Joe’s Pub Upcoming Shows: Bebel Gilberto, Sean Lennon, James Murphy, John Doe and Exene, Doveman and More!

Joe's Pub

Because it’s a little off the indie concert circuit (and kind of expensive frankly), Joe’s Pub doesn’t get quite as much coverage on Bumpershine as a lot of the other venues around town, yet whenever I look at their schedule, I’m always impressed with the high level of talent that they book. Here’s a look at some upcoming Joe’s Pub shows that caught my eye for reason or another. (Just in case you didn’t notice from the listings below, Bebel Gilberto just added a second late show on Tuesday night— tickets are still available.)

Upcoming 2008-2009 Shows at Joe’s Pub
12/05/08 Hawksley Workman Rescheduled January 26, 2009 at 7:30 PM
12/06/08 HELENKA: Yuka Honda, Sean Lennon, Money Mark and more
12/09/08 Bebel Gilberto (2nd late show just added!)
12/10/08 Anais Mitchell: The Music of Hadestown
12/12/08 A Very Balthrop Christmas w/ Balthrop, Alabama, Dawn Landes & more
12/12/08, 12/14/08 Jay Brannan
12/16/08 James Murphy and Sam Lipsyte
12/17/08 Howard Fishman’s 10th Anniversary Celebration
12/18/08 The Sweet Divines with Howard Tate
12/23/08 Heeb Storytelling
01/03/09 Lucy Wainwright Roche
01/09/09 Graham Parker
01/11/09 John Doe and Exene Acoustic
01/12/09 Gloria Deluxe
01/26/09 Hawksley Workman
02/04/09 DOVEMAN: Footloose
02/25/09, 02/26/09 Fountains of Wayne Acoustic