“Jon Benjamin Has A Van” Coming to Comedy Central, Summerstage COMEDY CENTRAL Park Lineup

Jon Benjamin at Union Hall (03/28/08)
Jon Benjamin Raining McCain

Just like his friend and co-star, Demetri Martin, actor, music video director and indie comedy veteran H. Jon Benjamin will soon be getting his own eponymous series on Comedy Central. The 10 episode series Jon Benjamin Has A Van is slated to begin production in the fall and is scheduled to premiere in summer 2011. Here’s a little bit about the show from the press release:

…”Jon Benjamin Has a Van” stars the recently Emmy -nominated Benjamin (“Archer,” “Important Things with Demetri Martin”) as an investigative reporter who hits the streets and puts his unique twist on the traditional human interest story in this newsmagazine-style sketch show. Whether going undercover, being the man-on-the-street or participating in reenactments, Benjamin will do whatever it takes to get the stories to the people. His custom van will ensure that he delivers it in style.

“Jon Benjamin has always been a very good driver. Outfitting him with a brand new van, with automatic transmission and filled with video recording equipment, will really allow his creativity to flourish,” said Alterman.

“Not since de Tocqueville has there been a more insightful look into the fabric of America and the people who live in it and I’m not just saying that because I read that book and you didn’t. Anyway, if you hate everything French, there’s a shot you will love this show,” said Benjamin. [PR Newswire]

In other related news, this year’s COMEDY CENTRAL Park lineup will include: Wyatt Cenac, John Oliver, Rob Riggle, Daily Show executive producer Rory Albanese and supervising producer Adam Lowitt and a special performance by Lewis Black. COMEDY CENTRAL Park will take place at the Rumsey Playfield at Central Park on Wednesday, July 21 at 8:00 p.m.

View the video for Jon Benjamin‘s “Raining McCain” after the jump.