New Books by David Cross & Tom Davis

Tom Davis - 39 Years of Short Term Memory Loss - The Early Days of SNL From Someone Who Was There David Cross - I Drink For a Reason

Tom Davis, a veteran comedy writer and Al Franken‘s writing and performing partner for many years, recently released a memoir entitled, 39 Years of Short-Term Memory Loss: The Early Days of SNL from Someone Who Was There. Davis will be making a one-off appearance at UCB on Monday (June 1) to promote his book (which was not so well received by the masses at on Inside Joke with Carl Arnheiter, and oh yeah, Dave Hill will be there too.

David Cross, another former Inside Joke guest turned author has also written a new book entitled I Drink for a Reason. Cross’ book isn’t a memoir, but rather a mix of “personal essays, satirical fiction posing as truth, advice for rich people, information from America’s least favorite Rabbi and a top-ten list of top-ten lists.” I Drink for a Reason hits the bookshelves on August 31, 2009