Rock ‘N’ Roll Exposed: The Photography of Bob Gruen, New York Premiere, Post Film Q/A with Photographer Bob Gruen
The Sacred Triangle: Bowie, Iggy & Lou 1971-1973
Sid & Nancy
Suicide Girls Must Die!, With Special Guests The Suicide Girls
Suicide Girls UK, World Premiere Screening Party, With Special Guests The Suicide Girls
Vinyl, East Coast Premiere, Introduction and Post Film Q/A with actors Perry Benson and Phil Daniels
What Did You Expect: The Archers of Loaf Live at Cat’s Cradle, US Premiere, Introduction and Post Film Q/A with Director Gorman Bechard

The CGBG Festival Conferences will be lead by industry professionals providing insight on everything from “Making Great Sounding Records” to the not to be missed “CBGB – Tales From The Club” series. All conferences and workshops will take place at the Sunshine Cinema and The Film Anthology in Manhattan.

CBGB is deeply honored to announce Krist Novoselic as the Keynote Speaker for the CBGB Festival. As a founding member of Nirvana, Krist Novoselic, along with band mates, Kurt Cobain and David Grohl, changed the course of music history forever. After Nirvana, Novoselic went on to become one of rock’s most politically minded musicians. In 2005 Krist joined the Board of Directors of the electoral reform organization FairVote . Since 2008, he has served as the Chair of the Board. FairVote is a catalyst for reforming elections to respect every vote and every voice through bold approaches to increase voter turnout, meaningful ballot choices and fair representation. “I’ve been inspired by Krist’s dedication to supporting the under represented & the underdog. It was exactly that attitude that first brought the punks & misfits together at CBGB back in the 1970s.” Said Tim Hayes, one of the owners of CBGB.

The primary theme of his keynote address will be association and how it can transform politics. Mr. Novoselic will weave personal experiences with punk in the ’80s and how youth culture built support structures outside of the governmental and corporate spheres. He will also touch upon the current atmosphere of social media as the newest form of association and how it promises to bring a new wave of political change to the United States. Following his address, Mr. Novoselic will participate in an audience Q & A. Conferences and workshops will include:

Music Conference
Landmark Sunshine Cinema Room 4
12pm Krist Novoselic, Nirvana, Activist, Chairman FairVote
Krist introduces the conference and shares his thoughts, and perspective.
1pm Direct to Fan- It’s Not Just Email Anymore…or is it?
Hear about new and proven strategies to reach and engage your fans…in all relevant channels. And how to use them effectively and when. Speaker/Moderator Matt Sternberg, mattsternberg@msn.com Speaker David Hazen, CMO Mobile Backstage Speaker John Mazzacco, former SVP Sony Music Speaker George White, Counter Productions, former SVP Warner
2pm Lawyers, Guns & Money: Legal Considerations for Indy Artists
3pm What to Expect of Artist Management in Today’s Landscape
4pm Publishing – The Great Unkown
5pm CBGB – Tales From The Club

Anthology Film Archives The Maya Deren Theater
11am Gigging/Touring: The Nuts and Bolts – from Agents to International
12pm Music Industry: Today and the Future
1pm Do You Want A Record Deal?: No, That’s OK, I’m Good
2pm Celebrity Rehab
3pm Widgets, Apps and Witchcraft: Too Cool or Too Much?
4pm Marketing Your Music for Film & Television

Film Conference
Landmark Sunshine Cinema Theater 2
12pm Live From Libya: Video Conference on Documenting Global Stories
2pm Business and Legal Aspects of Independent Film Making
3pm Perfect Audio for Film Making and Multimedia

Landmark Sunshine Cinema Theater 3
11am Making Deadline: Case Study in Alternative Production Methods to Get Your Film Made Fast
12pm Impossible Things on Shoe String Budget
1pm Don’t Worry About Your Gear – Casey Neistat’s Guide to Getting Started in Video
2pm Film Scoring: A Panel Discussion on Matching Music with Film
3pm Marketing Design Principles to Promote Your Creative Vehicle

Magno Screening Room
Theater A
12pm Finding your Photography Style
1pm Great Techniques for Film Lighting
2pm Nightclubbing: Restoring the Past
3pm TekTalk: Designing Your Digital System for Amazing Results
4pm Working with Composers on Film, Photography & Multimedia Projects

Theater B
12pm Eleven Things You Need To Know To Shoot A Musical Performance
1pm The Business of Independent Producing
2pm Survive and Thrive: Making a Living Across Multiple Visual Mediums
3pm Film Funding Session I – Finding Film Industry Money
4pm Film Funding Session II – Planning Producing the Micro Budget Film

For those who don’t know, CBGB and OMFUG stands for Country, BlueGrass and Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers. The landmark rock club is forever a part of history as the birthplace of punk rock. Founded by Hilly Kristal on the principle of only showcasing artists who performed original material, by 1976 CBGB was a hot bed of what would later be considered iconic music talent including the Ramones, Patti Smith Group, Talking Heads, Blondie, Television, The Dead Boys, Suicide and The Fleshtones just to name a few. In the next decade, the first wave of hardcore bands played legendary Sunday matinee line ups that included Bad Brains, Agnostic Front, The Beastie Boys, Cro-Mags, Sick of It All, Misfits, Murphy’s Law and others. More international stars walked through the doors or appeared on the stage at CBGB than any other venue in New York City, ranging in styles from The Police to Green Day to Guns & Roses to Alan Jackson.