Must See Canadian Artists at CMJ, Plus Download A Canadian Artist CMJ Sampler

Check out this list of all 41 Canadian artists at CMJ this year:

Canadians at CMJ

Download the “2009 CMJ Canadian Artist Sampler” over here.

Here’s who I’d put on my must see list:
Beast – According to Bill, these Montrealers are lots of fun live. I like what I’ve heard on record so far.
Black Diamond Bay – I’ve been a long time fan of BDB’s self titled debut and Patrick Krief always brings his best “O” face to the stage.
Elliot Brood – Though they haven’t quite cracked the fickle US market yet, with a 2009 Polaris Prize shortlist nomination under their belt, these indie folksters are already the darlings of the Canadian independent music scene. The opportunity to showcase their new album Mountain Meadows (which is named after a Mormon massacre in 1857) at CMJ just might just get them the recognition they deserve.
Hey Rosetta! – What can I say, I love chamber pop and anytime I can see “New Goodbye” live, I’ll take it. (Last time I saw them at Pianos, I think lead singer Tim Baker was a little under the weather, I’d like to see what they can do firing on all cylinders.)
Hot Panda! – I caught a bit of this Mint Records outfit last year at CMJ and they’ve certainly got energy to spare in their live set, (though I can’t decide if I’m a huge fan of the music or not).
Immaculate Machine – I’m interested to see what a Kathryn Calder-less Immaculate Machine sounds like, and I haven’t heard the songs off of High On Jackson Hill live yet.
Japandroids – Hmm, the above list is incomplete I guess. Having played here just a few times before, the Pitchfork approved Japandroids is still one of the hottest exports Vancouver and Canada has to offer.
Jenn Grant – Amidst all of the hustle and bustle of CMJ, Jenn Grant’s gorgeous voice is worth sitting back and enjoying for a while.
Malajube – Since they broke onto the scene with the irresistibly catchy “Montreal -40”, I’ve been wanting to catch Malajube live, perhaps this week will be the ticket.
Matt Mays & El Torpedo – Little known to the American masses, Matt Mays has actually been making music in Canada for quite a while now. He’s got a new record coming out soon and I’d like to hear the new songs.
Octoberman – I’ve pretty much loved everything Marc Morrissette and his alter ego/band Octoberman have put out, so I’m looking forward to hearing the live debut of his new album Fortresses.
Patrick Watson – If his 2009 Polaris Prize Gala performance was any indication, Patrick Watson should be bringing an impressive stage show to CMJ this year. Looking forward to hearing some cuts off of his second Polaris Prize shortlisted album, Wooden Arms.
Shout Out Out Out Out Out – My kids literally drop everything and dance whenever they hear the latest SOOOO album, so I feel I owe it to them to see these guys live.
The Pack A.D. – Another Mint act that more or less makes a stop at CMJ every year, it’s been a while since their last record, so I expect to hear some new songs on this visit.
Timber Timbre – One of the latest artists to sign with the Arts and Crafts label, his new album is simultaneously eerie and compelling.
Zeus – I was impressed with Zeus when they backed up labelmate Jason Collet on his most recent tour and I’m a big fan of their Arts and Craft debut as well.

Check out a couple of CMJ canadian showcase flyers after the jump.

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