2012 Black Friday Deals in Music, Movies and More

Black Friday Deals Week

Some good looking items in Amazon’s Black Friday week video games sale, I wasn’t so impressed with music, movies or TV though.

Amazon Black Friday Music Deals
Amazon.com Black Friday Week Music Deals Calendar (Nov 19-23)

Amazon Black Friday Movie and TV Deals
Amazon.com Black Friday Week Movie and TV Deals Calendar (Nov 19-23)
Amazon.com Black Friday Week Video Game Deals Calendar (Nov 19-23)
Amazon.com Black Friday Week Lightning Deals

Best Music of 2012... So Far
Amazon.com Best Music of 2012… So Far (Not Black Friday)
Amazon.com Best Books of 2012: Top 100 (Not Black Friday)

Here are a bunch of other Black Friday sites that I like:
Black Friday at FatWallet.com
Black Friday at SlickDeals.net
Black Friday at Gotta Deal
2012 Black Friday Ads
Gizmodo’s Black Friday Feed

…and of course,


iPad/iPhone Apps
I had hoped that last year would be the year of the Black Friday app, and it really wasn’t. This year, there are a few more apps to add to the list, but still no real stand outs IMHO. The new app from BFads.net is probably the most impressive new app out there, but it still seems to be not quite as easy to navigate as the full web site. Longstanding deals site, FatWallet, also has a Black Friday iPad App which you might want to test out. I haven’t tried this year’s version of the app, but I know was disappointed with the one they put out last year. Based on their iTunes store reviews, the TGIBlackFriday app and the Black Friday Shopping App both appear to be worth checking out. For those of rocking an Android device, you may want to check out the Black Friday App by Dealnews on the Google Play store. Last but not least, while not specifically designed for Black Friday, the free iSlick App and the Daily Shopper Apps are two of the most reliable deal apps out there right now.