Miracle Fortress Show Moved to Public Assembly

The Miracle Fortress show originally scheduled for Studio B on September 17 has been moved to Public Assembly (the former Galapagos space). It’s a showcase show and here’s what the full lineup looks like: Blown Speaker Productions presents: TIGERCITY, HELOISE & THE SAVOIR FAIRE, EARL GREYHOUND, & MIRACLE FORTRESS Buy Tickets $15

Miracle Fortress Coming To NYC Again

Miracle Fortress at the Mercury Lounge (03/21/08) According to their MySpace page, Miracle Fortress is returning to NYC next month for what will mark their second appearance here ever. The show is scheduled to take place at Studio B on September 17, which is interesting because the venue is now (temporarily) closed. More Miracle Fortress…

Liam Finn, Miracle Fortress and The Most Serene Republic

Liam Finn and EJ Barnes at The Mercury Lounge (03/21/08) I was kind of pleasantly surprised with Liam Finn and Elizabeth-Jane Barnes on Friday night, I guess I didn’t know what to expect and for the most part it was good (except for that awful mess of electronic noise he wrote on the spot for…

To Do, Tonight

Photo: Urbanmkr Sure, there’s lots going on in the city tonight as usual, but I’ve really only got one thing on my mind. (More Farine Five Roses pics here.)

Miracle Fortress Debuts Videos, NYC Debut Sold Out, Releases Ltd 7″ Single

“Maybe Lately” – Ltd 7″ Single (Release Date: 03/24/08) limited to just 200 copies – one per person. miracle fortress is from the brainwaves of graham van pelt, a montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who builds wall of sound pop songs in the tradition of brian wilson and brian eno. in late 2005, graham van pelt…