iTunes is No. 1 (in music sales)

Photo: thomasexciting Apple today announced that the iTunes Store surpassed Wal-Mart to become the number one music retailer in the US, based on the latest data from the NPD Group*. With over 50 million customers, iTunes has sold over four billion songs and features the world’s largest music catalog of over six million songs.

iTunes Going All You Can Eat?

Photo: Vermin Inc. A report by the Financial Times (registration required) cites unnamed executives who say that Apple is in talks with record labels to offer access to the entire iTunes music library for a lump sum price. The fee would be added as a premium option on an iPod or iPhone, or it could…

iTunes is No. 2

Look out Wal-Mart, Stevie’s breathing down your neck. iTunes is now the second-largest overall music retailer — online or offline — in the United States, behind only Wal-Mart, according to research the NPD Group released yesterday. After Wal-Mart and iTunes, the top music retailers in 2007 were Best Buy, Target and Amazon, in descending order….