2009 babyGap and GapKids Casting Call Starts Tomorrow

UPDATE 3: I’ve posted some pictures of 3 possible finalists in this year’s Casting Call Contest over here.

UPDATE 2: Read a second response to the technical issues people have been having with this year’s Casting Call Contest over here.

UPDATE 1: Read an interview with (the parent of) a casting call finalist and a statement from Disney Family regarding the technical issues with this year’s Casting Call Contest over here.

2009 Gap Casting Call

They’ve been teasing us for well over two months now, but tomorrow (September 22, 2009) marks the official launch of the 2009 Gap Casting Call. This year’s contest runs from September 22 through October 22 (it’s a week shorter than last year) and for the first time, Gap is partnering with DisneyFamily.com to offer some “exciting additional prizes”.

To enter your adworthy offspring (babies, ages 4 and under and kids, ages five to 10, are eligible to participate) in this year’s online contest, visit gap.com/castingcall and upload a photo. Once the initial entry period is over, here’s how the contest will play out:

Once the entry period closes, a panel of judges will narrow down all of the entries received to 20 finalists (five baby boys, five baby girls, five boys, and five girls). Those finalists will star in a professional Gap photo shoot the week of November 16, 2009. On December 7, 2009, the finalists will be announced on www.gap.com/castingcall and will be voted on by the public until December 21, 2009. The four children who receive the most votes (one from each of the categories) will be announced as the winners on February 1, 2010.

Finally, since not everyone is a professional photographer, I thought I would include some helpful photo taking tips from world-renown child photographer, Stefano Azario:

Get Close: Zoom in to get as close as possible to your subject’s face so it’s clearly visible. If your subject’s too far away, they’ll get lost against the background.

Show Personality: Truly memorable photos let your subject’s personality shine through. Avoid stiff smiles and forced poses as they can come across as artificial and generic. Instead, take your time and follow your subject as they relax in or move through an environment that’s comfortable to them. Also, avoid hats – they’re cute but we want to see faces and hair!

Watch the Background: Shoot the photo against a simple background so your subject really stands out. Don’t forget to move anything nearby that might be distracting.

Try Different Angles: Try angling the camera or shooting from different perspectives to make your photos more memorable. It’s also important to photograph kids at their eye level rather than standing over them.

Use Natural Lighting: Sunlight is much more flattering than indoor lighting. Use filtered, natural light to enhance colors and skin tones. Try not to shoot with the sun behind the camera as it will likely make the subject squint and will also cast strong shadows.

(Just in case you were wondering, they are not doing the in-store photo tour this year.)

Some more details about this year’s prizes and the official contest timeline after the jump.

Here’s what this year’s winners and finalists will receive:

All 20 (5 boys, 5 girls, 5 baby boys, and 5 baby girls) finalists will receive:
• Professional Gap photo shoot
• $500 Gap GiftCard redeemable for a babyGap or GapKids wardrobe
• Deluxe Disney gift bags:
• Jonas Brothers’ Lines, Vines and Trying Times CD
• Demi Lovato’s Here We Go Again CD
• A special selection of books from Disney Press
• A 20″ Winnie the Pooh Plush from DisneyStore.com
• Disney Movie Club DVD Prize package including Bolt, WALL-E and Mary Poppins 45th Anniversary Special Edition

In addition to the finalist prizes, the four winners will receive:
• Their photo featured in babyGap and GapKids windows nationwide in February 2010
• $500 Gap GiftCard redeemable for a babyGap or GapKids wardrobe
• A VIP experience for four at Disney’s THE LION KING in New York or Las Vegas

Fan Favorite
The one lucky entrant who receives the most fan votes will be crowned the Fan Favorite winner. The winner will receive a seven-day/six-night family vacation to either Turks & Caicos or Jamaica from Beaches Resorts – The Luxury Included Family Vacation. Voting runs from September 22, 2009 through November 17, 2009, and your family and friends can vote daily. The Fan Favorite winner be announced on December 7, 2009.

But wait, there’s one more thing… This year’s contest has a prize that even the grown-ups can win:

Voters’ Sweepstakes
For each vote cast at gap.com/castingcall, voters will be entered in a contest to win a weeklong Luxury Included Caribbean family vacation to Beaches Resorts in Turks and Caicos or Jamaica.

Casting Call Contest Timeline
Casting Call Timeline

Since everybody went bonkers about notification dates last year, I thought I would include an excerpt from this year’s official contest rules about the schedule:

7. EVENT SCHEDULE: The applicable dates, times and deadlines for the Event are as follows (Pacific Time).

Submission Period: September 22, 2009 (12 A.M. PDT) to October 22, 2009 (11:59 P.M PDT).
Fan Favorite Voting Period: September 22, 2009 (12 A.M. PDT) to November 17, 2009 (11:59 P.M. PST).
Fan Favorite winner announced: On or about November 19, 2009.
Top 20 Finalists Judging Period: October 23, 2009 (12 A.M. PDT) to December 6, 2009 (11:59 P.M. PST).
Grand Prize Voting Period: December 7, 2009 12 A.M. PDT) to December 21, 2009 (11:59 P.M. PDT).
Grand Prize winners announced: On or about February 1, 2010.
The dates and times set forth above are subject to change in Administrator’s sole discretion. In the event of any change, notice of the revised date or time will be posted on the Website.


  1. Lisa J. says:

    Thanx for the update bumpershine. Micah will be all smiles for the camera and is ready to be the new face for babygap 2010!!!!

    1. joo l. says:

      hello! all of your kids are adorable! my nephew gabriel just entered, too. please vote for him and i’ll vote for your little ones as well! thanks!

    2. Rossana says:

      Hi my name is Rossana and I entered my son Kevin to the contest he is in the boy’s category I would like to be added to the list to vote your kids and in exchanges you can vote for my son here is the link to his entries please vote for both of them like I said I will vote for your kids ass well thanlk you


      1. Rossana says:

        Hi my name is Rossana and I entered my son Kevin to the contest he is in the boy’s category I would like to be added to the list to vote your kids and in exchange of that you could vote for my son here is the link to his entries please vote for both of them like I said I will vote for your kids as well thank you



      2. Amika says:

        Hi Rossana- Just voted Kevin. Can you vote for Deven
        Thank you

        1. Rossana says:

          hi there: I posted a reply messages to you letting you know that I already did it in the mornig and that your boy is on my
          my list

  2. Tara says:

    So Excited :))

  3. liza says:

    thank u very much !!!

  4. Lauren says:

    Is anyone having trouble registering? When I click on the “enter” button, it takes me to “register here”. When I click on that button it redirects me right back to the main page with the enter button. Maybe its just because so many people are trying to register…

    1. Luciana Mesquita says:

      Did you have any luck registering for the gap casting call?
      I am still waiting to be approved. Am I the only one getting frustrated here?

    2. Aide says:

      Yes I had this problem on the last day of entering. So I was only able to enter one photo…and so far I haven’t seen it available for voting. It said it would go to approval so I don’t know if that might be the problem or a rush to enter by the deadline.

    3. Barbi says:

      Sorry, but I feel this is a fake contest. Some of those chldren had thousands of votes within a couple of minutes. I registered my granddaughter, but she’s not even on there. Doing a name search doesn’t work either. Whatever.

  5. Susan says:

    I did have problems registering as well, but finally got in. My entries show as posted when I log in, but I can’t search for them in the gallery and did not receive a confirmation email. Does anyone know how long to get that confirmation email to allow family to start voting on our entries? Thanks for the update bumpershine!

  6. Tara says:

    I’m having the same problem with searching for my pictures and didn’t get a confirmation e-mail. I’m just going to give it some time and see if it shows up. I’m not sure what else to do.

  7. Starry says:

    I’m having the same problem my friends and family are ready to vote for her but they can’t find the pictures and I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail.

  8. Susan says:

    Tara & Starry,
    Will you please post when/if you receive your confirmation email and you can see your entries in the gallery? I will do the same.


  9. Loacker says:

    Just wondering, last year, one of the “rules” was that you could not submit professionally taken photos, but I don’t happen to see that in this year’s rules. Does anyone know if it’s okay to submit a photo that was taken by a professional photographer? Good luck, everyone! 🙂

  10. Tara says:

    I will let you know. I still can’t see them in the gallery yet… Hopefully soon :))

  11. Tray says:

    I wouldn’t think it was ok to use a pic taken by a pro photographer. The rules clearly state that you must own the rights to the photos and if you didn’t buy that from the photographer, technically they are still their images. 🙂

    I am having SOOOO much trouble uploading my pictures! It’s been loading the same picture for almost 10 minutes now! Anyone else having this problem??? I made it as small as I could…way under the recommended 3MB. 🙁

  12. Danijela says:

    I’m having the same problem, i uploaded the pictures, and didnt get the confirmation email…. how long does it take??? Thanks!

  13. Valerie says:

    I’m having the same problem. I entered my child into the Gap Casting Call. When I click to view my entries, I see his pic and all his info, but can’t find him by member name or ID #. I received a confirmation e-mail from family.com and clicked on the link, but still can’t see my entry to vote.

    I didn’t see anything about professional photos not being allowed. I entered a photo taken by a pro photographer which I have rights to — I purchased them.

    I did see other entries that appeared to be professional, as well.

    1. Clint says:

      Did you ever figure out how to locate them by ID number or name I am having the same issue and its still not working. I got all of that information but friends cannot find him.

    2. Edward says:

      How long did it take for your confirmation …my photos submitted still say Awaiting Approval….that was 24 hours ago

      1. Anu says:

        I also submitted my daughetr’s photos almost 24 hours ago and all the photographs are showing as Awaiating approval. Please let me know once yours get approved

      2. JC says:

        Hi, I was wondering if any parents who submitted their childrens photo on 10/22/09 have recieved a confimation email yet?

        1. Anu says:

          I have not received any so far. Its four days already that I submitted my daughter’s photo and it still shows as Awaiting approval.

          I understand that there might be lot of submissions but at the same time it is unfair to the parents and kids whose photographs were submitted well with in the deadline. I am not even sure if my daughter’s photographs would be reviewed and considered for contest. They should so something about it.

          Worst thing, I don’t even know whom to contact/call or email as they there are no such details on website.

          1. Stacey says:

            I still haven’t seen anything posted and haven’t received an e-mail confirmation – I put my daughter’s pictures in on 10/21 – has anyone heard anything about this problem?

        2. Alandamy says:

          Hi I submitted my son’s pics on 10/22 as well and they are still waiting approval… On the frequently asked questions page there was an email address, I emailed them Saturday and have not receveived a response from that either.

  14. Danijela says:

    wow.. did anybody got an email confirmation yet??? does it take couple of days? I dont understand….Tara, Starry , Susan, Valerie, anything??????

  15. pleschelle says:

    Hi ladies, I entered the contest yesterday afternoon and still waiting a confirmation e-mail…. Does anyone know how long it takes? The contest just started yesterday but there are already so many kids on there so I am assuming that the e-mail should not take that long…. Anyone get the email yet?

  16. Danijela says:

    not yet… i entered the contest yesterday as well… and no email confirmation yet!!!! :(( did anyone get it? how long did it take?

  17. Tara says:

    Still nothing =(

  18. Valerie says:

    Yes, I received a confirmation email from family.com within a couple of minutes. I clicked the link to actvate and it told me it was activated and took me to the disney log in page. I still don’t see my little guy in the gallery or by pulling him up by id # or member name. I sent an email to Disney letting them know I was having trouble. No response yet.

  19. pleschelle says:

    Valerie, I sent a email to them as well and got a generic one back saying that they can not respond to everyone b/c they get so many in. Not sure what else to do?? I got the email from family.com that I am a member but no approval email for the pics…

  20. shelley says:

    Hello, glad I bumped into this site because I thought I was the only one having issues with the site. Registering took me all morning to upload 2 photos! I am not even sure if it went through as I cant find my daughter on there by searching with the id or member number either. Hopefully they can correct this glitch!

  21. Robin Listerud says:

    I have submitted one as well – but can’t pull up my child’s picture to vote, I see some kids already have over 100 votes, how did they get registered so quickly and to have votes, when everyone else seems not able to even pull up there child’s picture? Disney, needs to check into this and answer e-mails or fix the problem.

  22. Tara says:

    Very true, Robin! It’s not very fair that we (and our family and friends) can’t vote for our kids. 🙁

  23. pleschelle says:

    Still no approval email… I also think this is crap…. Those other kids that are on there will have 100’s of votes before we can even get ours on the site… Totally not fair!!

  24. Susan says:

    Still nothing from us either! I wonder who we can reach out to to make this work????

  25. bumpershine says:

    I’ve reached out to some PR people at the Gap, if I hear something I will let you all know.

  26. Tara says:

    Thanks so much, bumpershine!

  27. pleschelle says:

    Thanks bumpershine.

  28. Valerie says:

    OK, I did not receive a response to my e-mail, but when I got back to work today I had an e-mail that was received yesterday @ 11:45pm with the Subject of “Thank you for entering the Gap Casting Call.” It said “Congratulations! Your entry has been approved”. I entered him about 8:00 in the morning, so looks like it took about 16 hours. Now I can locate him by my member name or his ID #. Hopefully, you all have received approval e-mails, also!!

  29. Danijela says:

    i got the email confirmation back :)))

  30. Susan says:

    I got my emails saying she her pictures were approved and I can now vote for her, but when I enter her ID number in, it still says page no longer exists. I already told family and friends as well so hopefully they’ll get the glitches out soon!! Thanks for keeping us updated bumpershine!

  31. Tray says:

    Susan, I am having the same problem and when I try to send out emails abd to Facebook, it’s not going through. 🙁

  32. Tara says:

    Ok, girls! Mine works :)) If you guys want to see my entries just enter my username,which is moyertb :))

  33. Lucy says:

    I have a questions i submitted my children into the contest and the were approved but my problem now is that none of my friends can see them to vote the id the provided stated that they are no longer avaliable, please help thanks


  34. Tray says:

    Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Lucy, I’m having the same problem as you are…saying that it no longer exists. My friends and family are seriously ready to vote and they can’t! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  35. bumpershine says:

    Hey folks, the Gap team is aware of your concerns, when I hear back from them, I will post an update.

  36. Lucy says:

    Thanks Bumpershine

  37. pleschelle says:

    Hi all,

    I got the email confirmation as well…I was having the same issue of the ID number not working it kept saying page no longer exists. I had to post the link on face book about 4 times…It finally goes through… Now the problem is that it is not catching the vote, a lot of friends have voted but they are not all showing up….And why does it make them register just to vote?

  38. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I didn’t have problems uploading my son pictures on September 22 but I would like to know how those other kids got so many votes already something ain’t right noway they have more then 200 votes almost three hundred noway I hope ya’ll malfunctions get fixed real soon because it’s not fair lol

  39. pleschelle says:


    I agree with you there… When I uploaded his pic on the 22nd I saw other kids pic’s who already had 100’s of votes.. I mean come on that many that quick??? Something is going on… Anyway I need to know how come when I go into the gallery I cant see my son’s pic? I go through all the pages and nothing so how are people supposed to vote other than using the contest number? Is there no other search option other than most recently added and most votes?

  40. shauna says:

    How long did it take all of you to save your pic after choosing one? My FIRST picture has been “saving” for 48mins… Why can’t I get it on here?! How do others have several and I can’t even get this one?! Is there a secret?

  41. pleschelle says:


    No secret, I just hit the upload and it went right through… Maybe try to refresh or go out and back in… It should not take more than a couple of seconds..

  42. pleschelle says:

    A quick question…. I have watched a couple of my friends vote on my sons pic and it always says Thank you for voting! Your vote is being tallied. Come back in 24 hours to vote again. You can vote once a day, every day through November 17, 2009. But the number of votes never increases… Is there an issue with this as well?

  43. Valerie says:

    Wondering the same thing. I’ve had many people vote for DS and the number hasn’t increased. It’s people who’ve come up to me to tell me they voted, not that I’ve asked so they felt the need to lie.

  44. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Pleschelle his pic should be in the gallery my son Jaden pic was in the gallery from when I uploaded his pic it’s really not fair girl i registar him early morning on September 22 and no way some contetants had over 100 votes already something is truly wrong

  45. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I feel like voters should not have to registrar to vote they should be able to go to gap.com/castingcall and input there email address that is so easy because folks don’t want to have to go through all that just to vote I can see the contestants registering but not the voters they need to change that and be fair because something is wrong those people don’t have all those vote already lol

  46. Jayden G's Mommy says:

    I am having the same problem…… votes are not being counted

  47. anne says:

    I am having problems just trying to register!!

  48. pleschelle says:


    I have not seen his pic in the gallery EVER… I know it goes by most recently added and most fan favorite votes but we should be able to see all the kids in the contest…. I am not sure what is going on but it is not right… Other kids are getting more and more votes and then there are those of us who cant even get a vote to go through..

  49. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Something need to be done it’s not fair to the other kids, those kids can’t have all those votes already ever since the first day that morning some kids had over 100 votes can’t be something ain’t right they just need to be fair this is kids

  50. cynthia says:

    I agree with Chevelle!

  51. cynthia says:

    I’m trying to vote for other kids, but It keeps saying for me to log in. I thought I already logged in! Can someone help me pleaseeeee.

  52. Kelly says:

    Hi everyone – I’m glad I am not the only one with problems. I had the same issue with it taking 16 hours to get an approval. Then half way through the next day it said the page no longer existed. Plus I have lots of family that have gone through the horrible process of registering, then voting and the number never seems to increase. I want to know how the heck those kids have over 400 votes. There seems to be something really fishy with those.

  53. pleschelle says:


    You are so right, I think something is fishy also… I uploaded my sons pic the first day the contest started. When I did it said wait for email approval.. That email took almost two days, meanwhile there were kids on there with over 100 votes the day it started. I want to know how they got the approval so fast when it took most of us days… The contest has been on for 3 days and kids have over 400 votes some of them…Does parents really have that many family and friends that vote daily? I dont know about the rest of you but I’m a bit frustrated and none of it seems fair…

  54. Kelly says:

    I guess the one thing to remember is that the voting only counts for the fan favorite. A panel of judges will be narrowin down all photos received to 20 finalists. So there’s still hope for all of us 🙂

    But you are right…I find it almost impossible for kids to have over 450 votes (check there is one with 459). It took 1/2 to get approval and FOREVER to register. How are that many people able to register and vote for those kids?

  55. Leslie says:

    I am having the same problem as you all i entered my twin girls seperately i only received ONE email confirmation saying it had been approved but when i search the gallery or search them by name I get NOTHING this is really frustrating and i agree with all of you..

    1.how do some kids have so many votes already?!!
    2.why dont the number of votes increase when it says that it has been tallied?

  56. Leslie says:


    That is reassuring that the votes only count for the fan favorite but however if the kids pictures wont even show up in the gallery…all hope is lost =(

  57. pleschelle says:


    Right I still have not seen my son’s pic in the gallery. I know at the bottom it says this is only a sampling of pictures, however if we cant see them all will the judges?

  58. Chevelle Lassai says:

    That’s true the votes only count for the fan favorite but we would have loved to get a chance to win the trip too.but something is really wrong those kids don’t have that many votes already this shit is rig up and it ain’t right because this is kids they really should have started the fan favorite after October 22 when all the entries were in then they should have started the voting it just not right

  59. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Send me ya’ll kids ID and I will vote for them my member ID is chevelle4267 because i know how ya’ll feel my son pic is in the gallery under baby boys

  60. pleschelle says:


    He is so cute… I have seen him in the gallery before…. I will vote for him for you.. Can you return the favor? my user id is vonnie1974… Thanks!

  61. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ pleschelle I voted

  62. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Pleschelle he is adorable

  63. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ pleschelle I voted for him twice me and my sister we will continue to vote everyday

  64. Tara says:

    Hey Chevelle and plescelle,
    I went and voted for your little guys this morning. Let me know if it works 🙂 If you want to see my entries, my username is moyertb.

  65. jeanette says:

    Has anyone had this problem? I posted 4 pics and then last night I noticed there were only 3!! What is happening here? And i’ve never been able to find my boys in the gallery!

  66. Christine says:

    I am having a problem uploading the picture, I click submit and it says very quickly “saving your entry, this may take a minute, ” and then nothing. If I click over and over again the same thing-nothing. What happens after that? Has anyone else had this problem, is there something wrong with my computer?

  67. pleschelle says:

    Chevelle and Tara

    I will make sure to vote for your little ones everyday… Thanks for voting for mine… Maybe of we do this we can catch up….


    I did not have problems uploading I had a problem with them being approved it took almost two days.


    I did not have that problem where pictures went away, however I still can not see him in the gallery..

  68. Kelly says:

    Chevelle and Tara – I will vote for yours too. My username is Kcamp2009 if you wouldnt mind voting for my two little ones as well.

  69. pleschelle says:


    I am voting for your two little ones….Can you do the same for mine? vonnie1974… Thanks

  70. Maniataki says:

    I am having the same problem. I hit on submit and it doesn’t do anything. Should I wait and eventually the picture will get uploaded or try later? I am also lookinh for a link to send an email and complain but I can’t find anything.

  71. Tara says:

    I gave your little ones a vote. Hopefully it works 🙂

  72. chevelle says:

    @ Maniataki look @ the bottom of family .com and they have it where you can send a e mail

  73. chevelle says:

    @ Maniataki look @ the bottom of family.com and it will say send feedback

  74. chevelle says:

    @ Kelly I will vote everyday for your entries my ID NUMBER IS CHEVELLE4267 THANKS SO MUCH WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER



  75. Tara says:

    I already voted for your little guy and I will daily 🙂

  76. chevelle says:

    @ Tara thanks so much i voted already

  77. Kelly says:

    Thanks guys. I’ve written down all of your usernames and I will vote every day.

  78. Lorie says:

    Help!!!! I have read all of the comments above and feel the same way!!! One girl has 5 pics and has had over 600 votes!!! How is this possible?????? I think more people would vote, if they did not have to register. My little girl seems to have no chance with the fan favorite. 🙁 Good luck to all!

  79. chevelle says:

    @ Lorie we don’t have a chance for fan favorite but i still get people to vote there is know way they have that mnay votes already something just ain’t right

  80. Lorie says:

    @ chevelle, I totally agree. At least I am not the only one feeling this way. It does add some comfort!

  81. Maniataki says:

    @chevelle, I click on that link but an msn account box opens up which cannot connect me. I tried again now to upload a picture and I can’t, I am about to give up

  82. chevelle says:


  83. chevelle says:

    @ Maniataki don’t give up if you like when i get home i can put the pics up for you just send me yo email address and password and i will put them up for you i have a i mac computer and i didn’t have any problems my email is chevellelassai@hotmail.com or chevellelassai38@yahoo.com don’t give up keep yo head up

  84. pleschelle says:


    Chevelle is right, do not give up!! we may be able to catch up in votes who knows…. If not it is still a possibility that our kids will get picked by the judges…If not there is always next year… We just will have to be the first ones next year to upload out pictures….

  85. Tina says:

    Chevelle, tara, pleschelle I have wrote down your user ids and will vote daily. Its so frustrating seeing all those votes already its nearly impossible please vote for my little girl
    menchacas is the id her name is allison thanks so much

  86. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Tina i have voted for her keep the faith

  87. pleschelle says:

    I have voted for everyone who has a member ID posted…

  88. Amy says:

    How long are email confirmations taking now??

    I entered my daughter and son one right after the other, and got my daugther’s about an hour later….but not my son’s. Ugh, this is driving me crazy waiting!


  89. Maniataki says:

    @chavelle. I emailed you this morning with the pictures, I hope you will be able to post them for me.

    Thank you. You are an angel

  90. Maniataki says:

    Chevelle, pleschelle, Kelly and Tina, I voted for all your kids today and I will be voting every day. I don’t think that me little girl has a chance, we already lost valuable time.
    All your kids are just precious.

  91. Maniataki says:

    I was able to upload 1 picture so far but I think I know how some kids have soooooooo many votes already. A lot of parents became fans of the GAP on Facebook and they added links for their kids pictures and ask for people votes; that translates to alot of votes. Also, I read on that page that unless your child has more than 17 votes you can’t see their picture in the gallery, SO UNFAIR.

    I hope it helps.

  92. maniataki says:

    @chavelle, Thank you for offering to help but I was able to upload 1 picture so far. you don’t have to try to upload my pics. I see few of you are on the GAP facebook page, let’s see if it will make a difference.

    Good luck to all.

  93. maniataki says:

    Hi ladies, as I said before I uploaded only one picture and I got the confirmation email within an hour, wowwwwwww, now is voting time. Her id is 561884618 for anyone who wants to vote.

    Thank you

  94. Lorie says:

    I will vote for you all as many times as I can. Please vote for my little girl as well. The id she is under is : chimera564. Maybe if we work together, we can make a little difference. Good luck all!

  95. pleschelle says:


    I just voted for your little one.. I love the picture… After you said about people on the Gap facebook I decided to do that as well. Thanks for that I hope it works out for us!!!

  96. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Thanks for the facebook advice I posted a link on there you were very helpful with that information

  97. pleschelle says:


    I just voted,she is absolutely adorable..

  98. Chevelle Lassai says:


  99. Lorie says:

    @ Chevelle & Pleschelle Thank you sooooooooooooo… much!

  100. TanyaPro82 says:

    Lorie your daughter is absolutely adorable!!!

    Check out my little girls too 🙂 they are under: tanyapro82
    I am not counting on the fan favorite, I just want to show off my girls 🙂 How do some people already have over 1000 votes?!?! Crazy!!

    I love this contest, it is so much fun 🙂

  101. Tara says:

    If you don’t mind, please don’t forget to vote for my little girl also.
    The direct link is:
    or you can search through the username moyertb.
    I will vote for all of your little guys too 🙂

  102. Heather says:

    Good luck to everyone in the contest! I was able to upload a few pics of my 2 year old, but I accidentally uploaded one image twice. I have not gotten confirmation yet that his pics are up on the website, but when I read the rules it indicated that they only post a sampling of images. I don’t know how that works in terms of the voting process. We are “starlight2828” on the contest website. Good luck to everyone and if you post your username on the site, I’ll vote for you little ones.

  103. Nikki says:

    Hello everyone,

    I can’t even submit my sons photos into the contest at all. I upload a pic, never see the actual pic(which was visible when I entered last year), check all the necessary boxes, and the “Submit Entry” box never becomes active for me to click. It also doesn’t allow me to upload any other pics either. Anyone having THAT problem?? Any advice? Thanks in advance for those who may respond with,”I had no problems uploading my child’s pics, just keep trying,” but I already plan on doing that. 🙂 LOL. Thank you all and good luck!!

  104. Nikki says:

    Okay…please disregard my previous comment! I figured out the problem. I guess that’s what happens when I try to function coherently at nearly 1am after being up since 7:30am! Lol.

  105. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @Heather his member id is chevelle4267

  106. maniataki says:

    chevelle, vonnie1974, kcamp2009 and menchacas my votes are in for today. Good Luck.

  107. Keli says:

    Hi moms,
    Wow lots of beautiful kids out there !!!!

    I will make sure and go and vote for all the people who left their member name

    Here is my member name MADGAV01 please vote for us too…we are way behind the others because of all the problems..LOL…

    I didnt get the pics I wanted up there which shows his insanely LONG lashes because the pics were too big…but I did get a few.


  108. Kelly says:

    Anyone else notice that the vote number isnt increasing? Last night my son was at 43. This morning I signed in and it said 41. I voted for myself and my husband. The vote number still says 41. This is so frustrating.

  109. Kelly says:

    I’m getting really frustrated as well. I entered both my kids almost 4 days ago, and only 1 has been “approved”, the other I never even got a confirmation for, but yet his picture and entry (with ID) is listed in my login, just says his Id isn’t valid. I saw today that some kids have over 1,000 votes. I’m sorry, but there’s just NO way if you can only vote 1 time per day. Those parents would have to be soliciting thousands of people a day, and I just don’t believe that a bit. Oh, and my vote counter never goes up either, even after *I* vote. Not fair at all!!

  110. Kelly says:

    Kelly – I feel your frustration. There was a big gap in the approval time for my two as well.

    As far as the votes, there’s software out there that lets you vote using ‘fake’ email address and now I am convinced people are using it. How else would they have that many votes?

    Uggg this was supposed to be a fun thing to do and our whole family was excited to be part of it by voting. Now everyday I look at it and get frustrated.

  111. pleschelle says:


    I have put my vote in all all of your little ones….
    Kelli, Kelly, Chevelle, Heather, Tara, Lorie, and Maniataki. I have come to the conclusion that only one pic is going to make it into the top so I am now asking that you all vote on one specific picture for my fella. His contest number is 227866941…

    Thanks ladies…

  112. Valerie says:

    Question: Can we only vote on one entry each day?? I voted for my little one and noticed the vote went up by one. Then I voted for my friend’s 3 kids and I didn’t see the vote count increase at all. Tara, I went and voted on your 2 entries and didn’t see the vote count increase… BTW, she is BEAUTIFUL!

  113. Valerie says:

    OK, it didn’t post, again. I posted the below message, so if it shows up 3 times, I apologize. Please take a look @ my little guy’s entry. If you think he could be one of the next Gap models, please vote for him. You can search by member name vcardug or ID # 879054402. I’ll go through and vote for each of your little ones.

  114. Michelle says:

    Hi, I’m glad I found this board. I am having so much trouble uploading any suggestions.

  115. Michelle says:

    My problem is the submit button I press it and nothing happens.

  116. TanyaPro82 says:

    Vote for Kaileigh and Brynlee: tanyapro82

    I’m only 1,140 away from winning 😉 hahaha

  117. Tara says:

    Thanks for voting for her and thanks for the sweet comments. Her number of votes hasn’t increased since the last time that I voted for her. UGH!! So disappointing 🙁 Thanks for trying anyways! 🙂

  118. Nikki says:

    Michelle, I was having the same problem yesterday when I was trying to enter. My pics were too big, so it wouldn’t work. After you choose your pic in the Browse window, check all 3 boxes below the pic, then click the “Crop and Resize” button. After you fix your pic to show off your cutie, click “Save.” At that point, you should be able to click it and enter your pic and any others thereafter.

    Also, your pic may be too big to enter it as is, which is why you’d need to crop it.

    A word to the wise for everyone…If your pic is larger than the maximum size allowed (3MB) BEFORE you use the “Crop and Resize” option they give, here’s one way to make them smaller(so you can fit the whole pic into the contest):

    1. Go to your pictures and right click on the one you want.
    2. Scroll down to “Open With” and just roll over it, u don’t have to click it. It will give you some options.
    3. Click on “Paint.” If you have Microsoft software on your computer, you should have this option.
    4. Your picture will come up and will probably be very large. Go to “Image” at the top of your screen and click.
    5. In the drop down menu, click “Stretch/Skew.” When the box opens you’ll see 2 options that can be changed. “Horizontal” and “Vertical” and they will both initially be at 100%. Change both to 25%. Your picture will immediately get smaller(but not too small). Now just save and rename it.

    Do this for every picture you want to enter that’s larger than 3MB and you should be able to fit every part of the pic that you want to be featured. Good luck!

  119. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Valeria I voted my member id is chevelle4267

  120. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Maniataki i voted this morning my member id is chevelle4267

  121. T says:

    Is anyone having trouble looking up by your user name?? It tells me there’s no match EVERY time. I had to go through old emails to find my kiddo’s # b/c every time I clicked on the “My Entries” button, it said it no longer exists. I really can’t believe all the problems they’ve been having. I thought for sure they would have worked them out by now. 🙁

    Anyways, my user name is TLHille and my little guys pic is #308544319 & #888544284. Can’t wait to check out your little cuties! 🙂

  122. Amy says:

    I entered my daugther yesterday….got a confirmation an hour laster…..my son, still nothing and it has been 36+ hours…is this normal? Do I need to submit his entry again?? He is showing up under my enteries, just not confirmed yet. This is driving me crazy!! Thank you!!

  123. Lorie says:

    @ T, I had the same thing happen, just give it a minute after that message appears. It will show up about a minute later. Very strange, I know. Good luck.

  124. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Sorry to here about all the problems I hope they get worked out my member id chevelle4267

  125. Tara says:

    I also went and voted for your little guy. He is absolutely ADORABLE. You should be a proud momma :))

  126. Tara says:

    Ok guys,
    I have voted for the following kiddos. If I have missed one, please let me know.


  127. Laura says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I just put in votes for all the ID’s that have been listed. I just got my confirmation for my
    little guy, his ID is 694251909.
    Thank You

  128. Tara says:

    Oh yeah…please don’t forget to vote for my little girl :))


    or search member ID: moyertb

    I just voted for you little boy 🙂 He is gorgeous!!

  129. Laura says:

    Thanks for voting for him; I just voted for your little girl;What a Cutie!!
    I will continue to vote for all these precious children!!

  130. TanyaPro82 says:

    Vote for my girls 🙂


    I’ll be voting for yours too!!

  131. maniataki says:

    @Tara, can you vote for my daughter? id maniataki. I am experiencing another problem today. I sign on the website to vote and I don’t see the gallery anymore, it says that there are no posts available for today. Next, I go to vote, I hit on vote abd nothing is happening, it suppose to say thank you for voting and come back tomorrow. This website is getting on my last nerve and people from the GAP don’t give a s**t. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Michelle says:

    OMG it’s actually working. Thanks for listing all the IDs I’ll be voting

  133. Michelle says:

    okay voted, my picture still isnt saved though

  134. Starsha says:

    I have posted my daughter using 5 different emails & I still have not recieved the link this is so frustrating

  135. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Sorry you all are still having problems but like the lady said Gap act like they really don’t care but really it’s not fair they should not had started the voting process until October 23 after all the entries were in then everyone would have started @ the same time and that would have been the fair way, because by the voting going on while the entry process is going on isn’t fair because everyone enter @ different times not fair they really need to do something about one kid have over 1800 impossiable

  136. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I just entered this contest yesterday with my five submissions. I still haven’t got a confirmation for either of them but each pic has been assigned a number. When I try to find it among the entries I find it under my account under my entries only. Now I know that I don’t have a shot at the fan contest and I am ok with it since I entered late, lol, the entry date was on my 40th birthday and I was too busy celebrating and my daughter’s 5th bday was on the 26th so it was a busy week, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it…but I would like to know for sure that my daughter was entered. Unsure since I still don’t have a confirmation from Disney and I have been a Disney family member since April when we went to Disneyland..this is our third time entering and this year she is in a different category..so what do you think, if she is assigned a number she should be in the contest, correct?
    Oh BTW, I will happily vote for the kids above each morning until the end….I wish everyone the best of luck!

  137. Kelly says:

    Ok everyone, this is interesting. Just noticed, go to gallery and try to click on the GIRL category, notice that there aren’t any entries, do you think something happened with the “sudden amount of votes” for certain kids and they are doing something with that category, thoughts? There are submissions with each category, except for that one!

  138. Kelly says:

    Hi Kelly – You have to wait until you get the confirmation number. They will show up in ‘My Entries’ and have a number as soon as you enter them but its not active until you receive the confirmation email (at least thats how it was with me). I entered two additional pictures yesterday and received the confirmation emails exactly 3 hours later.

    Good Luck!

  139. cynthia says:

    Hi everyone,
    I finally receive my confirmation! I have been voting since the first day of the contest for the ones who listed their id numbers or name on here. If anyone wants to vote for my little one she’s listed under Cynyas. Thanks!

  140. Kelly says:

    Kelly – Try again, they are there under GIRL but it shows 0 pages. But if you use the arrow you can go through all the pages.

    Its done this a few times with some of the other categories.

  141. Kelly says:

    Ok, how long did it take for you guys to get your confirmation? I don’t think that I can enter again using a different e-mail address. I got the actual confirmation for being a family member right away and also tested it again by having my user name emailed to me but nothing for the pics that I submitted…what should I do?

  142. Kelly says:

    Hi, me again, since there are so many Kelly’s, which is a good thing, I will sign it Kellykel, my nickname, ok, still don’t see the gallery of girl pics..it says as a response on my computer, there are no entries for this category at this time. Should I try it on a different computer? Thanks!

  143. Tasha says:

    Hi I posted my son on the 26th and I still havent received a confirmation email. What is the longest people have to wait to get an email. My friend posted her son and she got her email in 10 mins. This is so not fair. confirmations should not take 3 days. My son could of had votes my now.

  144. Kristen says:

    So I am having a problem using the “Tell a Friend” button that lets you post your link to Facebook or email it to friends. I keep clicking it with my pop up blocker and it does not respond.

    Also, noticed today there are kids with over 1,000 votes!! Strange considering to vote you need to create an account with Disney.

  145. Michelle says:

    nevermind not working

  146. Londra says:

    I submitted my daughter’s picture on yesterday and I still have not received a confirmation email. How long does it take?

  147. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Cynthia i will vote for her daily and all the other entry numbers listed.

  148. Kelly says:

    It’s Kellykel again, just a thought, to the people that are having trouble, do you have yahoo accounts. I am tempted to sign up all over again with Disney family and use a different email address..anyone else do this?

  149. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I am so sorry to here of all the problems people are having Gap need to do something better than what they are doing because this is not fair to others ain’t no way those kids have over 1800 votes I am strugging on my end to get votes and they have all those votes unbelievable

  150. Nikki says:

    Hey everyone, I also have yet to receive a confirmation email, but that’s not my question. When I look under “My Entries” the photos I submitted, and ID #’s show up for 4 of my pics, but the picture won’t come up for my 5th one(yet the ID#, his name and everything else is there beside a blank space). For those of you who had to wait awhile or are still waiting for comfirmation, has that happened to anyone? I am assuming that maybe they haven’t approved that one yet, which may be halting the confirmation.

  151. Amanda says:

    So I finally got a confirmation that ONE OF Ayla’s pictures were approved. Friends started voting for her, and then all of a sudden it said the page was REMOVED! Why??? I’m having so much trouble with this! Did this happen to anyone else?

  152. Laura says:

    I entered my son yesterday afternoon; I entered 3 pics and received confirmation 2 hours
    later on just one pic. Today I have still not received confirmation on the other 2.
    Good Luck

  153. Amanda says:

    Kelly, I signed up with a hotmail account that I use for junkmail purposes, when nothing worked, a day later I signed up with yahoo (also an email I use for junk) and same thing. I got approval for family.com but not my daughters pictures. It’s so sad because she has so much potential to win this just like so many others who can’t get in 🙁 ….

  154. Londra says:

    At this point, I’ve given up on the fan favorite. I just want to make sure my daughter is in the contest.

  155. Tasha says:

    Has anyone send an email regarding the last confirmations, and if so, has anyone gotten a response.

  156. Kelly says:

    Kellykel here again,
    I am going to give it until next Monday, the latest. If I don’t receive a confirmation, I am going to resubmit five new pics under a different e-mail, different home address for my parents. I will vote for each child like I promised and check at that time to see if my child has been confirmed. Don’t know about you guys but still can’t view any pic in the GIRL category keeps saying no entries available. I am going to guess that they are so bogged down by entries and they are trying to correct the problem. The website is really slow too..By the way, all of the kids are darling. I am very grateful for having a HEALTHY and beautiful child. I know of two kids my daughter’s age that have non-Hodgkins disease and leukemia..guess there are more important things to be upset about, huh? Just trying to keep things in honest perspective…GLTA…Kellykel

  157. Angel says:

    I have read all the post on the site. I noticed that everyone is haveing the same problem I am having. I am wondering what is going on with the confirmation email as well. I entered my daughters picture last night. I guess I will have to wait a few more hours or days. However I am starting to give up. I hope that gap and disney can work out this problem so my child can have the opportunity to be noticed by the world.

  158. cynthia says:

    Thanks Chevelle,
    I’ll be voting daily for your little one.

  159. Jeronda says:

    This is crazy. I’ve been reading all your responses and registering for this contest is a mess. SOooo many issues. It took me about an hour just to upload my daughters picture. Now I have a new issue. When I press the submit entry button it says something like “this might take a while” and then nothing happens. This is the definition of frustrating! Grrrr

  160. G says:

    Is it possible to edit the photos submitted? The site is acting crazy (and SLOW) and entered 3 of the same photo! :'(

  161. Kelly says:

    Hi G – I dont think you can edit a photo once its uploaded. The very first one I did was a large file size so the cropping was funny. I thought I could change it after the fact but it wouldnt let me. I know if you havent submitted it yet, there is a ‘Change Photo’ option but once its submitted it looks to be locked.

  162. Laura says:

    Hi Cynthia,
    I just voted for your baby girl;How Sweet! If you would like to vote for my little guy his ID is 694251909.

  163. pleschelle says:

    Ok,I have voted for the following people below…. If there is someone that maybe I missed just let me know…


  164. bumpershine says:

    Hey folks, I’m still waiting for an official reply from the Gap, but I am told that they haven’t forgotten about me (and all of you).

  165. Kelly says:

    Hey Pleschelle – I just voted for Jeremy. He’s so cute!

  166. Laura says:

    Hi Pleschelle,
    Thanks for voting for my son; I just voted for Jeremy again and will continue to each day.

  167. pleschelle says:

    Kelly and Laura,

    Thanks so much ladies… I will also vote everyday until the end…

  168. pleschelle says:

    Hi ladies,just want to ask a favor. Can you all vote on my sons one picture please? I need a lot of votes on this one so he can at least get into the gallery… Here is his number 227866941.. Thanks ladies

  169. chevelle says:

    I will be voting daily for entry numbers listed we have to stick together that’s the only way for some hope lol

  170. maniataki says:

    @pleschelle, can you add 811884473 to your list? If you don’t mind, I copied your list to have everyday for voting and I also added 227866941.

    Thank you

  171. Lezlie says:

    All of your kids are so cute:) I love looking at all of the cute pictures. I will be voting for them. My little girls are listed under member ID kynedidylan.

  172. twinsmom says:

    i loved reading this chain… i entered my son and daughter almost 5 days ago and have only received confirmation for my daughter’s photos. my husband then created an acct for my son’s photos (4 days ago), but hasn’t heard back either. should my 16 month old son take it personally? (lol) good luck to everyone!

  173. Valerie says:

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve gone through this ever growing thread and voted for each one of your adorable kids — that’s a lot of kids. My concern is I don’t see the vote count going up for a single one of them!!! Is this happening to anyone else? Sorry I disappeared for a while — I’ve been sick with the flu and it appears that my little one has it now, too. I had to go back into the dr. today and after I left he called to tell me that it appears I may have pneumonia. Geez! Anyway, hopefully I’ll recover quickly, but in the meantime I’ll have some time on the comp and lots of time to vote for all our cuties. Back to the question @ hand — has anyone else noticed the vote count not increasing after voting? I’m going to continue voting just in case it is getting temporarily stuck in the system, though! Remember vote for my guy — member name vcardug or member ID 879054402.

  174. Michelle says:

    Okay I am done I cannot submit I give up and gap wont answer me via email. I will however vote for your lovely children and I would not worry I am sure Gap has the last say on who wins votes included. Gorgeous kids. If anyone is willing to try and submit my girl’s pic I would be very thankful. I have tried since day one with no avail. I am done. Good luck everyone. All the kids should win.

  175. Chevelle Lassai says:


  176. Chevelle Lassai says:


  177. cynthia says:

    Hi pleschelle,
    You forgot to add my little. She’s listed under Cynyas.
    I’ll be voting for your little one and others that’s on the list. Thanks!

  178. Lezlie says:

    Hi Chevelle,
    Thanks!! I just voted for your sons pictures. Very cute.

  179. Londra says:

    Day three and still no confirmation email. *sigh* How can they announce a fan favorite with all these issues? I thought with contests everyone should have a fair chance to win. It is obvious by this feed, that everyone is not getting the opportunity to have their child voted for.

  180. Laura says:

    Hi Lezlie,
    I added your girls to my list to vote for and just voted for them.Great Hair!! So Cute!!!
    My son’s ID is 694251909, thanks!

  181. Kelly says:

    Hi everyone! Kellykel here…yeah! Got the confirmation for all five pics its under my name skybratt5…thanks for your help guys. Looks like they did a system overhaul as the website is much faster now! So, wish everyone the best of luck and let’s stick together if one of our kids makes it to the finals..I will be voting for each child listed here for their chance of winning the fan favorite..for the people that are still having trouble with the website, I think your problems will be resolved soon! Take care everyone and the best of luck!

  182. Laura says:

    Hi Kellykel,
    Your added to my list and I just voted.Adorable! My son is 694251909.

  183. Lezlie says:

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks, I just voted for your son, great hair too.

  184. Ryan says:

    I’m not sure I submitted my son on Monday morning and he still isn’t on there. I see him under my profile as submitted, I emailed support but no answer?

    Any advice?


  185. Raquel says:

    Hi ladies!

    I have been watching this thread since Sunday. I submitted two pictures of my son on Saturday night, and still nothing. Should I keep waiting or resubmit the photos on another email address? I’d hate to add to the pile of pics they’re dealing with but I figure they’d realize EVERYONE is having a problem and doing whatever it takes to just get their photos submitted!

  186. chevelle says:

    I have voted for everyone listed and also thanks for the votes lol

  187. chevelle says:

    All the kids are beautiful

  188. Michelle says:

    Thanks Chevelle i really appreciate it even though i now have only 22 days to vote. I’ll keep voting lets bump that list of numbers again.

  189. chevelle says:

    @ Michelle the voting ends November17

  190. Ryan says:

    Raquel – I’m not sure what to do? It doesn’t make sense? I still have nothing myself?

  191. TanyaPro82 says:

    Okay seriously how do people have over 3,000 votes? How are they doing it, surely they dont have 400 plus people going on daily to vote, or do they… i dont even know that many people! Even if they do know that many people, each of them have to register with disney and thats what turns people away.

    Anyways, i have accepted the fact that my kids WILL NOT win the fan favorites, but please vote for kiddos for fun 🙂 It feels good to visit my enteries and see that someone out there has taken the time to actually look at them you know 🙂


  192. chevelle says:

    I feel the same way ain’t noway some kids have have over 1000 to 3000 votes already something just seems funny about the voting

  193. Kelly says:

    Hi everyone, Kellykel here! Thanks Chevelle and Laura for the votes! I see that Shaelyn’s three pics only were confirmed, figures my favorite one wasn’t included. Like I said, I am going to wait until Monday then re-submit my favorite one and another from a different email listed under my parents. To the people that haven’t got confirmations yet, hang in there and maybe give it a couple days before re-submitting..will continue to vote for each child listed according to the list provided here, thanks for listing the kids Pleschelle..have a good day everyone!!

  194. Kelly says:

    last part of my message got cut off..Shae’s entries are under skybratt5 if anyone wants to vote, I too have decided that won’t win fan favorite, that’s ok but did you guys know that if you vote you automatically entered into possibly winning the trip? Good reason to vote for as many kids as possible, so if I missed anyone’s kids, send the list my way, I have plenty of time in the morning and its so fast and easy to do…so send me a list and I will vote for your kids!! GLTA

  195. Angel says:

    Hello everyone involved in this thread. I have had plenty of fun and pleasure just going thru the thread of comments. I have made many calls to gap corporation to find out what is going on with the email confirmation letter you receive after you post your childs adorable pictures. They do not have many answers there for you. I am wondering if I should just give up my child still has not received a confirmation email after the review of the pictures. I was wondering has anyone heard how this process works. I am becoming a little discouraged.

  196. Kelly says:

    Hi, Kellykel here, Angel, don’t give up, read my prev. comments, I have a backup plan and I just got my confirmation this morning for three of the pics..anyways, I went through this whole thread and clicked on the links for voting for people..then I wrote down EVERY SINGLE USER NAME OR NUMBER..I plan to vote daily for each..if you want to vote for Shaelyn my user name is skybratt5, remember, the more you vote the more chances your family can win the trip..they do two entries one for fan favorite for pic and the other for voting, check out the rules! I know Shae won’t win fan favorite, I signed up way too late, but let’s vote for each child. It is easier if you provide a link but will still vote by user name or number, if you provide it! DARLING DARLING KIDS!!!! Kellykel…user name skybratt5

  197. Darren says:

    Hi everyone, I am getting terribly frustrated with this whole casting call. I entered my son 3 days ago and still no conformation I have email disney and the Gap and have heard nothing. Whats the longest someone had to wait to get conformation, thanks

  198. Kelly says:

    Hi Darren,

    I entered two pics on Monday night, never got confirmation, and the other three Tuesday morning, got confirmation for those this morning..BTW everyone use links for getting people to vote from now on it is so much easier! You only have to click on the link, so EVERYONE let’s use links from now on..here is mine:) http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/

  199. chevelle says:

    Something is really going on with the voting the kid with the most fan favorite votes had 3103 @ about 12:00 today when I checked @ 1:00 she now has 3248 something is really fishy

  200. chevelle says:

    @ kelly even though you use the links it will tell you to log in or register to vote it’s easier for people who already register not for new people you are trying to get to vote for you ,you still have to register with family.com

  201. Kelly says:

    Hi to Chevelle
    I understand, these links are just for the people on this blog, seems everyone is here is already registered for Disney….

  202. Abbie says:

    I also came across this site when searching out how in the world 1 parent could have their kids with so many votes. If people didn’t have to register I would definitely say it’s fishy, but how can they do that when you have to register? She must be one cool momma!!!

    I didn’t have the issues getting the pics uploaded or anything, but just found out about it a couple of days ago. A little late in the game, I suppose!

    Here’s my girl… 🙂 http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/AleeyahMH/

    you guys sure do have some cuties!!!

  203. Angel says:

    Thanks Kelley for the information that you gave to me. I have just tried what you suggested. I do not know if it will work but I tried. I went in and voted for a few of the kids that were submitted. Thank you so very much that was helpful.

  204. Kelly says:

    Hi again everyone! Kellykel here, hey I just got EVERYONE’s links on this board to help people vote who are already registered for the disney site, but tried to submit all in comments and its not working, it won’t come up. So, I will try again and if that doesn’t work, post a couple at a time to make voting easier for everyone each day..again, try to use the links, and don’t use the numbers because you will only get that pic number then you have to click on all entries to vote for all the pics…so look for all of the links for everyone, hopefully this will work! Kellykel

  205. Kelly says:


    Looks like I can only post one or two links sorry about that, trying to make it easier for everyone!

  206. Londra says:

    Hey ladies, I still haven’t received a confirmation but I went ahead and voted for everyone’s pics. May as well help out someone else. All of the children are so cute; I feel sorry for the judge’s when they have to pick the top 20.

  207. Kelly says:


    Thats it for now, gotta pick up my daughter!..just post if I missed you..take care!

  208. Darren says:

    thanks Kelly, I just voted for you, I am going to submit some more photos and see what happens..

  209. Raquel says:

    Hi again all, just curious, for those of you who didnt get a confirmation email, did you try submitting it under another email and then it finally showed up?

  210. Kelly says:

    Hi Kellykel again, I do believe I got everyone now….I think I posted my own link wrong though, this may work now….


    so I voted for everyone in the links, please post your link if you don’t see it! Take care and good luck to all!

  211. Laura says:

    Hi Kellykel,
    I can’t figure out how to post a link, maybe you could help.Mine is mama2colton/694251909

  212. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Kelly thanks so much you are a sweetheart

  213. Amy says:

    I entered Sun. a.m. and still no confirmation…..so over 3 days I have been waiting.

  214. Angel says:

    Hello Kellykel,

    This is Angel again. I did what you suggested and it worked howver they sent out the email to the original entry site. I did not like that pic much but hey it is what it is. I am wondering I tried to vote for my own child and it says there is not such entry not sure of what is going on and where to tell people to go and vote if you can not see her on the site. Wondering what else to do? I have gone and voted for everyone that I have see just about but can not find my child. Her entry number is 363755882 posted by sistershere Her name is Deja G. Thanks for all of your help you have been such a great help.

  215. Tasha says:

    I still haven’t gotten my confirmation. I’m starting to think i’m just never gonna get it. i don’t know what else to do. its been since Saturday night, and my family keeps asking me whats going on. Is there anywhere I can call or email?

  216. chevelle says:

    @ Angel I voted for Deja

  217. Kelly says:

    Hi to Laura from Kellykel….

    Here is your link!


    Tasha and Amy I would give it til Monday then repost from someone’s email address besides the one you did, I still have two pics that did not get confirmation and I am giving it til Monday…Angel, you need a confirmation in order to get a vote, I had the same problem, if under your entries it has a vote for fan favorite next to the picture you are in, if it doesn’t then you have to wait for a confirmation. Let me know when you get confirmation and I will post the link or you can for voting, best of luck to everyone still waiting for their confirmations! I am in the same boat! And thanks Chevelle for the kind words! Just want to help!
    Have a good evening and God Bless! Kellykel

  218. Kelly says:

    Sorry Angel I totally misunderstood your post, here is your link http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/sistershere/

    and I voted for Deja also Laura I voted for Colton. Hope you get the rest of your pics soon Angel..there is always tomorrow!

  219. Laura says:

    Thanks so much Kellykel; you are so sweet!! Now if I can get my family to figure out how to register! They are having trouble. Anyway, Thanks again!

  220. pleschelle says:


    Thanks for posting everyone’s link that does make it easier… You rock!

  221. Michelle says:

    chevelle did you have any problems entering pic is file too large or is it okay.

  222. Michelle says:

    Seriously something is not right with the site i vote the thing spins around and NOTHING It’s a fix

  223. bumpershine says:

    I just posted an interview with (the parent of) a casting call finalist from last year and an official statement from Disney Family about the technical issues with this year’s contest. Read it here.

  224. chevelle says:

    @ Michelle I enter the first day and I didn’t have any problems loading my son pics sorry so many people are haveing loading and confirmation problems they really need to do something lol

  225. Angel says:

    I would like to thank everyone who voted for my daughter Deja she loves that pic I do not care for it much because it does not really show her personality but what can you do. Thank you for all the information you ladies have given to me. Is my link the one you submitted on the top of the thread not really sure. How am I supposed to tell people to vote for her my family says they do not know what is going on here.

  226. Keli says:

    You guys are awesome !!! Thanks to all who voted for MADGAV01 I really wish I had a better pic of my man up there….anyway my votes are in for all that posted their member ID…..

    I will vote again in 24 hrs 🙂

  227. Kelly says:

    Top of the morning to everyone! kellykel here. I just voted for everyone but Vonnie1974 having trouble with a voting box coming up on your entry,, I will check it again later..hope the new day got some parents’ technical problems resolved. Still didn’t get conf. on two of my pics and they were the first ones I submitted. Anyways, be sure to vote for everyones’ kids. Use the links above, it only took me 5 mins, not to sound like a Staples commercial, but “That was Easy!!! Take care everyone and make it a great day! God Bless….Kellykel…P.S Some of you should be professional photographers! Awesome pics!!!

  228. Kelly says:

    Kellykel to Vonnie,

    the voting box came up..guess third time is the charm..gotta go for a while now, take care everyone and vote vote vote for the kids..here’s Shae’s link

  229. Kelly says:

    Thanks Bumpershine – That was a good interview.

    Now I’m off to vote for everyones beautiful kids (and mine of course)!

  230. Angel says:

    I have to agree with Kellykel on the last post some of the pics were realy well done. I am still having problems just viewing my post do not know what I am doing wrong. I saw it early this morning with the link that I received thru Kellykel but nothing at any time after. I wonder if others are having the same problem if so can you let me know. If you are not having any problems let me know that as well. I am trying to figure out whether I am doing something wrong. I have voted for a number of different applicants however I can not figure out how to vote for my own applicant. Her post number is 363755882. Her name is Deja G. The member name is sistershere I think but even that I am not sure of help I am confused.

  231. courtney says:

    Hi. I entered the contest a couple of days ago and have not received an approval email. About how long was it taking everyone to receive one of those? Who would I contact about this?

    Thanks for the help!

  232. Abbie says:

    Kelly–thanks so much for putting all the links there. Makes it SO much easier!!

    I’m off to go get some voting done!!!

  233. Darren says:

    Amy, I also posted Sunday morning and still no conformation and it now Thursday it is becoming a joke. I contacted GAP and got a response from them saying that it is in Disney Family hands as they are ‘supposed’ to be running the contest for GAP as a third party. I am so frustrated with this contest I am not worried about the whole fan fav thing as some of these kids already have 3000+ votes which I don’t understand but I just want my boy entered so family and friends can see him and vote if they wish.

  234. Angel says:

    Darren and Courtney do not give up. It took almost a week after I posted to receive my confirmation email. Now I have a new issue but best of luck to everyone here. I have voted for a number of children in this voting circle however for some reason I can not cast a vote for my own child. My entry number is 363755882 and it is submitted thru sistershere is the member name if anyone would like to vote thank you. I have posted the link to different people but I am having trouble myself viewing my page. Best of luck to you. They will probably sent the confirmation out in the next few days if not today.

  235. Darren says:

    Thanks Angel I will try not to give up and I will vote for you.

  236. Nikki says:

    Darren, I also entered my son several days ago (Sunday evening to be exact) and have not received confirmation as of yet…Though it’s a bit frustrating, the one thing I can be hopeful about is that we still have about 3 weeks for it to work. Initially, I wasn’t going to enter until about the last week for personal reasons, but with all of these problems, I’m glad that we have a good window of time to allow for these types of problems to be resolved! I’ll post when(being optimistic) I get a confirmation. Good luck to all!

  237. Jackie says:

    Hey, just entered Baby Colin

    search entries by jwg1143 and Vote

    take a look and you’ll see how adorable and gorgeous he is!

  238. Laura says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Just voted for everyone with a link posted;I also voted for your little guy Jackie.
    Colton just needs one more vote to be in the boys gallery, so if you could remember to vote for him that would be great. Kellykel posted his link above.

  239. Kelly says:

    Kellykel here, Jackie just voted for Colin! if you aren’t sure how to do the link look at the entries and just the last part of the link changes with your user name and then just add a slash at the end. That’s how I did everyone’s..I just copied and pasted a link then changed the user name with a slash at the end and then continued to do that each time..remember to vote for the kids and also remember you get entered each time to win the trip, check out the rules for the trip so vote..Shae’s link is below..I am still waiting on the confirmation for two of my pics that were the first ones entered. Like I mentioned giving it until Monday before I resubmit. I also sent an e-mail to Disney and in the subject line asked them to confirm the two pic numbers. Will let you know if I hear from them. Gosh, Angel over a week for the confirmation? Guess I have some more time to wait for my confirmations! GLTA, be blessed we have such beautiful and healthy children. Just today at my office, I heard of a six year old with brain cancer, gosh that’s three kids with life threatening cancers! We are sooo blessed everyone! God Bless! Love Kellykel


  240. Kelly says:

    Have you guys looked at the Fan Favorite number for Baby Girl today? It makes me laugh. #1 has 4252 and #2 has 1879. What a huge difference! How does one even get 4000+ votes?

  241. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I am about to go get my vote on for the day and i will vote for everyone listed once you voted you can start voting again @ after 12 midnight that’s how i been doing it sorry so many people are having so many problems someone need to fix the problems lol

  242. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Everyone keep the faith it will get better

  243. T says:

    Thanks for the votes everyone! And thanks to Kelly for making it so much easier. 🙂 We’ve really have some beautiful kiddos in this bunch! 🙂

    Hope everyone gets things straightened out SOON!

  244. Darren says:

    Nikki, please do let us know when you get a conformation I will let you all know if and well I recieve mine, thanks all.

  245. Jennifer Gatley says:

    Ok so I spent the last 70 minutes writing down everyones usernames. I will start voting for everyone when I put the little one to bed tonight. So many cute kids!!!!!!!!!!1

    Please return the favor!

    Anyone on facebook? I could start a group to keep track of everyones usernames so we just have to click links. Let me know

  246. Abbie says:

    @Kelly–I saw that also on the Fan Favorite. And if you look at the fan favorites for all the categories-the baby girl and baby boy that are dominating are from the same person. Insane.

    Husband looked today and we have 45ish more votes before we even get into the gallery. Don’t see that happening. I understand that people would need to register to prevent cheating, but it turns people off from voting.

    I also found a place where people are holding contests to give away things if you vote for their kid. I don’t think I’m that devoted-especially knowing the numbers I’d have to top.

    Thanks again for getting all the links together.

    @Jennifer-I think the FB page is a great idea, but I don’t know if it would require us to click extra times to get out of FB. I’m not to savvy in that department. 🙂

    Abbie–mom to Aleeyah

  247. Jennifer Gatley says:

    For everyone on facebook, I have started a voting group. Much easier to click on links to vote. Especially when they are all together.

    Join group and follow directions


  248. Jennifer Gatley says:

    Abbie–> You would just click on link which would open that persons entry in a new window and then you would vote. Quite easy and well organized

  249. Lorie says:

    It is nice to have a support system. If any of us reach the finals, hopefully we can help each other out. I will keep voting for all as well. Thanks. (chimera564)

  250. Kelly says:

    Hi Kellykel here,

    To Jennifer Gatley, just click on the links I posted move up on the thread and you will see the links I posted, no need to write anyone’s down..people have been posting their links..BTW I voted for Jaden just now..here’s my girl’s link
    also, I clicked on the facebook link and didn’t see any names..I tried to arrange it where all the links were together but Bumpershine wouldn’t allow it for some reason, I tried multiple times and it would only allow one link at a time, it seemed. GLTA Kellykel

  251. Jennifer Gatley says:

    Ok voted for everyone with links

    Please return the favor


  252. Jennifer Gatley says:

    People need to join fb group and add links. I just started it so there will be more people soon. once the group is up we should many links. I will continue to vote here to. I voted for your daughters ust now as well

  253. Chelsea says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I haven’t read Bumpershine’s article yet, just opened the link, that talks about the technical issues they’ve had. I was thinking maybe I didn’t upload it right, or that it didn’t take. I work with computers so I know they can be finicky, but I didn’t want to submit the same pictures twice either! I submitted a photo of my oldest daughter yesterday morning and still have not received an email notification. Guess I’ll just have to keep checking my email. For those looking for direct links to their pictures, I believe the link is the same, the last piece of it is the username you selected. My username on that site is ogrenfam, so my link will be (once the picture shows up that is):
    You should just be able to replace ogrenfam with your own username for the Disney Family site. Hope that helps anyone else making it to this board for help. I’ll vote for all of you and am going to checkout the FB page too. Please vote for my girls once the pictures show up if you’d like. I haven’t even uploaded a picture of my youngest yet, wanted to make sure the first one turned out right.

    Thank you!

  254. Angel says:

    I noticed that the numbers seemed quite high for the fan favorite as well. I think there may be something going on with the votes as well. I noticed that people are turned off with having to register before they can vote. I heard that information from a few people on f/b not sure if it is true but it seems that is one of the top responses I have heard. Deja is still there waiting for votes as well she has I think the last time I checked we were at the high number of 8 votes. I do not understand who is doing the count but the count seems to be off. Good luck to everytone involved in this contest but keep voting for all the little kids. I have just continued to vote for a number of different children. My daughters link is http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/sistershere/ Thank you to anyone who will vote for her.

  255. Laura says:

    Hi Angel,
    My family and friends are having a tough time registering. I keep encouraging them to keep trying. I voted for your daughter just now. If you would like to vote for my son his link is above ending mama2colton. Thanks!!

  256. Jennifer Gatley says:

    Voted for everyone with links posted….

    Please return the favor.


    Also if you belong to FB please koin the voting group. Link posted above

  257. Tamara says:

    I am having an issue uploading my daughter’s picture. It is under 3MB. I browse and click on the picture, it shows in the bar next to Browse. I check off everything but the Submit Entry Button is not accessible. I also do not see my picture come up in the picture box. Can anyone please help me with this?

  258. courtney says:

    I finally got my confirmation this morning, after entering another picture yesterday. It seems that they are not getting the first pics?? Anyway, my second entering was approved and people can now vote for my daughter. Thanks for all the help.


  259. Angel says:

    hello Laura I am writing this to tell you thank you for voting. People are having a tough time with registering because the site is overwhelmed with people trying to start accounts. Not enough member names available for them to chose from and the site does not give any options either. Making it more frustrating for people to go and vote for your child that are not already members of the site. Sorry about the problem that you are encountering as well. I am going to go and vote for your child as well however I think there is something very strange about the voting not sure what it is but the fan fav in Girls is extremely high for it to have had no entries the other day. Two days ago to be exact. How does this one girl have over 3,000 votes in two days and people can not even register. Strange but true. Good luck to you. I have given up trying to become chosen in this contest.

  260. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone, Kellykel here. So sorry to hear about everyone having so many troubles. I am still waiting for my two confirmations. Just voted for everyone’s kids, but some didn’t have the pics come up but the vote box was there so I just clicked, Tanyapro and Vcardug, are the ones that didn’t have the pics come up but the vote box was there..hang in there everyone and I will keep you posted on what happens with my confirmation. If I have some time again, I will post everyone’s links to make it easier towards the bottom of the thread..have a great day everyone!

  261. Kelly says:

    Ok, here it goes with the links, remember to vote for the kids!


  262. Kelly says:

    Kellykel here another link having trouble


  263. Kelly says:

    Hi, Kellykel here again, ok did everyone’s links. I see that some copied twice, i got impatient with the submit comment button when it stalled and it entered twice! sorry, tried to make it easier, gonna lay off the caffeine now! Wish everyone luck and the best of Fridays!

  264. Chelsea says:

    I submitted a picture Wednesday morning, and emailed their tech support Wednesday evening. I’ve gotten no confirmations yet, and no response to my email. do you think I should submit the picture again? I don’t want her to end up with two of the same photos out there, does anyone have the option to delete their photos, or once they’re out there, are they out there forever? Thank you to anyone who can assist and answer!

  265. Angel says:

    I have noticed that once the picture is out there it is out there. I would say to post the pic again because worse case scenario you have to pics for voting. I mean hey it is all worth a shot. Kellykel this is to you thank you so much for all of the help you have given to me thru all this voting stuff. I appreciate all that you have helped me with. I am noticing things that do not look like this is legitimate. I think that people have such high numbers almost seems impracticle. I am having problems with family not wanting to sign up for the website itself. They do not want things coming to their email box. I say my word people are so funny to me.

  266. Kelly says:

    Hey Angel – Once you set up an account with disney you can go in and change all of the email settings so you dont receive anything. Thats the only way my family would do it.

    Yes the numbers seem impracticle. Looking at the leading fan favorite…if they received confirmation on the 23rd, they would have 10 solid voting days, that means they would have to have 440 votes a day, come on now….

  267. chevelle says:

    This contest is really crazy now when i put my member ID number in it saids cannot be found but i been using that same ID since i registrar anxd i never had a problem until now

  268. Laura says:

    I’m so glad your saying that, mine is saying it also. I think they must be overloaded.
    I have been stressing out that maybe he was somehow eliminated but maybe the site is just jammed. I also noticed that not all the pages in the gallery show up. It is crazy and it is making me crazy!!

  269. Lorie says:

    Same problem here!!! This contest must have more entries than they know what to do with. All I know is, they will have a hard time judging and picking only 5 from each category. I would hate to do it. There are so many cute kids entered! Again, good luck to all!!! I will do my best to help.

  270. Nikki says:

    Hey all,

    So here we are 5 days after entering the contest and still no confirmation. I am considering eventually re-entering under a new email, but my fear is that they may think I was trying to cheat and disqualify him altogether. But there are still 20 days left in the contest, so I’ll give it a little more time and just assume that the high volume of entrants is the problem.

    I don’t recall there being so many problems last year when Gap was handling it…maybe next year if they partner with anyone again, they should just resume handling those duties. Lol.

  271. Kelly says:

    Nikki – I would say to go ahead and re-enter it with a different address if needed. I just entered two new pictures the other day and got my confirmation email exactly 3 hours later. Good luck!

  272. Darren says:

    Nikki, I to have been waiting 5 days and as you know it is very frustrating. I have thought about changing my email as well but I think I will just have to wait. I will let you know if and eventually when I get a conformation email. Has anybody received an email from the support team as Disney I have emailed them on numerous occasions and nothing.

  273. Natasha Luciano says:

    Aryanna P. is entered in the Gap Casting Call – View Entry Here http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/Ary1114/420068164/

    Please vote for Ary Thank You

  274. Natasha Luciano says:

    Aryanna P. is entered in the Gap Casting Call – View Entry Here http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/Ary1114/420068164/

  275. Laura says:

    I just voted for your little girl, she is precious! My son’s link is above ending in mama2colton if you would like to vote for him. Thanks!

  276. Kelly says:

    Hi everyone! Kellykel here! Hope everyone is having a good day! Just voted for the new link posted above. Still have not gotten any new confirmations but it looks like the website is running a lot better than it did earlier! Everyone continue to post your links, I posted some in a row earlier although I accidentally duplicated a couple. vote for the kids! God Bless! kellykel

  277. Darren says:

    As you all are aware I am still waiting for a conformation email after 5 days. Out of curiosity have anyone received their conformation email on a weekend. thanks

  278. Nikki says:

    Darren, I emailed support and received an AUTOMATED(no help at all) response simply saying that since they’re receiving such a high volume of emails at this time they may not be able to respond to every one. I am gonna wait maybe another week or so and resubmit under another email.

  279. Darren says:

    thanks Nikki, defiantly looks like we are not alone in our challenges with this competition. please let me know how you go subitting with another email. thanks

  280. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Hi to everyone sorry to hear that ya’ll are still having problems with getting a confirmation that is really sad that it take so long to get confirmation how can anyone vote for you if you haven’t been confirmed they did the fan favorite process wrong they should have waited to all entries were recieved by Oct 22 and then started the fan favorite on Oct 23 that is the fair way I hope the folks who haven’t got a confirmation get one soon have a great day

  281. twayner says:

    Some of the kids in this contest have way too many votes per day. Somebodys cheatin. Ill vote for everybody here. Sure would appreciate some votes for Ashlee M.,member name twayner, http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/twayner/
    good luck all,

  282. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ tawayer i voed for her i say the same thing somebody is cheating ain’t noway they have all those vote already my son id is http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/chevelle4267

  283. twayner says:

    Voted for Jaden, hes a sharp looking kid. Good Luck. Ill vote for everybody here every day I can.

  284. twayner says:

    Voted for Aryanna! Please vote for Ashlee http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/twayner/

  285. Chevelle Lassai says:


  286. twayner says:

    Im going to have my friends and family who vote for Ashlee start voting for everyone on here too.Everybody else should start doing this too. Networking baby!

  287. Kelly says:

    Hi, It’s Kellykel I voted for Ashlee and all the other kids on this board. Have been posting links for everyone here’s mine for Shaelyn!….

  288. ywnh says:

    Hello everyone.
    I am glad that I checked this web site. I am not the only one with voting problem, and wondering how come some kids can get sooooo many votes( over 3000!!!) I am still waiting for two pictures get approved…
    Please vote for my girl too.
    Thank you~ and good luck everyone!

  289. Courtney says:

    Ok….just voted for everyone who had links. Will try to as much as possible. If you guys could vote for Skylar too, it’s be awesome.



  290. twayner says:

    Hi Kelly, already voted for Shaelyn before you posted,I noticed you did alot of work on here. thanks
    Just voted for Crystal too. I still have one picture that hasnt been approved from 2 days ago. Good Luck

  291. Tara says:

    Please go vote for my little girl :))

    I have and will continue to vote daily 🙂

  292. twayner says:

    Just voted for Brooklyn!

  293. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I voted for everyone who just posted there links mine is http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/chevelle4267/

  294. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ twayer I will do the same get everyone to vote for the links listed good idea

  295. twayner says:

    Voted for Skylar!

  296. Laura says:

    I voted for all the posted links plus I voted for Crystal,Skylar and Ashley.My son’s link is posted above ending in mama2colton. Thanks!!!

  297. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Laura i voted he is handsome

  298. Laura says:

    Thanks for voting and the sweet comment. I’ll continue to vote for Jaden; he is so

  299. Kelly says:

    Good Morning – I just voted for all the links above. Have a great Saturday (Please vote for me too – kcamp2009)

  300. twayner says:

    Good Morning, just voted for everybody today! Dont forget Ashlee M at

  301. ywnh says:

    Good morning.
    I voted everyone that I see the link here this morning.
    Please vote for Crystal too 🙂

    AND, still waiting for approval. It has been 4 days….

    Have a good weekend, everyone!

  302. Angel says:

    Okay, I have read thru the thread again. I am going to see if there is someone who can answer some questions about how some of these kids have such high vote numbers when it takes so long just to receive a confirmation letter in your email box. I still think the number are insanely high in such a short period of time. I wish everyone here the best of luck and the people who have not received a confiramtion email I sincerly hope they get your letter out today at the latest. I think they should have done this a bit differently. My child is still entered in the contest and I would like to thank everyone for the votes.

  303. Crystal says:

    Good morning all.
    I’m so glad I’m not alone with all the problems. I entered my son Chase
    in the boy group and daughter Gentry (#168616242) on Wednesday and Chase has been approved but not Gentry? Does it really take this long? I just read ywnh and it’s been 4 days? Those are FOUR days of votes can’t get back. I’m pulling that Gap gets a quicker response on this soon.
    good luck…I’m off to vote
    Thanks so much

  304. ywnh says:

    I just voted for Chase.

    It was strange becuase I entered two pictures about a weeks ago, and they got approved a few hours later.
    Then next day, I again uploated two pictures. One got approved next day and the other one has not approved yet.
    And the fifth picture, not confirmed.

    I hope GAP can fix this problem.

    When I go to “My Entery”, I can see all posting, but when I log out, two pictures are not showing. those two are my favorite pictures…..

    Also, when I go to Gallary, I always see the same pictures.

    This system is bad!!!


  305. chevelle says:

    To everyone I feel they should have waited to all entries was received by October 22 and then on October 23 start the fan favorite that is the fair way because all entries would have been in and everyone would have started together,the way they are doing it now is wrong because people are still trying to enter and that mean they will never catch up and some people may enter October 20 and they for show don’t have a chance @ fan favorite they should have waited to all entries were in and someone somehow need to let Disney know so they can erase all those votes and start on October 23 for fan favorite

  306. twayner says:

    Youre right Chevelle.

  307. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I voted for everyone like I promised so can I get your vote too thanks so much

  308. twayner says:

    Already voted for you today

  309. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Twayner Thanks

  310. Crystal says:

    thanks ywnh…just voted for Crystal…what a cutie!! Thanks to all that voted for my Chase..I’ll return the vote if you let me know
    hopefully my daughter’s picture will be up soon it’s been 4 days!

  311. Laura says:

    Hi Crystal I voted for Chase; if you could vote for my son his link is posted above ending in
    mama2colton;it was posted by Kelly, post #275. Thanks!!

  312. Chevelle Lassai says:


  313. Crystal says:

    thanks Laura…just voted for your little man! ADORABLE!!

  314. Crystal says:

    Chevelle…just voted for Jayden ;0)

  315. lyssa says:

    i submitted five photos. i received a confirmation for the first photo and the last photo submitted, but none for the three in between. i do see member ID#s for the three with no confirmations, but they do not come up when i search for them in the gallery. does anyone know if it would be okay to resubmit those three photos under my other email address?

  316. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Crystal thanks so much

  317. Chevelle Lassai says:

    To everyone i have noticed when voters don’t confirm they email they still can vote when they log in it will say edit email,resend email confirmation or back to the page you were on all they have to do is click on the GAP @ the top of the page and it will allow you to enter the member ID number because they might have not gotten a confirmation either so this way they can still vote for your entries

  318. TanyaPro82 says:

    To those who are not getting confirmations…

    Last year i entered a picture of my little girl and she had a GAP sweater on that said “GAP” on it and it was never approved and i lost an entry because of it.

    BE sure not to enter any pics with word on the clothing, Nike, Adidas, Gap, etc.

    Just a tip.

    1. Nicole says:

      please vote for andrew! I will vote for you child!

  319. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone! Kellykel here. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Just got done with a soccer game! Anyways, voting for all of the kids! Still don’t have a confirmation for my first two pics! Have not heard from anyone after e-mailing either. Wish everyone the best of luck~ All of the kids links are shown between post 273-292 also post 315, an entry that got there after I got done posting! Have a great weekend! Kellykel http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/

  320. Tasha says:

    Hi everyone. I just got my confirmation this morning 7 days later, but I don’t see a link in my email for my son. Can anyone tell me what it would be. My member name is krissykb. Please vote and will return the favor. Don’t give up. Im still waiting for one more confirmation

  321. Laura says:

    Hi Tasha,
    I just voted for your cute little guy. If you would like to vote for my son his link is above
    #275 ending mama2colton. Thanks!

  322. Tasha says:

    I just voted for all your beautiful kids. Gap is gonna have a hard time picking the 20 finalist.

  323. Kelly says:

    Hey guys, Kellykel here! Just got another confirmation after six days for the 1st picture I submitted! To Krissy B, here is your link..http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/krissykb/ and here is my link with the new pic that Gap just conf. http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/ guess the website producers work on weekends! 🙂 think all of people’s website problems will be resolved soon! Take care everyone!

  324. twayner says:

    Hi Kelly, just voted for your new photo. Good to hear you didnt lose an entry.

    Ashlee M at http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/twayner/

  325. ywnh says:

    Hi, Kelly.
    Good to hear that all your pictures are up now.
    It took a week, wow.
    I voted all of them 🙂

  326. Laura says:

    Hi Kellykel,
    Just voted for your new pic. Glad you got it !!

  327. Kelly says:

    Kellykel again! Just got my last and final confirmation! It’s a duplicate pic of the first one because I didn’t realize that I had submitted two of the same. But I like the lighting better on this one…so did anyone else receive their confirmations? I also downloaded five other pics from a different e-mail. I doubt that I will receive confirmations on those any time soon..so, I will keep you posted. Enjoy your Sunday everyone! Having a girl day in Napa complete with spa and wine tasting for my 40th bday! Cheers everyone and keep the faith! Kellykel

  328. Londra says:

    I finally got confirmation for all my pictures. I have been voting for everyone. Here is my daughter.


  329. Tara says:


    Just voted for your little cutie. What a doll! Please don’t forget to vote for mine too 🙂


  330. Kelly says:

    Hi Londra! Yea! You got your confirmation! Darren, Angel, Tasha did you get all your confirmations? To Krissy B, I see that your link didn’t work try this
    ok, please tell if you are still having trouble with your confirmations? Kellykel

  331. Londra says:

    Thanks Tara. Your daughter is too cute. I’ve been voting for everyone since I first found this site. I like the ideal of us all voting for each other especially when others have thousands of votes.

  332. Laura says:

    I just voted for your adorable little girl. Please remember Colton when your voting his link is post # 275.

  333. Abbie says:

    @ Tara–I just LOVE that second picture of your daughter! She just looks SO happy! Those kind of shots are the best.

    About to go check out the new kids and get my votes in.

    Glad to hear some of you have got your confirmations in!

    Abbie – mom to

  334. Crystal says:

    Not sure….tomorrow will be 5 days! My daughter is showing up on my entries….but no confirmation for her (my son’s showed up the other day)…I don’t have any logos or trademarks on her….
    my link
    but I don’t know if she’ll show for you guys..

  335. Abbie says:

    @Crystal–I’m only seeing one entry for Chase and that’s it.

    So weird how random all of it is.

    Abbie – mom to

  336. twayner says:

    Hi All, just voted for everyone. Sight was very slow this morning. Dont forget to vote for Ashlee M, Thanks.


  337. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone! Kellykel here! vote for everyone’s kids! they are listed in posts # 273-292 303 323 and 335..off to Napa cheers everyone!!!http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/

  338. ywnh says:

    Good morning everyone.
    Coming here is becoming my morning rutine 🙂
    ok, I am off voting~!!
    Vote for my girl too!

  339. Tara says:

    Good morning all!!
    Well, I just went and voted for all of your cuties :)) It’s definitely going to be hard for the judges just to pick 20. I’m really glad to see that more people are getting confirmations. Hopefully things will be running much smoother soon.
    Please don’t forget to vote for my little girl when you guys do your voting today :))


    Thanks so much!!

  340. Kelly says:

    ywnh – Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

    I just voted for everyone.

    Here’s my link

  341. Darren says:

    Nikki, I finally recieved my conformation email last night after waiting 6 days. Hope you get yours soon.

  342. Raquel says:

    I finally got my email confirmation after a whole week too! Glad to see yours was approved, Darren. Please vote for my little guy!


  343. Laura says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just finished voting for all these adorable kids! Raquel and Darren I voted for your
    cuties also. So glad everyone is getting confirmations. Please don’t forget to vote
    for my son post #275 above. Thanks and have a Blessed day!!

  344. twayner says:

    Just checked in to vote for the new entries since this morning. Remember Ashlee M, Thankyou


  345. Nikki says:

    Hey Darren, I just received my confirmation for all 5 pics today(Sunday)after about 6 days too. Lol. I’m glad we stuck it out and am so happy you finally got yours as well. Good luck!

  346. Tasha says:

    I just finished voting for everyone please vote for mine. Thanks everyone. Oh yeah the link works here it is. http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/krissykb/

  347. Danielle says:

    I have recently spoke to a photographer friend of mine. The reason the kids are getting over 3,000 votes is because it is rigged the kids that win always do. Then have done modeling before it’s unforturate that a big company would post something like this but have it so only certain kids can win is unfair. I recently saw that one child has over 5,000 votes but nobody I know can vote for my son it says page not avaiable. It’s dissapointing.

  348. Londra says:

    Completed the daily voting. Please vote for my daughter.

  349. ywnh says:

    I am glad that everyone getting confirmation. I hope that I can get it soon…
    I do appreciate that people vote for my girl. Thank you!!! Tasha, the link didn’t work for me….

  350. pleschelle says:

    Sorry I was gone for a couple of days, I took a mini vacation but I am back and have voted for all that have posted on this board. In case you all dont have the links of everyone written down I will post them all in my next thread to make it easier for everyone.

  351. Angel says:

    hello pleshelle and Kellykel I have received confirmation for all of my daughters photos. I want to sincerly thank everyone in this thread because this was a difficult contest just to join with all the setbacks we all had. I hope everyone has an awesome day and do not forget to vote for everyone’s child in this thread. I wish everyone good luck in this contest.

  352. Nakita says:

    Is anyone having problems uploading pictures? When I browse and choose the picture to upload the check boxes appear and a button that says crop and resize, I select that and resize the picture and hit save and nothing happens….Any ideas??!?! 🙂

  353. Tasha says:

    Just voted for everyone good luck all.

  354. Alex Case says:

    How the hell does someone have 7000 votes… when you need an idividual login to vote…

  355. Tasha says:

    Just a thought, last night I checked the higest fan favorite vote and it was at 6700ish, and this morning when I checked it was over 7000. Now how do u get 300 votes in a couple of hours.

  356. Alex Case says:

    I honestly think we should bombard that email support@disney whatever .com because that is ridiculous… I started voting on Friday I have 12 votes… and countless of family members calling me telling me they are having problems loggin on…everyone on this site shoudl be emailing them….. disqualify those people because somethign ain’t right

  357. Alex Case says:

    help me get to 15 votes hah I might have a shot… please vote for dino_2009 he is pretty bad ass…

  358. Allison says:

    Please VOTE FOR KAYLEE! She is beautiful, talented and would be a great face for GAP KIDS!


    Thank you!!!

  359. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone! Kellykel here! Thanks to those who voted for Shaelyn! Congrats to the members that got their kids in the galleries! to the ones that haven’t received their confirmations, don’t give up! Just looks like a waiting game! don’t forget to vote for the kids! Look for the links in the thread, most are between the posts of 273-292 and then there are several new contributors! WELCOME!!! Kellykel

  360. Chevelle Lassai says:

    To Alex,and Tasha i feel the same way something is funny going on ain’t noway those kids have over 7000 votes it’s really sad that this is a kid contest and they are being unfair like they are i did e mail disney and let them know how i felt they should have started the fan favorite once all the entries were in on October 22 and then start the fan favorite on October 23 that would have been fair everyone would have started @ the same time something really need to be done because it just ain’t fair trust me they didn’t get all those votes already something is fishy

  361. Alex Case says:

    Kelly can you add my son to this voting thread?? Please? dino_2009

  362. Alex Case says:

    Chevelle, i snet an email to Disney as well I think we need to send them emails everay because I have a feeling the kid with 700 today will have 9000 tomorrow….or damm close to that….

  363. Alex Case says:

    chevelle you get my email on yahoo??

  364. Alex Case says:

    chevelle you get my email i sent to your yahoo address

  365. Kelly says:

    Did you get confirmation on your son’s entry?

  366. Alex Case says:

    oh yeah he is in there dino_2009…bad ass little dude…but I have 12 votes… HAH do you think he has a shot?

  367. Kelly says:


    Can’t access your pics, do this for me please…go to my entries within in your disney account, wait til your son’s pics come up, then go to your address bar on top of your screen, right click copy, come back to this site, right click again in the post, paste, and that should give you your link, try that for me please…:) Kellykel

  368. Kelly says:

    Just remember that the voting only counts right now for the fan favorite (yes the week long trip would be nice to win but we all cant be that lucky). But it doesn’t count for the judging. Once the judges make their top 20 selection then the voting will count for the top 20. Don’t give up, all of our kids have a shot at the top 20 regardless of numbers of votes.

  369. Kelly says:

    Hi Alex,

    Kellykel here..disregard the last post..here is your link, I got it to work


    and every child has a chance to win as long as they are entered in the contest, so to answer your question, yep your “bad ass dude” has a chance! Good Luck to all!http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/

  370. Kelly says:

    I am voting now for all of the kids! Take care today!



  371. Alex Case says:

    True but at the same time fair is fair and contest should be run correctly and if people are taking advantage of it they shoudl be disqualified…Iam just amazed that disney has not caught on to this…

  372. Megan says:

    How do you send the link to your friends?

  373. Laura says:

    When you are voting today will you see if Colton’s link post #275 is working. I know it was loading very slowly and I don’t see his tally going up. Thank You. Also, welcome to
    Alex I will vote for your son please vote for mine the link is above #275. Thanks!!!

  374. Alex Case says:

    definitely…. but we all do realize we have absolutely no chance in winning the fan favorite…

  375. Alex Case says:

    Laura I voted for colton…..

  376. Laura says:

    Alex thank you so much, I guess maybe it’s just my computer having trouble.
    But I was able to vote for your son, too cute!!!

  377. Kelly says:

    Kellykel to Laura,

    Was able to vote for Colton with no problem. Chevelle, I did have a problem with yours saying the page was removed? Had some problems with the other links where it never came up but will come back and vote again..Have a great day everyone! Gotta go to a meeting!
    Kellykel http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/

  378. Alex Case says:

    why what’s up with your computer? I think it’s the actual website!!

  379. Laura says:

    Alex.you are probably right; the website is so overloaded! Thanks for the vote

    Thanks for letting me know! I’ll keep voting for your sweet little girl and all the other

  380. Alex Case says:

    dino_2009 for president!!!

  381. Alex Case says:

    chevelle vote for dino i’ll vote for Jaden..

  382. Alex Case says:

    chevelle 580 votes nice… how did you do that many

  383. chevelle says:

    @ Alex i just voted for him he is so handsome

  384. chevelle says:

    @ Alex i have about 80 voters family and friends that vote daily

  385. chevelle says:

    I did my daily voting

  386. pleschelle says:

    Ok for some reason when I tried to put all the links in one post it will not work… Not sure if I have to do it one at a time but I will try again.

  387. courtney says:

    Ok….just voted for everyone with links. If you guys could vote for Skylar again…that’d be great!! All the kiddos are cuties!!


  388. pleschelle says:

    Ok I think this is all of them… If I have missed any please post them. Also send me the link in a email and I will post them…I want to see if we can maybe post a doc here with all of the links in it… spoiledvonnie1974@yahoo.com

  389. Chevelle Lassai says:


  390. twayner says:

    o.k., just finished my daily voting. Too bad most people arent coming back to vote cause wed be getting alot more than we are.

  391. Chevelle Lassai says:


  392. Laura says:

    Thanks for putting on all the links! I just finished voting for everyone;please remember to vote for Colton. Thanks!!!

  393. ywnh says:

    Thank you for posting the links.
    I make sure vote for everyone.

  394. Cherie says:

    This is sooo frustrating!! I entered 5 photos my kids 3 days ago and I have yet to receive a confirmation…This is crazy!! I voted for a bunch of you guys…hopefully mine will be up soon and you can vote for me too!

  395. pleschelle says:


    I,m sorry that I posted it wrong…I thought I copied it from a previous link…

  396. Chevelle Lassai says:


  397. Kelly says:

    Hi! Kellykel to Pleschelle, I tried to post all of the links in one message and it wouldn’t let me do it so that’s why I posted them one at a time. Just voted for everyone, however, some of the posts said that the page was removed..this happened when I tried to vote for ywnh and vonnie1974, has this happened to anyone else while Cheri hang in there it took me 7 days for a confirmation of my final pics! Keep the faith! Kellykel

  398. Chevelle Lassai says:

    My link was wrong this is the right link

  399. Abbie says:

    Alright, just got all my votes in again–like Kelly, I couldn’t vote for ywnh and vonnie1974, but also got the same error on littleaussie.

    BUT I couldn’t access Aleeyah’s all day either. Don’t know why-just kept telling me that she couldn’t be found. Grrrr…

  400. Kelly says:

    Kellykel to chevelle,
    ok that one worked..night night everyone will be back tomorrow to vote.


  401. pleschelle says:

    Ok I tried to vote for mine vonnie1974 from the link above and it let me…Hmmmm… well lets try this one…

    Thanks to all who vote daily!!

  402. Alex Case says:

    Please vote for this little guy he is awesome!!!


  403. Tasha says:

    Just did my voting for this morning. It was really easy, the site wasnt delayed like it usually is and oh, I received a reply email from disney regarding the delay in confirmation. It came a few days after I received my final confirmation. They said the problems are being worked out, (whatever that means). Those parents that are frustrated dont give up and just keep checking. It took me 7 dyas to receive my confirmations so just hang in there. It will come.


  404. ywnh says:

    good morning everyone.
    Too bad to hear that my link is not working…
    I could vote for vonnie1974.(one picture is not showing, but still could vote)
    I hope that my link works now…

  405. Kelly says:

    Good Morning – I’m off to vote for all the links. The site is already slowing down so I wonder if lots of people are voting now.

    I was just thinking how exciting it will be if even just one child from this thread makes it to the finals.

  406. Alex Case says:

    Kelly / Tasha can you add this to your votes…


  407. Darren says:

    I am having trouble voting for a lot of you, I hope they fix this problem soon as I cannot believe how someone can get 7000+ votes it is ridiculous. I know even with all of us we cannot come close but we must keep trying. thanks for your votes.

  408. Kelly says:

    good morning everyone! Kellykel here! I just voted for all of the beautiful kids and didn’t have any trouble with any of the links today, weird! Thanks for all of the technical and emotional support with this contest..wish everyone the best of days! May be able to check back in later..oh and has anyone had trouble with my link? I couldn’t access pics yesterday by putting in my user name..just curious! Have a good day! http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/

  409. courtney says:

    Hi all! I just did my daily voting for all the cute kiddos on here. I had troubles with Jayden, Jacob and Houston links. Their pics come up, but there was no vote box for them. I’ll try back later on those. I voted for everyone else. If you could vote for Skylar that’d be awesome. Hope everyone has a great day.


  410. courtney says:

    Sorry…the link is:


    Thanks again!!

  411. Sue says:

    Hi,Please vote for my little guy, I’ll do the same. Thanks!

  412. Chelsea says:

    Sorry everyone, but I need to vote. I submitted my daughter’s picture Wednesday of last week, so it’s been 6 full days since I posted it, and I still have not received a confirmation email, nor can anyone vote for her yet! If I go to My Entries, I can see the picture, so I hate to repost the same one, because that would likely use up two of my pictures. And I don’t want to keep posting pictures if it’s not going to work at all. This is ridiculous! Ok, vent over. I’m off to vote for all of you, and will post my kids link as soon as they are confirmed, which will hopefully be very soon! She has no logos on her either, and even if she did, shouldn’t they be letting you know it wasn’t approved, and give you the chance to resubmit a new picture in it’s place?

  413. Alex Case says:

    chevelle check your email..

  414. Sue says:

    Is there anyway you could get all the links in one place and numbered them all to make it easy to vote. Parents heve to post each day that they have voted and which # they have problem voting for, for that day.
    Just the thought. Thanks!


  415. Darren says:

    It took 6 days before I recieved my conformation. I did finally recieve it so don’t give up I know how frustrating it can be.

  416. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Sue i just voted for your son my link ishttp://family.go.com/gapcastincall/entries/chevelle4267/

  417. Sue says:

    Chevelle, Thanks! I just voted for your son too. He is so sweet!

  418. Alex Case says:

    Sue can you vote for my son?? i will vote for yours?


  419. Jen Rishko says:

    I submitted my photo’s of my daughter Ella a few days ago and still have not rec’d the confirmation email. It excepted my pictures and indicated I should receive and email shortly.
    Any ides on why this takes so long?

  420. spaley says:

    OK…does anyone else think something is way fishy with the voting. The #1 and #2 vote getters (something like 10,000 each) are obviously a brother a sister, followed by the same girl with 5 or 6 pictures with thousands of votes. Now, no offense meant, but the kids and the pictures themselves would not seem to gather these kind of votes…UNLESS the parents are using “vote” casting software of some sort. Even if they were the most gorgeous kids in the world, the number of votes compared to the rest is crazy and nearly impossible. Thoughts

  421. chevelle says:

    @ Spaley i feel the same way something ain’t right normal voting range 0 to about 1000 @ this stage not almost 10000 votes no way something really need to be done about the voting process they should have started the voting once all the entries were in and really be fair about the voting and watch out for scamming votes

  422. Alex Case says:

    spaley I completely agreed with you In 3 days I have yet to reach 40 votes….not only is it a pain to register to vote a lot of family is nto as computer savvy grandmothere aunts so for them to try to log on to vote is almost impossible to do it on a daily basis… I am disgusted with disney and how they can let this go on unquestioned…

  423. chevelle says:

    @ Alex i will e mail you when i get off work

  424. chevelle says:

    Everyone on this site need to email disney about the voting and let them know how we feel because ain’t no way they have all those votes already It’s not fair to us who are strugging to get votes and they are almost@ 10,000 no way

  425. Alex Case says:

    Daisy count me in….

  426. chevelle says:

    @ Daisy we need her id so we can vote

  427. Alex Case says:

    chevelle yes email me on Yahoo… i have new pictures i want to show you!!! did you take any new ones to show me?

    ps I emailed disney yesterday they never responded…i think everyone should if anythign they should suspend the current contest restart once the submissionof pictures finishes…and it should be narrowed down to 100 kids…

  428. chevelle says:

    @ Alex so true they should have not started the contest until all entries were in and then make sure no scamming in the voting process

  429. Kelly says:

    Spaley – I had the exact same thought but just couldnt bring myself to type it 🙂 Yes they have to have a voter software. It doesnt surprise me. I am sure there are lots of ‘tech-y’ parents out there.

  430. spaley says:

    They have to be using software of some sort to do the voting. There’s no way they know that many people or have that many email addresses. It’s especially obvious when 1 kids has 5 photos all at the top of the votes…and, not trying to be mean here, but she ain’t that cute (and the photos are not good quality). To be honest, I would never expect to win something like this and more for fun BUT this kind of thing really annoys me. The hope here is that Disney/Gap realize something is fishy by the pure numbers and the photos and disqualify. Luckily the judges will pick the winners for the casting call (do you think Gap is going to put an unsttractive kid all over there stores? Don;t think so :)) but the top vote getter gets the trip and that annoys me when it isn’t honest.

  431. Alex Case says:

    I totally aggree… they are averaging over 700 votes a day… I cam lucky to get 15 votes a day…. chevelle did you???

  432. chevelle says:

    @ Spaley they really need to start the voting process when all the entries are in and then make sure the voting is fair because we all would love to be winners just give us a fair shot

  433. Alex Case says:

    Now who is Bumpershine ??? She seems to have pull with Gap , maybe she can put in a word to them about the illegal vote practices going on with this contest!!

    1. bumpershine says:

      I’ve got no pull with the Gap, I’m afraid. I’d imagine they are monitoring this thread and are aware of what is going on with the contest this year. By the way, it’s Mr. Bumpershine to you.

  434. chevelle says:

    @ Alex well my son have 715 votes and that’s from family and friends voting daily and me reminding them to vote on facebook the votes i do have they are all earned votes and they are in the right range not like some who have almost 10’000

  435. spaley says:

    So, if you look at the number of votes, you can tell there’s some software being used…they’re too close:
    – Alyssa M: 6345
    – Alyssa M: 6318
    – Alyssa M: 5886
    – Alyssa M: 5882
    – Alyssa M: 5881
    – Edwin W: 5362
    – Edwin W: 5306
    – Jayla E and Jaiden E.: 7040 and 6954

    And, again, with no offense, but Allysa M???? Almost 30,000 total votes for these pictures? uh…..no.
    – Edwin W: 5065

  436. chevelle says:

    I don’t know who Bumpershine is but someone needs to do something. A big name like GAP should not be going on that give GAP a bad name when it comes down to being fair in the GAP casting call contest even though Disney is the sponsor but it gives Gap the bad name

  437. Alex Case says:

    Chevelle totally agree with you… there are people on here with votes that are legitimate and those people know who they are…all I am saying is it goes from 7000 the closest one after the # 6 is 1500 I mean there is a problem right there…

  438. Alex Case says:

    MR BUMPERSHINE… I like it!!! HAH… Yeah… they need to do something…. and chevelle you see how much work you have done to get 700 imagine what you would have to do to get 7000 legitimately….

    1. bumpershine says:

      I just sent an email to my PR contact at the Gap, we’ll see what happens. You can find their original (not so illuminating) response to the concerns mentioned in this thread over here.

  439. chevelle says:

    @ Alex i put in a lot of work to get 718 so imagine what they would have had to do to get that many votes it ain’t so something is really going on

  440. Alex Case says:

    7000 votes in 14 days… contest started 2 weeks that is 500 votes a day!!

  441. chevelle says:

    @ Mr.Bumpershine thanks so much all we want is things to be fair so we all can have a fair chance in the fan favorite because believe me we all would love to win the trip but just play fair

  442. Alex Case says:

    my son is 15 months if I take him on this vacation would it be considered a vacation seeing I would be chasing him all over the place??? Dino For president!!!


  443. Laura says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just did my daily voting;Thanks to everyone who has voted today. Thanks also to you, Mr. Bumpershine, for your help with our concerns. I love this thread!

  444. Sue says:

    Alex Case, I just voted for all pic of your child.


  445. Sue says:

    That 2 top kids did not started at day one, I am pretty sure they started the following Sunday or Monday! On their first day, they scored 1000 points. If I remember right!

  446. ColtonsMama says:

    I am having trouble too! One of my photos went through, but the one I LOVE didn’t yet. You can see the picture, but there’s no option to vote except for the first uploaded photo. It’s been over 4 days, and still no confirmation email. I even uploaded the photo again just in case! Thanks for your help!

  447. Laura says:

    Hi Colton’s mama,
    I can’t believe there is another Colton S. on this thread. I voted for him, he is precious.Don’t worry ,your confirmation will come eventually. My Colton is in the boy category, his link is above post #443 by Pleschelle.

  448. pleschelle says:

    Ok so I have voted for everyone on here… I also voted for the new comers as well… Make sure you vote daily..


  449. twayner says:

    Wow, alot went on here today while I was at work!!! Way to lay the smack down!! Just finished voting again for everyone today.Its becoming quite a task. Dont forget Ashlee,new photo up after 6 days. Thanks to all.


  450. pleschelle says:


    I am not sure how we can get all of the links on here in one post…. I have tried to do it but not able to. I also tried to find a way to post a doc here with all the links but it did not work either… I guess we will have to just put the links in our own doc and use that daily.. Any thoughts let me know..

    1. bumpershine says:

      Folks, any comment with more than 1 link in it automatically goes to moderation. Should I paginate these comments, or do you like them as 1 long list?

  451. twayner says:

    O.K. so what I did was copied the links down to the reply box. Then copied the whole thing to a text document on my computer. Then copied it back to here making sure to leave a space between the address’.

  452. pleschelle says:

    Did it work???

  453. twayner says:

    Its working for me can you see reply #525

  454. twayner says:

    Woops I mean reply #523

  455. pleschelle says:

    Yes I see reply 523, but it is not the links…

  456. twayner says:

    It says my comment is under moderation, on my page the links are on it and theyre working.

  457. pleschelle says:

    thats very strange… I wonder why no one else can see them?

  458. twayner says:

    Maybe only 1 link per reply is allowed. They might be against people using their sight for data storage

  459. pleschelle says:

    Oh well…. I have them all saved to my PC and add them as new people post… I just wanted to make it easier for others..

  460. twayner says:

    Yup, nice try

  461. Cherie says:

    Okay, I got one of my pic confirmations, still waiting on 4 others!!

    Here is the link if anyone is interested in voting for my baby girl!



  462. twayner says:

    Just voted for Isabela. Glad youre finally in!Dont forget Ashlee


  463. twayner says:

    Hello “Mr.” Bumpershine, we were just trying to find a way to easily post all the links here in one spot daily so we could make additions easily too. Is there any way to do that?

  464. ywnh says:

    finally I have all five pictures up.

  465. pleschelle says:


    voted, please vote for my little man..

    @ Mr. Bumpershine, I think we would like them as all one list so we can put up the list… TY

  466. Cherie says:


    On my way there now!!


  467. twayner says:

    pleschelle,can you see the links on #523 now that its been moderated?

  468. Natasha Luciano says:

    Voting for all your beautiful kids till 11 and ill be back on after 12 PLEASE vote for Aryanna http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/Ary1114/420068164/

  469. Crystal says:

    WOW….okay it’s been 7 days and my daughter’s picture is STILL not up? No logos or anything, so I haven’t figured it out?!?! My son’s picture showed up 2 days later…hers is still M.I.A.
    I’m not quite sure what is going on with the votes, but it does seem weird with tens of thousands of votes.
    Please vote for my Chase, and I’ll post my baby girl when (or maybe IF) I get a confirmation on her.
    Thank you so much everyone ;0)
    okay…off to vote

  470. NAEM says:


    I am new to the blog, I also have had problems registering my daughter for the gap casting call. I just received my confirmation today from registering last week on Tuesday, so now she is a little behind in votes. I would appreciate you all voting for my little girl as I would all of your children. Thanks
    Here is her link: https://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/shanaem/

  471. twayner says:

    Just voted for Jaida and voted for Chase earlier, vote for Ashlee M, thankyou


  472. Mandy says:

    Hello, everyone. I am going to do some serious voting tonight!! I will vote everyone, my daughter is in the baby girl category, Abigail C. thanks

  473. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Mandy i voted for mandy she is beautiful my son jaden link is

  474. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I voted for everyone

  475. Sue says:

    Welcome mandy!

  476. Sue says:

    These are people I voted today.
    1. Tara–Brooklyn
    2. TanyaPro28 — Brynlee & Kaileigh
    3. Kelly– Shaelyn
    4. Abbie–Aleeyah
    5. (chevelle )–Chevelle Lassai–Jaden
    6. Natasha Luciano–Aryanna
    7. twayner– Ashlee
    8. ywnh–Crysta
    9. Courtney–Skylar
    10. Crystal– Chase
    11. Londra–Cadence
    12. Darren–Oliver
    13. Cherie– Isabela
    14. Raquel–Jacob
    15. Tasha–Kristian
    16. Allison–Kaylee
    17.Alex Case–MatthewJohn
    18. pleschelle–Jeremy
    19. ColtonsMama –Colton
    20. DAISY HUNTER–Tyreic
    21. NAEM–Jaida
    22. Mandy–Abigail
    23. Jennifer Gatley–Jayden
    24. Angel–Deja
    25. Chelsea–Katelyn


  477. Sue says:

    I copied and saved links on my desktop to make it easy to vote. If you need a copy please let me know. And if everyone voted like they should, we all should have at least 25 votes/day.
    Good luck,

  478. Mandy says:

    Wheww… okay. so I did roll Call. here is everyone i voted for, please post if I forgot anyone. everybody’s kids are so beautiful!! It is so hard for the judges I bet, just never know what they are looking for. good luck



















    SkylarN, voted for her. pic didn’t show up though, i was able to vote









    little aussie








  479. Mandy says:

    @sue. I voted for nicholas earlier, i emailed you. I will do roll call again tomorrow.don’t forget Agigail C

  480. Amanda says:

    I am somewhat relieved to see others are having problems with the website and the contest in general. I entered a picture of my daughter last Thursday and STILL have not gotten any confirmation email regarding its approval. It is not viewable upon searching my member name or the contestant ID provided at entry. It is now Wednesday and has been six days. I uploaded four more photos today, but I’m wondering how long it takes for the submissions to be “approved?” Hopefully they get around to approving all photos before the contest is over!

  481. twayner says:

    Just voted for most of the group. Will be back for the rest this evening. Good job with the lists. Dont forget Ashlee M Thankyou


  482. Alex Case says:

    All new people please vote for my little guy and send me your links an dI will return the favor…


  483. Daisy Hunter says:

    I casted my votes for you guys! I hope you can donate one for my cause!


    THE ID IS 171885027

  484. Sue says:

    Alex Case and Daisy Hunter, your name is on my list of people I’ve for. Please return the favor.. Thanks.


    Can anyone tell me, How do I send you my links other than posted on this page?

  485. Sue says:

    Sorry, I meant to say …have voted for…

  486. Sue says:

    I know Mandy!

  487. Laura W. says:

    I followed this religiously last year, but am just now getting on this year! Megan’s photos are at:


    If someone can send me the comprehensive “voting” list, I’ll start today!!!


  488. NAEM says:

    THANK YOU all for voting for my baby. I have returned the favor for some. I will log back on later to finish up, there are so many beautiful children to vote for. Good LUck to you all and keep the votes coming.

  489. Alex Case says:

    Did anyone herar back from Disney regarding how some kids have over 6 thousand votes??/ Bumpershine you out there? sorry the only person I call Mister is my father!!!

  490. Alex Case says:

    Has anyone heard back from Disney regarding the inconsistency of votes? Bumpershine have you heard anything and sorry the only perosn I would call Mister is my father..

  491. pleschelle says:

    Voted for all 30

    Crysta H.
    Cadence L.
    Kristian B.
    Jaden L.
    Ashlee M.
    Chase M.
    Skylar N.
    Aryanna P.
    Allison M.
    Dylan C. and Kynedi C.
    Nicholas G. and Yasmine M.
    Alexander H.
    GAVIN H.
    Deja G.
    Colin E.
    Brooklyn D.
    Jayden G.
    Brynlee P. and Kaileigh P.
    Colton S.
    Aleeyah H.
    Shaelyn M.
    Oliver K.
    Joshua C. and Jordyn C.
    Jacob C.
    Georgia L.
    Ava H.
    Houston D.
    Abigail C.
    Nicholas T.
    Jaida M.

    Lets make sure we all vote every day…. We should get 30 votes daily just from this site….. Lets stick together and get those votes up there…


  492. pleschelle says:

    just voted fot Tyreic H…. sorry I missed it on my list…

  493. Alex Case says:

    Pleschelle can you add me to this list please…


  494. sylvia says:

    Hi there! yeah i totally agree w/it not being fair :(. AND i signed up for them to email me when it started and check the site everday and it barely updated on oct 1st then I saw that there was already kids w/ 3,000 votes @ that time. I never got an email (checked the spam box too), and apparently it was not the http://www.gap.com/browse/info.do?cid=45016 site that i should have been going to anyway lol. maybe they should have done it where everyone submits until a certain date THEN start the voting and then end that on the 22nd before they select the 20 finalists…makes more sense and is more fair huh? anyways, this is only my first year of doing this so its nice to know whats going on thanks to bumpershine! :).

    And, i’d like to thank sue for introducing me to this site! I appreciate it! She can voucher for me when i say I am true to my word when I say i will vote for those who vote for my son as well. good luck everyone!

    oh and it only shows 30 pages of kids on there, for me anyway, idk if it does the same for others? like it only shows the 30 pages of the most recent or 30 pages of the ones who have the most… how are others suppose to look @ everyones…then again i’m sure there are thousands of entries…but still lol. Anywho, Please vote for Jace, and I will vote for your child as well. have a great day everyone! 🙂


  495. Laura W. says:

    Yes, please add me to the list as well!

    Megan W. – http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/lwinkle09/

    I just voted for Jeremy M. So adorable!!! I don’t know how they possibly choose with so many beautiful children…

  496. Alex Case says:

    Laura how about dino_2009??

  497. sylvia says:

    hi laura w, i just voted for megan 🙂 please vote for my son, Jace. thanks a bunch! :o)

  498. Alisha M. says:

    Hello everybody! I just found this site today. I submitted my daughter’s photo about 2 weeks ago. It let me upload the photo, said I would receive a confirmation email and nothing came. After a few days, I decided to look at the picture I submitted to make sure it wasn’t too big and apparently when I cropped it, it increased the kb of the picture, making it too large. I tried to submit the photo again without cropping it on my own software (when I originally submitted it, I didn’t know the site would have a way to crop a photo), but it said overlimit every time I tried. Not on the main screen but up in the URL it said overlimit at the end. So my husband signed up and submitted the photo but we cropped it with the website’s cropping device and the picture wasn’t too large then. It took over a week to receive a confirmation email. After we received the email (just yesterday), I submitted the link to facebook and via email to friends and family. Now my friends and family are saying they can’t register to vote. Some say the page is blank, which I have also tried to pull up the registration form after logging out and it does just pull up a blank page. Some just can’t access it. So my daughter has 3 votes from me and my husband from yesterday and today. It looks like most everyone else on here who has received their confirmations are able to have friends and family register to vote. Is anyone else having a problem with this? I know I’m super late in the game b/c we just got confirmation yesterday but I will go through and vote for everyone’s kiddos. If anyone gets a chance, would you mind trying to vote for Zara and see if it works? And if anyone knows about how to help friends and family so they can actually register, that’d be great. Thanks all! http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/joemerrick913/

  499. Daisy H says:

    Pleschelle thanks for the return of the favor and to everyone else that contributed as well! I have been keeping my end of the bargin and voting for the cuties as well!

    I informed Tyreic’s mom of what I’ve started for her child and she wanted me to send a personal thank you to everyone who donated a vote. It shows that people care and it little things like this can brighten up someone’s day. She doubts that he’ll even win, but just being int he possibility is great! So thanks again…

    Please send me other kids to vote on as well!


    THE ID IS 171885027

  500. Daisy H says:

    Please continue to show your support and donate a vote!!


    THE ID IS 171885027

  501. ywnh says:

    Good morning.
    I voted for all of your kids this morning.
    Thank you for voting my little girl.


  502. sylvia says:

    hi alisha, i just voted for zara, it should be the 4th vote. sorry to hear you’r having problems w/ the site. same thing happened to me when i’d give ppl the id # so i just gave them them my member name and that way they’re able to vote for all 4 if they want instead of just that one photo they see when they put in the member #.

    ps, please vote for my son:


  503. NAEM says:

    Just voted for Zara M. as well, it should be vote #5. I was able to see the picture when I voted. Please vote for my little girl as well:


    Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

  504. Kelly says:

    Good Morning All – I am off to vote for everyone. Thanks for the list it makes it easier. But my username is listed incorrectly, its Kcamp2009


    Have a great day everyone!

  505. courtney says:

    Hello all! Just voted for all the kiddos…please remember to vote for Skylar. Thanks again!!


  506. Angel says:

    Alisha, Angel here I am writing this to tell you that my family and friends are also having problems with voting. They say they cannot find the page or it says this profile no longer exist. I do not understand either. I am wondering as well the first post of my daughter I only have a total of about 30 votes. I am getting really frustrated with the contest in its self. I want to thank Kellykel for the post of my daughter Dega G Id number in all of her postings as well as all the other people that have posted and voted for my daughter we are working hard to get votes and I wanted to personally thank everyone in this thread for their votes. I agree with the fact that it looks like some people have voting software of some type because the numbers are crazy. I am voting everyday for all children in this tread. My daughter post is http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/sistershere/ Everyone here has some of the cutest kids I have seen and thanks for everyones votes.

  507. sylvia says:

    my post isnt posting 🙁 but everything else posts?? hmmm

  508. sylvia says:

    maybe its because i had too many links on it, but i just voted for the following ppls kids:
    kelly (skybratt5)

    please return the favor and vote for jace:

  509. sylvia says:

    if i missed you, please let me know, and i’ll be back in an hr to vote some more 🙂 good luck everyone!

  510. Angel says:

    okay I am back now. I just voted for everyone that I saw with a link on this page. I voted for each of the pics that were posted. Wanted you to know that I did not forget to vote for everyone children it took a little while. I had problems with Jayden fromthis tread when I was trying to vote. I will try again alittle latter this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who is voting for my little one Deja G. we appreciate it our votes our alittle low compared to the girl that is the fan fav. lol because that is all I can do with that. My daughters link is for anyone interested is http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/sistershere/ and welcome to alex for joining this thread I voted for your cutie pie also. Dino is all I remember from my voting but he we was adorable wanted to let you know.

  511. Alex Case says:


    Dino is pretty bad ass….he is 15 months old and has been talking up a storm…I know none of us in here will win this fan favorite but i like all the support we have given each other!!

  512. NAEM says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    You forgot my litle girl Jaida

    Here is her lnk and I will gladly return the favor.



  513. NAEM says:


    I just voted for your little boy Jace, his pictures are so adorable.

  514. Chevelle Lassai says:

    Let’s keep the voting fair we are on here trying to get votes and some people went out they way to post the links so voting can be easy for us to place votes i vote for everyone on a daily basis but when i checked it this morning a lot of people say they are voting but for as my son votes i only saw 3 new votes from last night when i took my last count of his votes all i am saying is we all went through a lot with registering and so forth and we all have came together to find a way to help each other let’s keep it 100% real and vote for everyone you see listed let’s play it fair

  515. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Daisy I voted for your entry

  516. DAISY says:


  517. DAISY says:



  518. Alex Case says:

    chevelle drop an email my way…

  519. DAISY says:


    I VOTED FOR 79256495 and 202563545….

    I hope you can return the favor.


  520. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Daisy i voted for your enrty this morning

  521. DAISY says:

    CHEVELLE I VOTED FOR 792563495 and 202563545

  522. Chevelle Lassai says:

    When i vote i vote for all pics not just one i vote for all

  523. Angel says:

    oh okay Alex, I saw him when I voted this morning he was adorable. I voted for so many children and they all are pretty nice looking kids. I love this site I come and visit this posting page everyday so I can cast my votes for everyone. I love the support that I have received on this site from everyone. I came here completely confused when I first arrived and everyone has been so nice to me.

  524. Alex Case says:

    angel send email with link to acase32075@yahoo.com

  525. Angel says:

    Naem, I am having problems voting for your child I need the link so I can go and vote for your child.

  526. Alex Case says:

    woowo Daisy all your pictures pop up if you double click DAISY hoo did you do that???

  527. Alex Case says:

    Chevelle just voted for Zaorek

  528. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Alex thanks so much i see you keep it 100% real

  529. Alex Case says:

    hell yeah still waiting on you though!!

  530. NAEM says:


    I’m not sure what the problem was but here is the link


    Thank you for your vote

  531. sylvia says:

    thanks naem, your daughter is super precious! just voted for her, and just voted for chevelle and angel’s child also

  532. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Sylvia thanks so much for the vote i voted for your Jace

  533. Alex Case says:

    Sylvia did you get dino_2009 ??

  534. Angel says:

    alright Naem I tried that link as well. It show stuff only at the right corner of the page. No place to vote not even a picture I do not know what is going on with your link maybe if I try to type it in by itself it will work. I will try that in about 3 minutes to see if it will let me vote in that way.

  535. Angel says:

    okay now I finally was able to vote for Naem little one. I noticed that you are from my old location. I used to live in Maryland as well. Good luck to you and the baby. I had to type the link into my toolbar at the top of the page worked fine but when I tried to vote from here I got all the stuff on the right side of the screen. Not sure what that was all about. I voted for yours though. glty

  536. NAEM says:

    Thanks a lot Angel

    I voted for your little girl’s pics as well (all 4 of them)

    Good Luck

  537. Angel says:

    Thank you for your vote as well Naem. I will be voting again tomorrow since we can only vote for a photo once a day. Alex thanks for the vote as well. I thought I lost your message but I found it. Just to let you know here as well as in the message. Thanks for the votes to everyone in the thread.

  538. DAISY says:

    @ CHEVELLE. First off, I clicked on ALL of your pics. I sent the thank you for voting verification pop up for those two and othert two were still processing. I did a refresh and it sent me back to the main page of gap casting call. So i sent the comment on here just to verify that I did vote for your kid. When I went back into the site to vote on others, I double checked on yours and all FOUR processed my vote.

  539. Alex Case says:

    FIGHT>>>>>> just playing…. people we all have to vote my votes have only gone up 10 all day… and supposedly there are over 30 voters in here… DINO FOR PRESIDENT….


  540. sylvia says:

    yes alex, definitely remember voting for that handsome boy of urs, soooo cute w/ the gap hoodie!!!!

    also voted for deja, angel

  541. Sue says:

    Thanks to those that voted for my son. I will start to make my round again for those thai I missed. Please remember to voted for me too. thanks!

  542. Sue says:

    I really do need to check my spelling before I hit the summit button! 🙁

  543. Sue says:

    Oh well! I did that again! Sorry!

  544. Laura W. says:

    Thanks to everyone who has voted for Megan W.

    I’ll have to do all of my voting at lunch or tonight, but will get everyone at some point today!!!

  545. Alex Case says:

    sue thank you… email me at acase32075@yahoo.com

  546. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Daisy why did you say first off where did that come from because i voted for your entry

  547. Alex Case says:

    Fiiiighhhhhttttt… Dino for president!!

  548. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Daisy i see why you said that all i was saying was when i vote for all pics didn’t mean any offense okay

  549. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Alex stop it just stop it Dino for President

  550. sylvia says:

    I’m honestly voting for those who I said i already voted for. i havnet seen much of an update on my son’s but figured it’s just taking some time, but i hope ppl really are voting back lol.

  551. Alex Case says:

    CHevelle I am playing and you know that… Sylvia I aggree I think we are voting for kids and not everyone is returnign the favor… Chevelle I sent you an email…

  552. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Alex i know you are playing

  553. Alex Case says:

    HAH… you see my email?

  554. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ i will lok in a minute still voting

  555. Sue says:

    I just voted for 5 people,but have a hard time posting here. Allison M., Valerie, Alisha, Laura W and Lorie H.

    Please vote for me. Thanks!

  556. sylvia says:

    it’s still fun to me this whole teamwork thing, despite those who opt to be unfair. :o)….whats gonna work!? teeeeamwork! whats gonna work!? teeeeamwork!!! lol

  557. Angel says:

    Sorry to hear about you having a hard time posting here. I am confused on what you are speaking of because I know I voted earlier today for your pic because i remember the name of Nicholasthies and this post I voted from this website. I only had to type in was Naem because all of her stuff was coming up on the right corner of my page. So I had to go directly to the top to vote for her child. I voted this morning for your entry from your listing on this page. I had no problem. Is this what you are speaking of as far as a hard time posting here.

  558. Alisha M. says:

    Thanks Angel and Sylvia for your feedback! I voted for your cuties! Thanks for your votes! Hopefully family and friends will be able to register to vote soon!

  559. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I voted for everyone i keep it 100% real because i know how people feel with all the problems they had

  560. Alisha M. says:

    Thanks Sue! I just saw your post and voted for Nicholas he’s adorable!

  561. Sue says:

    Sylvia! yes! teamwork! I love it!

    Angel, No I don’t have a hard time voting at all. What I was trying to say is. I tried to post my comment in here, but had to retype again 3 times. The first two, after I pressed submit button, I didn’t see my post.
    Thanks for your voted.

    We may not win the fan voted, but our kids are winners because of we are such good Teamwork. They will be proud!

  562. Laura says:

    Hi everyone,
    I just voted for all the links. I also voted for Mandy,Laura W.,Sylvia,Daisy,Alysha,Naem and Sue. Please don’t forget my Colton, there are two Colton S.’s on here. His link is post # 443
    ending in mama2colton. Thanks to all!!

  563. Alex Case says:

    HAs everyone here emailed Diney regarding the inconsistencies on the top vote getters.,,.,7000 votes is insane!!

  564. Alex Case says:

    Laura did you vote for Dino For president?

  565. NAEM says:

    No, What is Diney’s email address? Those number of votes are totally insane.

  566. sylvia says:

    laura it’s not working for me or i’m missing somethin (i should mention that i’m blind and always put the wrong thing lol!!) can you post the link? and thanks for the vote! 🙂

  567. Sue says:

    Laura, can you Post the link (mama2colton)? I will vote this evening. Have to run. Sorry I missed it.

  568. Angel says:

    Sue that is what I was wondering about. the same thing happened to me when I was trying to post something here to it told me I had a duplicate post or something like that. I think it might be because so many of us are posting statement here and it gets congested so it stalls abit. Not sure I got the same thing so that was my question. I wanted to make sure that this was the problem and not actually your childs posting.

  569. Mandy says:

    Here I go again guys! making my rounds again on voting. I’m doing it now since by baby is sleeping, I will post who all I voted for(may not be right away,but I will post) don’t forget Abigail C

  570. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Mandy i voted she is s doll

  571. Mandy says:

    Here I go again guys, making my rounds voting. I will post who all I voted for (may not be right away, but will post)
    don’t forget about little Abigail C

  572. Laura says:

    Here is the link for colton
    I hope I did it right. Sometimes I find at this time of day it has trouble loading.
    Hope it worked Thanks!! BTW I voted for Dino also.

  573. Kelly says:

    Chevelle – I’ve been voting for Jaden every day. My numbers aren’t going up after people say they’ve voted too. Oh well…


  574. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ kelly i voted for you daily lol

  575. Susan says:

    Most my friends and family have had trouble registering or logging on or seeing our child pic on some of the days… and me most every day. Some people won’t register because of the long form and info asked. Not user friendly the form or system to just vote plus daily. HOW CAN kids have 6500 votes!? The contest just started 9/22. HOW COULD that be possible? We have a large family and friends but that cannot be true and it is unfair.

  576. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Susan i feel the same way i enter on september 22 and i don’t have that many votes and my family and friends been voting daily Jaden have 788 votes and that’s a good range for votes since the contest started on the September22 i have about 70 people voting daily for him plus the folks on bumpershine and ain’t noway they should have over 8000 votes something is truly wrong and it is so unfair to the other entries

  577. Alex Case says:

    Unless we stop this Fan Favorite contest from happening none of us here can even come close to catching up…. there are 6 weeks left chevelle I think you may have the most votes here from all your hard work you would need 1000 votes a day to catch up!!!and that is if they do not receive any more votes from now till the end

  578. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Alex something really need to be done about the fan favorite because it’s not fair to all of us who enter the contest i have e mail Disney but no response we all on bumpershine need to email Disney daily and let them know how we feel and maybe something will get done about it the email is support@disneyfamily.com we all need to email them

  579. Alex Case says:

    I aggree guys I know e can continue to vote daily but honestly we are wasting our time…

    dino_2009 FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  580. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Alex even if we vote daily that will get our kids in the gallery because if you don’t vote that won’t get seen @ all so everyone keep voting

  581. Alex Case says:

    I guess…. vote for Dino!!!@

  582. NAEM says:

    I will be emailing them today because the numbers for some of the children are ridiculous, and it really isn’t fair. Thanks for the email Chevelle and Alex.

  583. Alex Case says:

    October 6th, 2009 at 3:07 pm
    So, if you look at the number of votes, you can tell there’s some software being used…they’re too close:
    – Alyssa M: 6345
    – Alyssa M: 6318
    – Alyssa M: 5886
    – Alyssa M: 5882
    – Alyssa M: 5881
    – Edwin W: 5362
    – Edwin W: 5306
    – Jayla E and Jaiden E.: 7040 and 6954

    At 3:07 yesterday Jayla had 7040 vtes right now she has 8700

  584. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Alex you have to click on her picture she has more than 8700

  585. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @Alex i just checked she 8749

  586. Alex Case says:

    that is 1700 votes in 24 hours COME ON DISNEY!!!

  587. NAEM says:

    lol… thats crazy

  588. Alex Case says:

    yeah that is 1700 individual logins…no wonder the site is slow!!

  589. Susan says:

    RRRRRRR! Okay I emailed Disney Chevelle. Thank you for the address. I just tried to vote and it did not show it went through as usual. RRRRRR!

  590. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Susan i just e mailed them too

  591. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Susan who did you try to vote for and it did not go through

  592. Laura says:

    Hey Alex,
    If you haven’t voted for Colton yet today,would you try the link I posted. It is post #652.I voted earlier today on the gap website and I’m wondering if the link works. Thanks!!!

  593. Alex Case says:

    Check to see if your numbers went up just did all the pictures… I dont think everyone is voting for all the kids on here I started with 40 votes this morning in which 4 my family did so this website only gave 10 votes!!! JUST ANF FYI

  594. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Alex i voted this morning i am keeping it 100%

  595. Alex Case says:

    Chevelle I know you are….. still have not emailed me though,,,

  596. Chevelle Lassai says:

    i am @ worked right now

  597. Laura says:

    Thanks Alex,
    My numbers went up. I vote each day for everyone. Thanks to everyone who votes each day!!

  598. Lorie says:

    Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that I have been down with the flu the past 2 days. I did not vote for anyone including my own. I will get caught up and vote again for all! Sorry!!! Good luck! Thanks for the support!

  599. Angel says:

    I just finished reading thru the thread as well. I have to agree I do not understand the numbers either. My daughter only has maybe 40 votes depending on which picture we are speaking of. I think this vote is rigged I do not believe that someone could have as many votes as they do. I am just tired I check everyday. I vote everyday. I do not understand why the numbers seem to stay just about the same for everyone who I vote for. I am going to write a letter to disney I know they will not answer and neither will gap but it is really tiresome to do this daily. It does not make any sense and my child has been in many different competitions and I have never seen anything ran like this one. You can never register the site is slow. I why do you need to register like you are entering the contest when all you want to do is vote. Is it that hard to set apage just for votes to take place. I know it sounds like I am mad but I am not I am just frustrated with the way this competion is being handled and I have had enough. I have called Gap they know nothing and disney support does not answer any emails. I am tired. I would like to thank everyone who has and continues to vote for my child. It is fun everyday just showing my daughter how her number of votes are going up. Thanks so mush to everyone here for all the support and hospitality.

  600. courtney says:

    I agree that not everyone on this site is voting for all the kids. I’ve voted for everyone already today, that’s about 36 people. My child’s votes aren’t going up by 36 every day, I can tell you that much. Chevelle – I finally got Jaden’s link to work yesterday and voted for your cousin’s link just now. Alex – your little boy is too cute!!

    In case you missed her, Skylar’s link is:


    Thanks again for those who’ve voted for her!!

  601. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Angel so true they should have made it easy for the voters to vote all they had to do was go to the site and put in there email address to vote so simple but i don’t know what is going on voting is ridiculous

  602. Angel says:

    thanks for noticing. I noticed that there are a bunch of us on this thread that have to agree. I can not even get votes from my childs grandmother because she does not understand what they want her to do just to register to vote. It all seems rather strange. The vote numbers are out of this world and I am at the conclusion that my child does not have a shot in a snow storm of being selected because the numbers are so low. I am not concerned with how Disney takes my messages because this contest to me now is more of a joke. I will continue to vote for everyone on this thread because I think I just like to laugh at the numbers because I find them funny.

  603. Angel says:

    The fan fav is girls has finally changed it is now a little girl named Jayla much better thant he first fan fav but the number of 8700 votes HOW!!!! It still does not make any sense.

  604. Mandy says:

    Okay here is who i voted for. I am going to break it up so the message wont be so long. I voted from 3:30-4:20 you can check your tallies and see that it went up:)

    SkylarN, voted for her. pic didn’t show up though, i was able to vote

  605. Mandy says:

    here is the next set:
    little aussie

  606. Abbie says:

    Totally missed yesterday’s voting-including my own daughter and didn’t get a chance to check in over here either. You guys left me with quite a bit of reading to get caught up!!!

    I’m with everyone else as far as numbers not going up like they should be when we are voting for so many. BUT I can say-as I was voting and accidentally clicked on the same link twice throughout the comment section-ones that I had already voted for, didn’t show that I voted. You know how it says after you vote that you can only vote once a day-well, it showed I could vote for the picture again-like it never took it. I make sure to wait until it says that I’ve voted before going onto the next one, but for some reason-three times while voting-it acted like it didn’t take my vote when I hit it again on the next time I accidentally clicked the same link twice.

    Hopefully, that made some sense. haha. All that to say-I wonder how many of the votes are taking effect when we click them.


  607. Mandy says:

    next set:

    jacegarza- hey we live in pearland too:)))

  608. Mandy says:

    Don’t forget About Abigail C.
    thanks everyone!

  609. courtney says:

    @Mandy…thanks for voting for Skylar.

    @Abbie….I think you’re right. I just checked chevelle’s link and it says I only voted for one of her pictures, so I’m going back to make sure all my votes are counted.

    Jeez, what’s going on with these votes!!!


  610. Laura says:

    Mandy..thanks for voting for colton. BTW, my mother-in-law is in town and is using my computer to vote; so I am having her vote for everyone on this thread while she is here.
    So that will be an extra vote!!! I know we could all use it!!

  611. pleschelle says:

    Ok there is definitely a problem… The baby boy fan favorite page 30 starts with 77 votes… My son has 83 and he is not in the gallery….. What is going on here?

  612. Laura says:

    I don’t think they have updated the page. Colton is in the boy gallery with 56 votes but he has 77 votes now. Hopefully they will update it soon.

  613. courtney says:

    Ok…I went and re-voted for some people….I’ll finish up when I get home because the site is super slow right now. It looked like the site was only counting my vote on the first picture I voted on (for example, I voted for dino_2009 this morning, but when I checked this afternoon it said I hadn’t voted on any of the pics, so I voted for the first pick and refreshed and it went from 55 to 56 votes, but when I did that for the remaining pics, none of the numbers changed.) On twayner’s, I voted for the first pick and refreshed and the count went from 1 to 3…just weird. So, I’ll check and make sure my votes went through for everyone else when I get home tonight.

  614. Kelly says:

    The gallery is really weird. My son shows up with 212 votes but he actually has 263. I wonder why that is.


  615. Sue says:

    Ok! First of all! My friend;
    Natasha C and
    You got my voted already for today! 🙂

    I know some of you already voted for me, Thanks!
    Now, I will start with the next round.

  616. Amanda says:

    Hello all! I stumbled upon this blog while googling Gap casting call. As of last night, it had been 6 days since I submitted a picture for approval and entry. Today, I FINALLY got a confirmation email. Some of you have some really gorgeous children, so I know the competition is tough LOL. I have voted for those children listed above by Mandy. It does seem unfair that those who were quickly approved have longer to gather “fan favorite” votes than those who were just entered (like my daughter). We all have some catching up to do!

    Anyways, my daughter’s ID number is 838753146 if you’d like to return the favor and vote for her 🙂

    I am not sure how to make a link for voting, so I don’t know if this will work or not…


    Good luck to everyone!!

  617. Sue says:

    These are people I voted for today.
    1. Tara–Brooklyn
    2. TanyaPro28 — Brynlee & Kaileigh
    3. Kelly– Shaelyn
    4. Abbie–Aleeyah
    5. (chevelle )–Chevelle Lassai–Jaden
    6. Natasha Luciano–Aryanna
    7. twayner– Ashlee
    8. ywnh–Crysta
    9. Courtney–Skylar
    10. Crystal– Chase
    11. Londra–Cadence
    12. Darren–Oliver
    13. Cherie– Isabela
    14. Raquel–Jacob
    15. Tasha–Kristian
    16. Allison–Kaylee
    17. Alex Case–MatthewJohn
    18. pleschelle–Jeremy
    19. ColtonsMama –Colton
    20. DAISY HUNTER–Tyreic
    21. NAEM–Jaida
    22. Mandy–Abigail
    23. Jennifer Gatley–Jayden
    24. Angel–Deja
    25. Chelsea–Katelyn
    ——————–Below I voted for you earlier!—–
    26. Allison M.,
    27. Valerie,
    28. Alisha,
    29. Laura W and
    30. Lorie H.
    31. Mandy,
    32. Sylvia
    33. Natasha C and
    34. Laura-Colton

    Please make sure you let me know if you voted. Out of 34 people I voted today, less than half return the favor. Thanks.


  618. Sue says:

    Welcome Amanda! Just voted for Alexa!
    Please voted for me too! Thanks


  619. pleschelle says:

    I want to thank everyone who does vote daily… Lets keep it up… I know there are some people who don’t vote and just collect the votes….. I don’t think it is right but it happens….. I just wish that everyone would be fair and really vote when they say they do… There are 34 people that I vote for daily so I should get 34 back, over a 7 day period that should be 238 votes….. Unfortunately this is not happening…..

  620. pleschelle says:

    Just voted for Alexa…. She is gorgeous… Please return the favor.

  621. twayner says:

    Hello all, first off, your link worked Amanda, just voted for Alexa. Secondly, how come you guys always have the best action go on here when Im at work. This is starting to look like a script to a WWE show. Well, Im just glad no punches were thrown. LOL. O.K. Im off to vote for anyone I missed this morning and any newbies. Dont forget Ashlee M, Thankyou.


  622. Tara says:

    Hey guys!
    Just finished my daily voting. If I missed anyone, please let me know. Here is my list:


    Please send a vote our way :))


  623. Tasha says:

    Hey everyone just did my daily votes. It was easier for me today I don’t know the site didn’t seem as slow.

  624. Tara says:

    Forgot one!

  625. Tasha says:

    I know everyone isn’t voting as they say they are but come on people help everyone out as you would want to be helped.

  626. Tara says:

    I’m missing 5. I don’t know who they are so please let me know if you’re not on my list 🙂

  627. Tara says:

    Ok…nevermind. I found them.

    Added to the list are:



  628. NAEM says:

    Thanks for the vote Sue, sorry I overlooked you earlier, there are so many people to vote for

    I have voted for your boy Nicholas (all 3 of his pics)

    Thanks again

  629. Crystal says:

    Yippee!!!! My daughters picture showed up after a week!! My son Chase has been up for a few days but this is the first time I’m posting my daughter, Gentry.
    Friends….I give you my princess (who thinks she’s queen)…LOL..
    Thanks much
    who is off to vote now…..

  630. Chevelle says:

    I vote for everyone daily Gap and Disney should have started the fan favorite when all the entries were in that is the fair way

  631. twayner says:

    Just voted for Gentry, WOW those eyes! Voted for Chase earlier.

  632. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the votes people ;0)
    I can’t remember who I voted for before I started writing them down…
    I did vote for others, I’m sorry I didn’t write down the others
    thanks so much

  633. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Crystal thanks for the vote

  634. Abbie says:

    @Tara. I voted for Brooklyn earlier today when I did my run through of voting. I noticed Aleeyah wasn’t on your list, but double checked to make sure that I voted for your kiddo earlier. But as I noticed earlier with some of my other votes, 2 of the votes looks like they didn’t go through because I could vote again for the same pics (the top and bottom ones). So I re-voted again. Then clicked back over just to make sure it took and I could vote for them again. I re-voted AGAIN and then clicked back on to the page once more and it took. SO third time was a charm in getting my votes in for your pics!

    I can say, I’m about to give up on this shindig of voting. Either way, I know most of us aren’t going to get any where with it and definitely aren’t going to pass by those who appear to be cheating. Now the voting system isn’t even working properly. If I felt I could just get Aleeyah in the gallery-I’d go with it, but without friends and family voting also-it won’t happen.


  635. pleschelle says:

    Crystal, Just got Gentry….. Just gorgeous! Love the eyes…..

  636. Kelly says:

    Sue – I voted for Nicholas. I wasn’t on your list above.


  637. NAEM says:


    I tried to vote for you little one, but it looks as though her entry was removed.

  638. Mandy says:

    @Amanda, welcome. Just voted for Alexa, will add her to my daily’s!

  639. twayner says:

    Abbie , theres no / at the end of your link thats why naem had a problem with it.

  640. twayner says:

    Ive been voting for others 2 or 3 times because I noticed the same thing that Abbie mentioned

  641. Sue says:

    Kelly you are #3 on my list!
    3. Kelly– Shaelyn
    Is this different person!

  642. Sue says:

    I noticed that too! It looks like the vote didn’t go through. But it did. The way you check, if you are not sure if it gone through or not, is by make a copy of ID on the picture and do the search. You will see that # does increased. But when you try to refresh you will see as if it didn’t go through. Just log out and log back in again. Hope this help.

  643. Sue says:

    Sorry Kelly! I just check, you are different person. Just voted for all pic. Thanks.


  644. Mandy says:

    @abbie. try reloading the link, but sign in to your account first, then copy and paste the link onto here so that we can vote for her quicker:))

  645. Chevelle Lassai says:

    To everyone who think the vote didn’t go through it did it will always say that like you didn’t vote but you really did

  646. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Abbie you don’t have the slash @ the end of your link that’s why it wont work so i did it for you

  647. Tara says:

    I did vote for her earlier but I didn’t write her down on my list. Sorry 🙁 But, thanks for letting me know so I can write her down on the new list I compiled today 🙂

  648. Tara says:

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for all the votes today. We got a lot more today than we normally do :))


  649. sylvia says:

    no way mandy!!!!! 😀 how crazy!!! i love pearland, i grew up in stafford but moved to pearland last june. i’m like right of the beltway & pearland parkway.

    ppl, i’m getting lost lol, i dont know if i forgot anyone 🙁 i think i need a list like some of you guys have….ok i’m gonna save all the links right now and vote before work rather than @ work so i dont get confused and i’ll post my list of ppl i voted for, after i voted. if you voted for my son and it seems i missed you, PLEASE let me know, i’d hate to not vote for someone when they voted for Jace. Thanks everyone! have a great night! I’m off to do my list and finish up some tutus lol.

  650. sylvia says:

    these are all the ppl who’s links i saved on my computer to easily vote in the mornings, please email me your link if i did not add you and i hope to recieve votes in return. my email is sylvie_g_2003@yahoo.com. have a good night everyone! 🙂
    jacobsdisney mama
    nicholasthies (hi sue! lol)

  651. sylvia says:

    these are all the ppl who’s links i saved on my computer to easily vote in the mornings, please email me your link if i did not add you and i hope to recieve votes in return. my email is sylvie_g_2003@yahoo.com. have a good night everyone!:)
    jacobsdisney mama
    nicholasthies (hi sue! lol)

  652. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ Slyvia my is chevelle4267 you have chevelle267

  653. Mandy says:

    @sylvia. awesome! I live off hwy 288 not too far from rodeo palms, about 5 min. south of that.it’s actually considered rosharon. thanx for the votes everyone! back at it tomorrow

  654. sylvia says:

    Sorry chevelle, i left out the 4, but i have the link correct, for jaden right?

    oh and while i’m at it, here is my son’s link, i forgot to add that to my list haha!


  655. sylvia says:

    just voted for abigail mandy, last one for the night, i’m sleepy and covered in tulle lol. its so cool to have someone in this contest living near! 🙂

  656. sylvia says:

    chevelle,i checked your link that you just posted and that is the link i have saved in my favorites. i’ll vote for him again tomorrow morning, i voted for him earlier today 🙂

  657. sylvia says:

    oh one more thing, this has nothing to do w/ this contest and my son wont win anything grand for it (i think he would win a book lol) but if you guys could register and vote for my son,he was picked as one of september’s best for our local paper (they actually used his photo to advertise their gallery in the paper but i had no idea until a friend of mine just happened run across it lol!!).. anywho, the link is:

    (after registering i think it takes you back to #1, so just in case, he’s #43)

    thanks! now i am going to bed for sure this time, i’ve only been getting 3 hrs of sleep each night, i’m aiming for 4 tonight lol!

  658. sylvia says:

    ok, i got to vte for only like half of the ppl on my list, i woke up late lol. i’ll finish up the other half @ work. so far i only had a prob w/ tlhille, nothing shows up on there 🙁 i will try again when i do the other half, and if i still have a problem, i’ll let you know. well here are the ppl i voted for so far:


    please return the favor and vote for Jace:

    have a great day you guys! 🙂

  659. twayner says:

    Good Morning all, voted for part of the list this morning. Will be back for the rest and newbies this evening. Thanks to all that have voted for Ashlee M,


  660. Angel says:

    I am up now, I am going to go in and start to vote for all on the list. I hope I do not run into any technical issues. I am going to start in the next two minutes. Please return the favor http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/sistershere/ Thank you guys very much we have finally got in the gallery we are on the last page of 30 but we are finally somewhat close. lol. I hope someone else from this thread is going to become one of the fan fav’s as well. Best of luck to all. Remember to vote for everyone here within the thread because if we work together we might win.

  661. pleschelle says:

    Crysta H.
    Cadence L.
    Kristian B.
    Jaden L.
    Ashlee M.
    Chase M. AND Gentry
    Skylar N.
    Aryanna P.
    Allison M.
    Dylan C. and Kynedi C.
    Nicholas G. and Yasmine M.
    Alexander H.
    GAVIN H.
    Deja G.
    Colin E.
    Brooklyn D.
    Jayden G.
    Brynlee P. and Kaileigh P.
    Colton S.
    Aleeyah H.
    Shaelyn M.
    Oliver K.
    Joshua C. and Jordyn C.
    Jacob C.
    Georgia L.
    Ava H.
    Houston D.
    Abigail C.
    Nicholas T.
    Brady M.
    Jaida M.
    Megan w
    Tyreic H
    Zara M.

    If I forgot anyone please let me know

  662. sylvia says:

    ok, just finished voting for the other half:
    jacobsdisney mama
    nicholasthies (hi sue! lol)

    and also for tlhille (i had put thhille this morning thats why it didnt work lol, sorry!)

    jomerrick913 and dcdeleon i havent done, i must have wrote something wrong again, so going to scroll up and look for your links again then i’ll post here when i voted 🙂

  663. sylvia says:

    thanks for those who already voted this early in the a.m.! lol! if i forgot anyone, please let me know, i’ll be back to check here in about 2 hrs 🙂

  664. Alex Case says:

    sylvia email me at acase32075@yahoo.com

  665. Angel says:

    Okay I got up early this morning to start voting for everyone’s kids in the thread. I thought first I should tell everyone who they are after I voted however it was so many votes that I placed I got tired of writing and clicking one by one. Alex your photos took a second so I had to sit and wait to vote for a few but I voted. I also noticed that I am not sure if the votes look like they are changing by much. Just an observation when I was voting for everyone. Naem still had to go in and type your address separetly from the link but voted. I hope the numbers are higher when you all see them but they look almost the same way they have been looking since I started voting all at one time. Versus waitin a few hours between voting. Thanks everyone for the support of my child. She is so excited to see her number are now at 51 when I see them if anyone sees a different number please let me know because I still think there is something going on with the numbers. My daughter link is http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/sistershere/

  666. Alex Case says:

    Angel just voted for you… the highes vote before mine was 54 so there has to be a little od a delay….

  667. Sue says:

    Hi all, just want to make sure if you noticed it. If you voted at 6 pm yesterday and today you voted for that same person again at 8 am, That voted may not be count. It will tell you, “thank you” but the number will still be the same. So please make sure you check. So far, my number, other than from my family’s regular votes, has only goes up by 4. Thanks for those that already voted. : )

  668. sylvia says:

    ooooohhhh so we have to vote @ the same time everyday or somethin, sue?? that’s poop! lol i hope all the votes i did this morning counted!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe that’s why I’ve only gone up 2 votes lol.

  669. Alex Case says:

    I think the system is backed up sylvia… no pun intended…

  670. Angel says:

    Not sure what just happened to my post. I tried to post a message and it did not send it to the discussion thread. What I was saying is I noticed that the numbers do not seem to go up by much on a daily basis not sure of why this is but I am trying to come up with a solution to this voting issue that is going on. I am trying to gather enough information to write to gap and disney about how this vote count seems to work but I need to have the proof. I do not want to go yelling about a conspiracy going on with the vote count if I can not keep up with the count myself. Alex I noticed that your largest amout of votes were about 50 also not on all five pics though. Not sure what you noticed on your end but my daughter only has about 50 votes she has not even gotten to 55 since the last time I checked.

  671. Tasha says:

    Ok so just for safe measures in gonna vote at the same time everyday. And thanks everyone for the votes. My numbers have benn going up more than before. It looks like people are really helping out. All of you guys are great. Thanks alot.

  672. sylvia says:

    i’m feeling alittle backup…haha kidding!!!!!!!!! gross, i know lol

  673. Chevelle says:

    Good morning to everyone who’s up early voting i did my daily voting!

  674. Chevelle says:

    Did you all see the new fan favorite for the top kids unbelievable

  675. Sue says:

    Sylvia, don’t beat yourself up!
    I just said that because I still can’t vote for my son yet. I don’t thinks it’s right on at 24 hrs. I think around 4 hrs. Well you can always try again for the same person in the afternoon. If it allows you and # goes up, then, it didn’t go through the first time.
    You have been voting for me in the morning many days in a roll now, I know your’s count. 😎

  676. Sue says:

    I’ve noticed in the boy section, one of the boy has 10 pictures up. Isn’t the rule said max of 5 pic?

  677. Sue says:

    Angel, the same thing happen to me yesterday!


  678. Amber says:

    Thanks to all who voted for Brady!


    send me you babies link and I will vote for them too! Thanks so much!

  679. ywnh says:

    Good morning everyone.
    thank you for the support for my girl.
    I am off voting now.

    I saw the number of the top voted kids. It’s just not fair…

  680. Amber says:

    Sue, I voted for Nicholas so now he has 192, 157 and 154 🙂

  681. Kelly says:

    Hello Dedicated Voters 🙂 Just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone. I’m off to vote now.


  682. Alex Case says:

    Vote for Dino!!!

  683. Darren says:

    Morning all, I have just voted for:
    Crysta H.
    Cadence L.
    Kristian B.
    Jaden L.
    Ashlee M.

    Skylar N.
    Aryanna P.
    Allison M.
    Dylan C. and Kynedi C.
    Nicholas G. and Yasmine M.
    Alexander H.

    Deja G.
    Colin E.
    Brooklyn D.
    Jayden G.
    Brynlee P. and Kaileigh P.
    Colton S.
    Aleeyah H.
    Shaelyn M.

    Joshua C. and Jordyn C.
    Jacob C.
    Georgia L.
    Ava H.
    Houston D.
    Abigail C.
    Nicholas T.
    Brady M.
    Jaida M.
    Megan w

    If I have missed anyone please let me know, I also have to agree with pleschelle I wish everyone would vote when they say they will. I know none of us can win the fan fav but c’mon lets be fair.

  684. Sue says:

    Darren, Thanks for your vote! I feel like majority of people who said they voted, did vote. Yesterday, I marked out name of people who said they have voted, # were closely match. We didn’t hear from the other half. I am keeping track again today, hopefully we all get the favor we deserve.

    Go Teamwork!


  685. Amber says:

    Voted for oliver, he now has 7, 10 and 35! Thanks 🙂

  686. Sue says:

    What’s that # Amber? I thought he has more than that!

  687. Darren says:

    thanks Amber and Sue, Has anyone heard from Disney about how the leading fan fave can now has nearly 10000 votes it is just ridiculous…

  688. Alex Case says:

    I have 5 votes so far today and I have voted for over 30 kids… come on people fair is fair I knwo some of you are voting but…..


  689. T says:

    I just don’t get all this. The #s keep climbing, but I can’t even vote for my own son! I click on the vote button, but NOTHING happens. I’m going to keep trying, but anyone else had this problem. 🙁

    BTW~Thanks for the votes everyone!

  690. Darren says:

    Alex, I have had family members vote this morning and Oliver’s still has only 35 votes and I know he has recieved an extra 10 votes this morning. I don’t know whats going on but I wish disney would fix this problem.

  691. Kelly says:

    Hi Alex – I voted for Dino for President today 🙂


  692. Alex Case says:

    Disney has yet to answer any of my emails….Look at us arguing over 10 votes a day and there are kids gettins 1000 votes daily!!! I dont get it!

  693. Kelly says:

    Darren – Do you think its because you have 3 of the exact same pictures up? I only voted for the one with the most votes. Looks like they have 9,12, and 37 votes each.


  694. Alex Case says:

    Kelly you rock!!!! KCamp for Vice President….

  695. Londra says:

    OK is anyone else having issues with the votes? I have being casting votes through the morning. I’m not seeing the numbers change for some. Also I’ve tried links I know I voted for and the vote button is back. Is it just me?

  696. Chevelle says:

    @ Londra everytime you vote it will still have the vote button up why i don’t know but yo votes did go through it just always have the vote button up

  697. Alex Case says:


    Hey did you see this new entry this kid is really cute!!!

  698. courtney says:

    @londra – the same thing’s been happening to me…don’t know why…but chevelle says the votes are being counted, so I’m not going to worry about it anymore! 🙂

    I have voted for the following kiddos:

    Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone (cmnsky@yahoo.com). Remember to vote for Skylar: http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/cmnsky/

  699. courtney says:

    @Amber….I just voted for Brady and added you to my list. Please vote for Skylar…Thanks!!


  700. Alex Case says:

    Courtney no Dino_2009…

  701. courtney says:

    @Alex…it’s second on the list. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you!! 🙂

  702. Alex Case says:

    I love you!!!

  703. Mandy says:

    Here I go Guys. I will be back with the update on my votes. I am doing serious voting starting withing the next 5 min. You guys Rock!! I hope Abigail can make the gallery at least too:)

  704. Mandy says:

    Who is new here like withing the past day? @mandy me with your link?

  705. Alex Case says:

    Mandy just voted for all your pictures


  706. Tara says:

    I didn’t see my little girl on your list. Her username is moyertb.
    Thanks 🙂

  707. courtney says:

    Sorry Tara. I just voted for her and added her to my list of links.

  708. Laura says:

    Hi everyone,
    Each of you got two votes from me today! One from me and one from my mother-in-law
    who is visiting right now. We will do it again tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has voted for Colton (mama2colton)!!!

  709. Mandy says:

    @sue, I felt that way too!! this is who I voted for just now from 2:10- 2:50 check your tallies! Please everyone vote! I am voting for over 35 people here and I know by now the key people who are actually voting. after tonights tallies I may have to revise my list to just those participating. thanks and lets help eachother out:) good luck

    Tara – Tanya-kelly – chevelle4267 – abbie-kcapmp2009- vonnie1974- tlhille- vcardug
    tanyapro82- madgava01- kynediDylan- skybratt5- mama2colton- sistershere- jwg1143
    jaydenGs_mommy- ogrefam- skylarN- menchacas- ary1114- twayner- ymnh- cmnsky
    moyertb- londra21- angelicthreads- little aussie- jacobsdisneymama- krissyb- theZychs
    dino_2009- vcardug- dcdeleon- shanaem- skybratt5- jwg1143- cmnsky- madgava01
    cynas- krissykb- londra21- dino2009- nicholasthies- msfocused- lwindkle09- jacegarza
    joemerrick913- e_winston- mandy3684- aber748- *any newcomers let me know*

  710. Mandy says:

    @Alex. thank you so much. I am going to get on my husbands account later on tonight and make a second round for those participating in voting:) @sue, impressive votes, good job
    Don’t forget Abigai C

  711. sylvia says:

    only 5 votes after voting for 41 kids today (still need to vote for the last 2 that i had trouble w/)…. i’m hoping it is just major lagging lol.

    laura, thats nice of you to have 2 votes going towards each person 🙂

  712. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I have voted twice for you guys with my friend email and my own e mail lol

  713. Darren says:

    Kelly, the only reason I submitted 3 pictures the same is because it took 6 days to recieve conformation

  714. courtney says:

    @Darren….i have duplicate pictures for that reason too!

  715. Sue says:

    Great job TEAM! I saw very impressive # on majority of you.
    Just voted for all, some earlier. I hope everyone got it I do vote for all pictures. Hope you do the same. : ) Keep it going! Let’s try to make it so that we all have 38 votes per day! Too bad, I still can’t vote for my own son!
    1. Allison– Milee & Kaylee
    2. Alex Case–MatthewJohn
    3. Abbie–Aleeyah H.
    4. Angel–Deja G.
    5. Courtney–Skylar
    6. Cherie–Isabela
    7. Chelsea–Katelyn
    8. ColtonsMama –Colton S.
    9. Chevelle Lassai–Jaden L.
    10. Crystal– Chase
    11. Darren–Oliver K.
    12. DAISY HUNTER–Tyreic
    13. Jennifer Gatley–Jayden G.
    14. Jackie–Colin E.
    15. Kelly– Shaelyn
    16. Laura W–Megan
    17. Lorie–Ava
    18. Londra–Cadence L.
    19. Mandy–Abigail C.
    20. Natasha Luciano–Aryanna
    21. NAEM–Jaida M.
    22. Raquel–Jacob C.
    23. sylvia–Jace
    24. Tara–Brooklyn D.
    25. twayner– Ashlee M.
    26. TanyaPro28 — Brynlee P. and Kaileigh P.
    27. Tasha– Kristian B.
    28. Valerie–Houston D
    29. ywnh–Crysta H.
    30. Allison M. Little boy’s name don’t know mom
    31. Alisha– Zara
    32. Laura–colton
    33. Natasha Campbell -Cristian
    34. Kelly–Joshua C. and Jordyn C.
    35. Amanda– Alexa
    36. Amber Martinez–Brady
    37. pleschelle- Jeremy

    1. JC says:

      Please add my daughter to the voting list. I have copied your list and voted for the other children too. She is listed under Maanf4 (her name is Aubrei C.) Please search for her entrie under Maanf4. Thank you so much in advance.

  716. Abbie says:

    Okay, I finally just uploaded the links to my personal blog link section to make my life easier. Will you check HERE (all the way down at the bottom-it will look like there’s nothing there for a little bit) and make sure I’ve got you down. I’m going to start voting from there daily as I think it will make things a little easier for myself. I’m sure Aleeyah would rather play with her momma than have her sitting and trying to vote and get her votes! lol.

    If I missed you just let me know and I’ll get it added. I’m getting really confused with all the links! I just swiped the list that silvia posted.

    Thanks for all the votes too guys!!

  717. pleschelle says:


    You forgot to vote for Jeremy…

  718. Sue says:

    Very impressive Abbie! Would you mind share your page with other, so that they could just bookmark your page and click from there? It will make people’s life a little easy.

    Just the thought!

  719. Kelly says:

    Darren – I didnt mean anything by that. I was just wondering if maybe people are voting for the first or second and thats why your totals for the 3rd arent increasing. Just a thought. I completely understand about the duplicate photos (i have 2 duplicates – except they are cropped different – i didnt mean for that to happen).

  720. Abbie says:

    @sue-definitely if anyone wants to use the page to click on and off of-I’m cool with that.

    Here is the url…


  721. Sue says:

    To be fair, tomorrow, my list of voting will be shorter. I will only voted for those I know that are voting for me, base on conversation on this board. If someone want me to vote for her, she will have to let me know and she needs to do the same. What do you all think?
    Yesterday I have 18, today I have less. Should we agree on this?
    Who’s agree?

  722. Sue says:

    Chevelle Lassai & Laura Thank you for extra!

    And Thanks so much everyone that voted.

    Also, thank you everyone who plan on voting!

  723. Darren says:

    thats OK Kelly the way the competition is run it is very frustrating. pleschelle I will vote for you soon and I totally agree with sue on her comment my list will also be shorter tomorrow lets be fair people , none of us will win the fan fave so lets at least support each other.

  724. ywnh says:

    Abbie, I went your blog.
    It’s a lot easier to deal with. Sometimes, I don’t remember who I voted for and go to the same page couples of times.
    Thank you!!

    I didn’t write down who I voted for, but I really voted for Nicholas!!

  725. pleschelle says:

    I think that is a good idea…. How will we know who is voting and who is not?

  726. Sue says:

    Well, base on honor system. When people posted up on this board and said they voted, I marked their name down. People who have not been participate in the past 3 days, have not vote for anyone else on the board, I will set their name aside. If they voted that day, I will start voting for them again.

  727. Laura W. says:

    I have just finished voting for all 37 from Abbie’s blog. I did have trouble w/ user names shenaem and vacardug, but all others went through! Please let me know if I missed you!

    Thanks for you support of Megan W.

    I submitted 2 new photos of her, and I think they are the best ones, but they have not been approved yet.

  728. Chevelle Lassai says:

    I am a true voter. i vote daily for everyone even twice under my friends account

  729. twayner says:

    Hi all, back to vote again. Thats a nice job on your blog Abbie. I vote like Sue.Ive been going back 2 days on whos been active here everytime I vote.Someone who just leaves there name here and isnt actively replying here,probably isnt voting for anyone.Well gotta go vote. Vote for Ashlee M. Thankyou


  730. Laura says:

    Thanks so much for the links on your blog;it will make it so much faster! I have a question;I voted this afternoon for all but one link that I missed; but tonight when I tested out the links on Abbie’s blog it said I could vote. Would those votes count again or not? I was thinking I could not vote again for 24 hours. Any answers let me know. Thanks

  731. twayner says:

    We all think that this is just a computer glitch. Your first vote counted, and no extra votes will be tallied

  732. Laura says:

    Ok Thanks,
    I will be voting tomorrow afternoon!

  733. twayner says:

    I shouldnt say we all , most people think that this is just a computer glitch. Your first vote counted, and no extra votes will be tallied

  734. Tasha says:

    Just did my voting for the day well night. Its crazy I actually look forward to this blog. Like I said earlier im going to vote at the same time everyday so that i make the whole 24 hrs thingy ( I like the night my computer is faster and I don’t have anyone bothering me.lol). Thanks Abbie your blog is great. Its so much easier now but I did have trouble with 2 links vacardug and shenaem. I try again later. Good luck everyone.

  735. NAEM says:

    thats because its spelled wrong, its “shanaem” not shenaem


  736. Tasha says:

    ok thanks Naem

  737. NAEM says:

    @ Tasha, what is the link for your little one again?

    Thanks for the vote

  738. twayner says:

    Everyone should still be giving their links and or member names with their replys as often as possible still especially for new people that show up.


  739. Sue says:

    Hi Tasha, I Still can’t figure out how it’s work! They said come back in 24 hrs. Sometime I try at 5 hrs earlier, it still allow me to vote. Sometime, I can only did it after 24 hrs. Today, I have been able to vote for everyone on the list, but I can’t vote for my own son all day!

  740. Irene says:

    Please vote for my little one and I will do the same to yours.


  741. twayner says:

    Hi, Voted For Hannah C. Good Luck.Please vote for Ashlee M. Thankyou.


  742. Abbie says:

    Alright guys, thanks for the heads up on the two that didn’t work. I got both of them fixed. Sorry about that. And added kizzez_irene.

    I’m glad it’s helping out to have it. I’m about to go test it out myself. I’m a night voter too!

  743. Tara says:

    Hey All!
    It’s late, but I just finished all of my voting….thanks to Abbie’s fabulous page!! Thanks so much for doing that!

    I voted for all of the kids on your page and I didn’t see my little ones link on there….

    The link is:


    Could you please add this one to your list?

    Oh yeah, I voted for Hannah C. too :))

  744. Tasha says:

    @ Sue. Yeah the site is not consistent at all. Today was an easy day for voting, sometimes I can’t vote at all. I wish you could see the amount of votes change and not just hope that your vote really counted. Di you try login out and then back in to vote for your son. That happened to me yesterday. I had to log out then click his link then login. Hopefully that works for you too. Good luck.

  745. Abbie says:

    @ Tara-sorry about that. You’re on there now. I grabbed the list from someone else on here and didn’t go back and double check. I put you on top for the lack of adding you. ha!

    LOL@the fabulous page!!

    Am I missing Hannah?? I don’t know what her user name is and I can’t seem to find it above in the sea of comments!

  746. Mandy says:

    Thank you everyone for voting today and tonight! thanks abbie for the links on your page, def. makes it easier, but some people on here we haven’t heard from and are still getting votes. sorry, my list may have to get revised and I will keep posting on those “Active”, in the votes. not to be mean at all, but we shouldn’t keep voting for those who don’t do the same. let’s still update on who we vote for, for verification.thanks

  747. twayner says:

    Roll Call !!!!! Just voted for this morning. Everyone should still keep posting there links and member names often. Sometimes a person might not have you on there list by mistake. Sometimes its hard to match up a member name with a post name and you might miss a vote from any new people.Please vote for Ashlee M, Thankyou.


  748. Sue says:

    Irene, welcome!
    Please check on Abbie’s list, She has all links on her site!

  749. Alex Case says:


    what is Abbie’s page… please include me as well

  750. courtney says:

    @Abbie….I didn’t see Skylar’s link on your list.


    Thanks for adding her.

    Will be voting at lunch today…have meetings all morning! Thanks for everyone who’s been voting!!!

  751. sylvia says:

    i havent voted for anyone yet, got off to a late start today and its going to be another busy day today. for those who vote for jace, PLEASE EMAIL me your link so i can vote for your child. i’ll do voting during my lunch break and then again when i get off work. thanks in advance!!!

    my email is sylvie_g_2003@yahoo.com

    sorry i can’t vote @ this moment! gotta finish my goals before my review!! 🙁 lol

  752. Kelly says:

    I’m off to check Abbie’s blog and vote from there. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!


  753. Laura W. says:

    Hello everyone,

    I will be on voting tonight after 6:30. Thanks again to Abbie for posting the links on her blog…much easier that way!!!

    Megan’s 2 new photos are approved now, so please check them out!


  754. Londra says:

    I have completed this morning voting. I don’t always post when I vote but I know I am voting for about 40 contestants. Something must be wrong with the system or everyone is not voting because my numbers are barely increasing each day. I will continue to do my daily voting and I hope we are all doing the same for each other. 🙂


  755. ywnh says:

    Good morning everyone.
    Yes, it is a lot easier with Abbie’s list.
    I could vote everyone a lot faster!!
    Thank you!

  756. Alex Case says:


    Londra I agree with you my number are not climbing at all

  757. Alex Case says:

    can I get directions to abbie’s list I open the link and cannot locate the list

  758. Sue says:

    Alex Case, just scroll down to the bottom of page.

  759. T says:

    I have been voting, but NOTHING has changed. When i voted in the past, I would get a “thank you for voting.” Now, nothing. Are we sure they’re counting?


  760. Kelly says:

    Alex/Londra – I am right there with you. My votes climb about 5 a day (after I vote) from this board. I guess its better than nothing.

    The Blog is SO MUCH EASIER. Thanks Abbie!

  761. Laura W. says:

    Perhaps I missed it, but does it say anywhere in the rules when finalists will be notified?

  762. Laura W. says:

    By the way, you can see that not all 37 or so people on the list are voting, because this is my 3rd day on the blog and the highest number of votes on any of Megan’s photographs is 31.

    I think I, as others have mentioned, am going to only be voting for others who are active on this blog.


  763. Sue says:

    T, I just voted for you. It seems to work. Please voted for my son, too.

    Please click on my name. Thanks!

  764. Abbie says:

    Alright, I added moyertb and londra 21 just now. Glad it’s working out well for everyone. I do have to admit, I liked it alot better when voting. Definitely took some voting time away!

    If you would like vote from the blog it’s http://www.allinhisdesignlinks.blogspot.com . Scroll down to the bottom. Then vote away!

    1. Amika says:

      Hi Abbie- Can you please add
      to your blog. I will vote for all on that blog
      Thank you

  765. Abbie says:

    @Mandy Yeah, I think it would be ideal to only vote for those that are voting and not just stopping by, but honestly-I don’t really want to have to manage that list. I think it would take longer to manage the list then to just go ahead and put in my vote. Yes, some would be getting votes without returning the favor, but I think you will have that in any situation. For me, I’ll just keep voting unless we have just a lot more people stop by and link without ever coming back.

    OH, and I put my link to Aleeyah’s address in the website part of the sign-in here. So when you click on my name it will take you to her voting page.

    –click my name for Aleeyah’s page

    1. Cheryl says:

      How’d you do that? Some others are linked too…You might want to respond at the bottom of this long page…Thanks…:)

  766. Londra says:

    Hey Abbie, I’m already on your list. Thanks for creating the list it is so much easier.

  767. T says:

    Sue, I think I just voted for your son. There was no “thanks for voting”…does everyone get that message every time? I was using Kelly’s list to vote, but now am using Abbie’s even though I’m not on it. I’m really trying to get all these votes in, but have no idea if they or the ones for my own son are going through when I do everyday. 🙁

    Could it be b/c I’m on a Mac?

  768. Amy says:

    Hi Everyone, please vote for my daughter Alyssa and send me your link, I will do the same for you! Thank you!


  769. Sue says:

    T, I am on a mac and love it. I saw your voted. Thanks!

  770. Chevelle says:

    @ Sue i am on a I MAC too and i love i did my daily voting just now lol to everyone on here you all have been a blessing

  771. Abbie says:

    @T so sorry I missed you. You’re on there now!

    I’m on a mac also-I don’t know about any of it any more. Just voting away and hoping that it works. 🙂

  772. Chevelle says:

    I place 42 votes,i voted from the blog it was much easier thanks Abbie you are awesome so now let’s see how many i will get back last night my son vote count was 880 so i will see how many he gets thanks to everyone who votes for chevelle4267

  773. Abbie says:

    @Amy–welcome! I just voted for your girl!!

    –click my name for Aleeyah

  774. Chevelle says:

    Check this out the top fan favorite went from 10336 to over 11000 votes in less then 24 hours

  775. Mandy says:

    @abbie, yes it would be hard to manage a list for those not voting, but the more I am on here,I am getting a better idea of those not posting updates on when they voted, so I just go down your link list and recognize already who I know are voting when i vote. I know it is very time consuming, but I like to verify who I vote for and the time by writing a list rather than posting, “okay just voted everyone, good day” I know it’s a pain, but I like proving that I really DO vote. btw, I will be voting at around 2 30 or so. I am waiting full 24 hrs just in case and I will write my list and at the time I voted so you can check your tallies. thanks everyone who votes!! you rock

  776. Sue says:

    Well, this is who I voted for today. I hope I get all 30 voted in return. Please let me know if I forget anyone. Thanks.
    1. Allison– Milee & Kaylee
    2. Alex Case–MatthewJohn
    3. Abbie–Aleeyah H.
    4. Angel–Deja G.
    5. Courtney–Skylar
    6. Chevelle Lassai–Jaden L.
    7. Crystal– Chase
    8. Darren–Oliver K.
    9. DAISY HUNTER–Tyreic
    10. Kelly– Shaelyn
    11. Laura W–Megan
    12. Londra–Cadence L.
    13. Mandy–Abigail C.
    14 NAEM–Jaida M.
    15. Raquel–Jacob C.
    16. sylvia–Jace
    17. Tara–Brooklyn D.
    18. twayner– Ashlee M.
    19. Tasha– Kristian B.
    20. Valerie–Houston D
    21. ywnh– Crysta H.
    22. Laura–colton
    23. Natasha Campbell -Cristian
    24. Kelly–Joshua C. and Jordyn C.
    25. Amber Martinez–Brady
    26. pleschelle- Jeremy
    27. Irene-Hannah
    28. T-Alexander H.
    29. Amy — Alyssa
    30. Kelly–Joshus, Jornyn

    Please click on my name to see my link.

  777. Sue says:

    By the way, I do voted for all pictures of your kids.

  778. Sue says:

    Chevelle, please check to see if my vote went through. The first pic before I voted was 165. Do you get 166?

  779. sylvia says:

    hey guys, i still havent voted, our lights here @ work were off for a while, kinda threw our work day off but on the bright side, it finally stopped raining (for now) and i’m getting off an hr earlier and my review was postponed! lol. i’m going to do some votes now. be back in a bit

  780. sylvia says:

    no one emailed me their links pfft! lol. i’m just going to do it when i get home since the links are all saved on that computer but i do promise to vote!!!!!! i copied the list that i posted above yesterday but if you’re not on this, please let me know and if you spot someone who you think are the fakers who claim to vote, lemme know and i’ll take the sucker off asap lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jacobsdisney mama
    nicholasthies (hi sue! lol)

    i see some votes on jace, thanks! i hope i have those who voted already, on here! if you’re not on here, please email it to me (easier to spot it rather than scrolling along) so i can add you to it.

  781. courtney says:

    I have voted for the following kiddos today:

    Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone (cmnsky@yahoo.com). Remember to vote for Skylar: http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/cmnsky/

  782. courtney says:

    @Amy….I just voted for your little girl and added her to my list. Please return the favor and vote for Skylar!!


  783. courtney says:

    @chevelle…i saw that her votes increased substantially today…unbelievable!!

  784. Alex Case says:

    GUYS I need 15 votes to finally get into the Gallery.. please please if some of you have not voted please vote for my kid….


  785. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ courtney i have about 75 family and friends voting daily for him that’s why his votes are up there

  786. Alex Case says:

    Chevell you think your fmaily and friends could add dino to their list…

    afterall Dino For President!!!

  787. Chevelle Lassai says:

    @ SUE yes it did change

  788. Kelly says:

    Hi Everyone! Kellykel here! So, is Bumpershine gonna post all of the links to make it easier? Great to see everyone’s support! Thank you for the votes for Shaelyn, and now I am off to vote for the kids! Had a long appt today, so my first time on this morning. Please let’s keep the honor system honest, check back in and let us know you voted for all of the kids, here. Let’s keep it fair! Have a good Friday everyone! http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/skybratt5/

  789. Angel says:

    Hello everyone I have been bone allday I am finally back to the computer. I had alot of running to do today. I think it was Abbie blog page I was looking at. I was not sure of where i am supposed to go to post my votes from that page so if you can please let me know. I have only been able to work with this long list from this particular page. I am going to post my daughters link back up here if you have any other suggesstions please do not hesitate to tell me. http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/sistershere/ by the way someone in this thread was talking about someone having more than five pics for an entry. You are correct they said only five pics.

  790. Mandy says:

    Off to vote now that my daughter is finally down for a nap. sorry for the delay. be back to post. thanks for the honor systerm evryone!

  791. T says:

    Thank you for adding me Abbie! 🙂 I’m not sure why, but my son’s count is really low still. I also have family voting for him everyday, so….**shrugs**

    Anyways, I just went through about half of the list and will do the rest after dinner. Here are the kiddos I voted for so everyone knows that I AM voting. lol I kept forgetting the last initial, but remembered to get some:
    Crystal H.
    Aryanna P.
    Chase and Gentry M.
    Jaida M.
    Abigail C.
    Jaden L.
    Megan W.
    Jace G.
    Zara M.
    Kristian B.
    Allison M.



  792. courtney says:

    @chevelle…my post was referring to yours about the vote leader, sorry i wasn’t more clear. jaden does have a lot of votes too….it’s great that you have so many people that are voting for him!! 🙂

  793. Mandy says:

    Okay everyone I voted from 4:45-5:30, here is my list.
    1.Twayner- Ashlee M, 2. Msfocused-tyreic, 3. Sue- Nicholas (why are the #’s off like inconsistent) mine are too:(, 4. vonnie1974-jeremy, 5.sylvia-jace G.- 6.joemerrick 913- Zara M.- 7. kcamp2009-joshua,- 8. cmnsky- skylar,- 9. sistershere-deja,- 10. shanaem- when I click on the link each time, not even the vote boxes show up??- 11. chevelle4267-jaden L,- 12. abbie- aleeyah H,- 13. Tara- Brooklyn D,- 14. Crystal- Gentry M,- 15. Darren- Oliver,- 16. Alex- Matthew,-

    17. Laura- Megan W,- 18. Irene- Hannah C. Irene please add Abigail to your list, you are new on here thanks. 19. Londra- CadenceL,- 20. Amy – Alyssa A., 21. Kelly- shaelyn M,- 22. Allison- Miley, Kaylee,- 23. Crystal- chase,- 24. Daisy- Tyreic,-

    25. Pleschelle- Jeremy,

    26. TlHille- Alexander H. 27. Naem- Jaida,- 28. Valerie- Houston,- 29. Mandy3684,

    30. Tasha- Kristian B.

  794. Mandy says:

    @ Irene, you are new and haven’t added Abigail’s link

  795. Mandy says:

    @Amy and @Amber, I didn’t see Abigail’s name on your vote list, but I will vote for you anyway

  796. twayner says:

    Hello, back to vote again, I noticed Amy is new just voted for Alyssa A, now to go vote for anyone else I didnt get this morning. Im glad to see more people posting there links again, makes it easier for me because I do go back 2 days of activity and I can match you up with your reply name better. Good Luck All.


  797. Laura says:

    Hi everyone, just voted for the list with my ID now my mother-in-law is voting for the list.
    Mandy you missed mine Laura – mama2colton. Thanks!!

  798. sylvia says:

    did these so far, be back in ten min w/ a list of the rest:


    jace is http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/galleries/jace_garzas_mom/

  799. Mandy says:

    @Laura, sorry. just voted 67, 96, 93, 110 thanx

  800. pleschelle says:

    Ok, just voted for all the kids posted in the link..

    Alexander H.
    Brooklyn D.
    Skylar N.
    Nicholas T.
    MatthewJohn C.
    Colton S.
    Tyreic H.
    Ashlee M.
    Roman D. Nevaeh D.and Isabela D.
    Crystal H.
    Aryanna P.
    Chase and Gentry M.
    Jaida M.
    Abigail C.
    Jaden L.
    Megan W.
    JACE G.
    Zara M.
    Kristian B.
    Cadence L.
    Allison M.
    Dylan and Kynedi c.
    Nicholas G. and Yasmine M.
    GAVIN H.
    Deja G.
    Colin E.
    Jayden G.
    Brynlee and Kaileigh P.
    Colton S.
    Aleeyah H.
    Shaelyn M.
    Oliver K.
    Joshua and Jordyn C.
    Jacob C.
    Ava H.
    Houston D.
    Zaorek W.
    Alexa D.
    Katelyn O.
    Abigail C.
    Hannah C.
    Alyssa A.

    Ok if I have missed anyone please let me know… I am having issues with the link for Maniatak..The page loads but nothing comes up…Please send me the correct link so I can vote…

  801. Sue says:

    Hi everyone, Thank you very much for your voted. Hopefully we will be able to get at least 30+ for each one of us today. If everyone on my list voted!!!!

    This won’t happen if some of you don’t do your part!
    Come on 12 more.

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


  802. sylvia says: