2012 New Yorker Festival Presale Ticket Info (Sarah Silverman, Christian Louboutin and Punch Brothers)

2012 New Yorker Festival (Oct 5-7, 2012)
2012 New Yorker Festival

I’m sure this presale will be a CF, just the regular NYF on sale usually is.

Advance Ticket Sales
As a special offer for MasterCard cardholders, tickets for select Festival events will go on sale beginning at noon E.T. on Thursday, September 13th, continuing through 11:30 AM on Friday, September 14th. Pre-sale tickets are available online only, at newyorker.com/festival, while supplies last. Click here to learn more about this exclusive offer.

As usual, the New Yorker Festival is teasing a part of the lineup with blind items at the Festival Wire Blog. If my Googling is any good, some of this year’s guests will be: Sarah Silverman, Christian Louboutin and Punch Brothers.

View all the Festival Wire blind items after the jump.

Which genre-bending band takes its name from a short story by Mark Twain?
Punch Brothers

Which potty-mouthed comedian has a pet named Duck (who isn’t a duck)?
Sarah Silverman

Which international tastemaker has served beaver at his Michelin-starred restaurant?

Which Academy Award nominee named a production company after his Yorkie?

Which writer-illustrator’s first job was for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants?

Which haute chaussurier designed his own dancing shoes?
Christian Louboutin