The Raconteurs (with The Muldoons)

Even though it’s a bit late (the show was on Friday after all), I thought I’d say a few words about The Raconteurs and The Muldoons at Irving Plaza last week. First off, let’s talk about the The Muldoons, The Muldoons are Shane and Hunter Muldoon, aged 8 and 11 (with Dad and former upholsterer Brian Muldoon on the drums), doing there best to pick up where Kurt Cobain left off. It’s easy to see why Jack White would like The Muldoons, given their two guitarist, one drummer composition (not only that, it helps that Brian was Jack’s boss back in the day, when he too, was in the upholstery business). First of all, let me say it was loud, loud, loud. Now maybe I am old, but I can’t tell you the last show I was at where my ears hurt after about 5 minutes. After 15 minutes my ears were begging them to leave the stage (or for me to leave the room, which wasn’t really possible at that point given my needle in a haystack position). Now it wasn’t just the volume, but the music just wasn’t for me. There were some familiar chords and few catchy melodies, (I thought I heard “I Can’t Explain” once), and the kids are more talented than say the girls of Smoosh, (having a real drummer makes a difference). The Jimi Hendrix style antics of lead singer and guitarist Shane Muldoon were amusing, but alas, his voice was not. I mean hey, he might be the best 8 year old rock’n roll singer out there, but that just isn’t saying much. After 30 minutes they were off and I was ready for the real show to begin.

The Raconteurs came on at 10 and the crowd ate it up from the get go. The band was in fine form and seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I can’t really remember any of the songs, (the album has not been released yet), and I wouldn’t say I was exceptionally blown anything I heard, but it was all enjoyable. “Steady As She Goes”, one of the first two singles off Broken Boy Soldiers was received warmly by the crowd and I think it was the stand out tune of the evening. Irving Plaza was enforcing a strict no photography policy that night, so pictures of the show are few and far between. Jack White eschewed his all black, red and white look for a brown suede jacket with frills and plaid pants. After getting a bit warm during the set, Jack tossed off his jacket to reveal the physique of a man who may have taken to enjoying the good life a little bit much. Jack split the front man duties pretty evenly with the Brendan Benson, there was no real hot dogging, in my opinion. Pat Keeler did an admirable job on drums throughout the night, and had the sweat of a prizefighter to proove it. The Raconteurs went off after 45 mins, and then came back for another 15 minute or so encore. Needless to say, it was a groovy crowd that night, I noticed Little Steven Van Sant and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch amongst the VIP crowd. I’m sure there were more celebs there, but I didn’t do any serious stalking (this time). All in all, it was a solid show, hopefully we will see more from this “supergroup” in the future.