Comix In Indie-Tastic In February | Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry, Kristen Schaal, Arj Barker + More

Eugene Mirman waxes philosophical on Scientology for 23/

I was perusing the UCB Comix NY calendar this month and I was kind of surprised and impressed by the lineup. Things start off right with Eugene Mirman on February 6th and end off nicely with Todd Barry on Feb 22 and 23. Take a look some February highlights below:

Comix NY February Calendar
02/06 Comix Spotlight with Eugene Mirman (plus Larry Murphy, Greg Johnson, and Kumail Nanjiani. Use promo code EGM26)
02/07 Prime Cut Comedy with Tom Shillue
02/08 Arj Barker & Kristen Schaal (8:30, 10:45)
02/09 Arj Barker & Kristen Schaal (8:30, 10:45)
02/15 Richard Lewis (8:30, 10:45 – OK, Lewis is not an indie, but he’s Richard Lewis!)
02/16 Richard Lewis (8:30, 10:45)
02/17 Hot Comix with Jon Fisch, Giulia Rozzi, Dan Siegel, Seth Herzog and Leo Allen
02/21 Comix Spotlight with John Roberts
02/22 Todd Barry (8:30, 10:45 – Use promo code TODDB)
02/23 Todd Barry (8:30, 10:45 – Use promo code TODDB)
02/25 Emmy winning Daily Show Producer Rory Albanese presents Friends, Acquaintances and Colleagues

For $5 off advance tickets to Eugene’s show at Comix use code EGM26.
For $5 off advance tickets to Todd Barry’s shows at Comix use code TODDB.

Note: All of these shows probably require a 2 item minimum in addition to the ticket price.