Radiolab Live “In The Dark” at BAM w/ Demetri Martin and Thao Nguyen

Radiolab Live

Radiolab Live “In The Dark” with Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich will be making its way to BAM on June 26, 2012. Tickets aren’t available to the general public yet, but if you make a $250 donation to WNYC, you can get “free” pair of advance tickets to the show which also features Demetri Martin and Thao Nguyen.

Get first dibs on a pair of tickets to the Tuesday, June 26th show at BAM!
The folks at Radiolab are super excited about their live show – In the Dark. During the show, Jad and Robert will explore the dawn of sight and the evolution of the eye, hear from two blind men who couldn’t disagree more fiercely about what it’s like to live without vision, and relive a harrowing spacewalk with an astronaut. This show has science, suspense, comedy from Demetri Martin, rock and roll from Thao Nguyen, and even modern dance! ($110 value)

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Radiolab Live “In The Dark” Tour Dates
Jun 26 Radiolab Live with Pilobolus, Demetri Martin, Thao Nguyen at BAM, Brooklyn, NY
Jun 29 Radiolab Live with Pilobolus, Demetri Martin and Thao Nguyen, Kimmel Center Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA
Aug 25 Radiolab Live in Seattle, WA (Details TBA)