TODAY Show Free Concert Series Announced (Miley Cyrus, REM, Coldplay, Neil Diamond)

TODAY Show Concerts

Mark my words, there will be bloodshed on the day of that Miley Cyrus concert.

TODAY Show 2008 Concert Series
04/01/08 7:00 am ET R.E.M (in studio)
04/04/08 7:00 am ET Raheem DeVaughn (in studio)
04/15/08 7:00 am ET Naked Brothers Band (in studio)
04/18/08 7:00 am ET Ashlee Simpson (in studio)
04/25/08 7:00 am ET Paula Abdul
05/02/08 7:00 am ET Neil Diamond
05/09/08 7:00 am ET Mary J Blige
05/16/08 7:00 am ET Surprise Reunion concert
05/23/08 7:00 am ET Alanis Morissette
05/26/08 7:00 am ET B-52s (Special Memorial Day concert)
05/30/08 7:00 am ET Donna Summer
06/06/08 7:00 am ET Chris Brown
06/13/08 7:00 am ET Kenny Chesney
06/20/08 7:00 am ET Rihanna
06/27/08 7:00 am ET Coldplay
07/04/08 7:00 am ET Ashlee Simpson
07/11/08 7:00 am ET Rascal Flatts
07/18/08 7:00 am ET Natasha Bedingfield
07/25/08 7:00 am ET Miley Cyrus
08/08/08 7:00 am ET Sheryl Crow


  1. Maura Nedwell says:

    What are you saying with this heading?

    “Mark my words, there will be bloodshed on the day of that Miley Cyrus concert”

  2. bumpershine says:

    I’m saying it’s going to be the most insanely crowded concert of the summer.

  3. Ksue says:

    it will be insane…I went to the one with my sister that Good Morning America had…thousands upon thousands of people showed up. the cops said 10,000 more than half couldn’t even get in to see her. my sister got let in at the end…its heartbreaking watching all of those little girls cry when they couldn’t get it…I can’t imagine how crazy this one will me

  4. Ashley says:

    my little sister is going to the miley cyrus one on friday haha, i hope she gets there early enough – it’s going to be nuts!

    1. kennedy says:

      your stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Miley (not miley cyrus) My name is really miley though lol! says:

    hey everyone whats up no i am not the real miley cyrus it is just my realy name so yeah! anyways i am going to the concert too i live in new york i am going to get there today i think were leaving in an hour so that we know we wil hopefuly get a seat to see her lol. Well i better go i have to go get ready to sleep outside tonight to see her bye!

  6. miley says:

    ok yes my name is really miley i am not lying anyways i m going to get there rite now i am on my way rite now im in the car with my pc how cool is that ok anyways i am on my way and its goin to be crazy just to let you know and im sleeping there tonight ok bbye love you all buti kinda hate miley no not miley cyrus my cousin miley haha

  7. Anon says:

    Hi, I’M going on friday. I dont have fan passes, is that bad? Can I still get great seats?

  8. Susan says:

    Hi, I’m going to the Miley concert on friday. I don’t have fan passes either. Can I get great seats?

  9. kennedy says:

    hey, miley your sooooooooooooooooooo cool I watch your show everyday encluding Hannah Montana the movie I have your show CD and I bought your Hannah Montana the movie on the first day it came out call me at six’o’clock at this number 9722088915 on november the

  10. kennedy says:

    I am just kidding that is not how I spell!ha ha ha ha!

  11. kennedy says:

    I went to party in the usa concert it was so awsome.

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