February 2013 NYC Book Store Events

Will Oldham Pete Wentz - Fall Out Boy

Barnes & Noble Inc. expects to close as many as a third of its retail stores over the next decade, the bookseller’s top store executive said, offering the most detailed picture yet of the company’s plans for the outlets.

“In 10 years we’ll have 450 to 500 stores,” said Mitchell Klipper, chief executive of Barnes & Noble’s retail group, in an interview last week. The company operated 689 retail stores as of Jan. 23, along with a separate chain of 674 college stores. [WSJ.com]

Barnes and Noble NYC February 2013
02/05 Tyrese Gibson, Rev Run: Manology: Secrets of a Man’s Mind Revealed (USQ)
02/06 Heather McDonald: My Inappropriate Life (Tri)
02/07 Author Reading: Pussy Riot!: A Punk Prayer for Freedom (USQ)
02/07 Josh Groban: All That Echoes (5th Ave)
02/08 Nassim Taleb: Anitfragile Things That Gain From Disorder (5th Ave)
02/11 Mike Piazza: Long Shot (5th Ave)
02/11 Nigella Lawson, Mario Batali: Nigellissima (USQ)
02/11 David Corbett, AM Homes, Megan Abbott, Duane Swiercynski: Art of Character (86th & Lex)
02/12 Manil Suri: The City of Devi (86th & Lex)
02/12 Bryan Ferry Orchestra: The Jazz Age (USQ)
02/19 Michael Hainey: After Visiting Friends (86th & Lex)
02/20 Bruce Feiler: The Secrets of Happy Families (86th & Lex)
02/21 Pete Wentz: Gray (Tri)
02/25 Randy Susan Meyers: The Comfort of Lies: A Novel (86th & Lex)
02/25 Katherine Bouton: Shouting Won’t Help (82nd & Bway)
02/26 Jack Gray w/ Anderson Cooper: Pigeon in a Crosswalk (82nd & Bway)
02/28 Emily Bazelon, Charles Duhigg: Sticks and Stones (86th & Lex)
02/28 Jodi Picoult: Storyteller (USQ)

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
02/04 Sing Speak: A Collaboration of Kishi Bashi & Brian Omni Dillon
02/05 How to Travel the World on $50 a Day w/ Matt Kepnes & Matt Gross
02/12 The Moth StorySLAM: Love Hurts
02/15 Ménage à Twang: My Country Valentine, an Alt-Valentine Mixer
02/21 The Moth StorySLAM: Patterns
02/26 The Pretty One with Lucinda Rosenfield and Liesl Schillinger
02/28 Nerd Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions

02/06 Will Oldham, Alan Licht, Sasha Frere-Jones: Will Oldham on Bonnie “Prince” Billy
02/11 Lesley Alderman: The Book of Times