2008 babyGap & GapKids Casting Call Finalists Notified Today


According to the official contest pules, potential finalists 2008 babyGap & GapKids Casting Call, “will be notified on or about November 1, 2008 by phone, email, and/or mail using the contact information given at the time of entry.” If you’re a winner, let us know! (The big discussion is going on here.)


  1. Gina says:

    I sent my sons pic in and received an e mail confirmation. However I am not sure if I did it correctly because I am not good with the computer and when I looked for his pic I didnt see it. Please let me know. Thanks

  2. CC says:

    Where can we see the finalists pictures.. do you know? Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Chelsea says:

    I haven’t heard of anyone contacted yet, but someone told me that all 20 finalists have been chosen and notified already.

  4. risa says:

    I do not see my sons picture on line, was it looked at yet?

  5. Chelsea says:

    You can’t see the pictures online anymore, once the submission phase ended. Not all of the pics made it in the gallery- only the 200 most recent. Even if you couldn’t see it, it was still submitted.

  6. sharene says:

    does anyone know if we are able to see the finalist pics?? if so,whats the site for it?…thanks

  7. darlene says:

    I thought we could start voting today. Does anyone know where?

  8. Laura says:

    Voting starts on December 8.

  9. Monica says:

    I deleted all my spam mail. What if my kids were finalist and I did not reply? Please let me know ASAP or call me.


    I usually dont answer calls if I dont recognize the number. Would we be contacted any other way. Also would I have been contacted by now?????

  11. janna graf says:

    I also entered my 3 almost 4yr old in the competition. The only way that i was able to view his pictures was if I went directly to the site, put in the age group and then at the top entered my email address, then my sons pics were able to be seen. Because he was never in the actual “Gallery” does that mean he was not good enough? my son is strictly all GAP;its the only clothing brand he wears. I was just so excited when I entered him and now I do not know what to think at all. Did they ever yet show the finalists or has anyone been contacted? And also, do you feel that your child would have a better chance if they went to the mall free picture shoots that they held?I’m so sorry that I am filled with so many questions but I do not have any expierence with these type of events. if anyone has the time and could answer at least a few of my questions that would be so helpful. thanks for everyones time.

  12. Laura says:

    All of the finalists were contacted already. They are flying to San Francisco today for the finalist photo shoot. Voting begins on December 8.

    I also had the same problem, where I could only see my daughter’s photos when I typed in my email address…

  13. Tina says:

    I also entered my three children. I never saw their pictures in the gallery however, it said that they were all successfully uploaded. I emailed the “contact us” to ask questions during the entry period and never got any response. I could only see my childrens pictures if I actually typed in my email address. At first I could only see one of my entries. It took weeks before I could see all their pictures. I still don’t know why they never appeared on the gallery. At first I thought it was because in two pictures they had on licenced wear. My oldest had on a Hannah Montana shirt and you could see part of it and in the picture of youngest son he was holding his spiderman lunch box. But I saw alot of pictures of other kids in the gallery that had on licensed wear.
    I think these contests are a sham anyway. I wonder if they just browse the pictures to see how many enter? I’ve had a few freelance and professional photographers tell me my middle daughter was s total gap girl and then a week later I saw the casting call contest. I thought that was a sign. Yeah I guess not. =)

  14. Thea says:

    Phase Starts at 12:00 a.m. ET Ends at 11:59 p.m. ET
    Submission September 15, 2008 October 22, 2008
    Judging / Finalist Notification October 23, 2008 December 7, 2008
    Voting December 8, 2008 December 21, 2008

  15. evelyn says:

    yes i never saw my daughters picture either only when i put the email adress n i think my daughter at least had t be a finalist she is adorable she is a gap baby

  16. Debbie says:

    Never knew if my daughters pictures were received. I thought I had some great photo’s, which showed much personality. Just curious as to why I never received anything after. Thanks.

  17. Angie Wenneshiemer says:

    I never saw pictures of my daughter in the “gallery” either. I Was a little disappointed in the whole process. I was not expecting anything, there were a TON of cute kids posted, but, would have liked better confirmation if my pictures were even reviewed. I don’t think anyone should be disappointed, and true looks come with personality too. You can’t tell that from a picture.

  18. maria says:

    did anyone keep a copy of the gallery photos, if so, please let me know.

  19. Lauren says:

    Did’t you all realize it said “most recent pics” for the gallery?? There are TONS of pics being submitted. They only showed the most recent. There is no way they could show all of them!! If you searched your email and found your pics…then they were submitted.

  20. Christy says:

    My daughter was chosen as one of the 20 finalists in 2006 and she was one of 360,000 entries. They couldn’t possibly have all of the photos listed in the gallery.

    This year, after the first day I submitted, I could see all of my daughter’s pictures only when I typed in my email address.

  21. gwen says:

    I put my childs photo on the site and i could only see her pic when i pulled up my email. Also where can we see the finalist?

  22. bumpershine says:

    Voting begins Monday, December 8. Click here for more info on the one and only finalist from the NYC area.

  23. Kara says:

    As long as you have info on Audrey posted, there’s another finalist in the “Big Girl” category that would also appreciate your support! Please vote for Carly the redhead in the girl category – she’s 6 and the only finalist from New England. Remember, you can vote once a day in each category between December 8 and December 21. Thanks!

  24. bumpershine says:

    More information about the finalists and behind the scenes photos over here.

    PS Kara if you have a website, send it over.

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