Joe Elliot Defiles The Stanley Cup

NHL Face Off Rocks

The highlight came at about 10:05, when everyone in attendance was treated to a tremendous surprise. While the band rocked out to the classic “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” Red Wings forward Darren McCarty drove out on to the stage on a motorcycle. He wasn’t alone, though.

The Stanley Cup “” his fourth with the franchise “” was riding shotgun.

Check out the accompanying “higlight reel” video from the “Face Off Rocks” celebration in Detroit where Joe Elliot of Def Leppard commits a major gaffe with the Stanley Cup.

NHL Face Off Rocks at The Fox

“We’re soccer boys, what do we know.” – Joe Elliot

Dude, just look at the thing! Look at the hundreds of names on the bottom, look at the size of the base vs the size of the bowl on the top, isn’t it obvious which way it goes! You think if they gave Elliot a triangle, he’d try to stand it on its point? Anyway, if that was Canada, he may not have made it out of there alive.